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development of working hypothesis in research

Hypothesis Research Paper

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The e-learning videos of chapter 4 introduce you to the research process and its cornerstones. Every research project starts with an open-ended indirect research question, which is implicitly or explicitly accompanied by a research hypothesis. Often a research problem is substantiated by an ad-hoc hypothesis, which advances to a working hypothesis and ultimately will be developed into a scientific hypothesis. The logic and quality of hypotheses can differ and determine the success of the research process. Depending on their inner logic, scientific hypotheses can be formulated as cause-effect hypotheses, distribution hypotheses, correlation hypotheses and difference hypotheses. Based on their quality, scientific hypotheses can be differentiated into nomological hypotheses, quasi-nomological hypotheses and statistical hypotheses. The research approach has to match the research problem to be investigated. Literature-based research, theoretical research, developmental research, quantitative research, qualitative research or a mixture of the aforementioned approaches provide means to tackle a research problem at hand. Different academic disciplines favour different scientific styles that predetermine the applicable research approaches. Three general types of scientific styles are introduced and critically reflected: the theoretical solution-driven style, the empirical solution-driven style and the hypothesis-driven style.

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Before you even think about formulating you hypothesis make sure that you have enough background from reading papers, articles etc., in order to have enough information to start clarifying your ideas and planning your research proposal.

Writing A Strong Hypothesis Statement For A Research Paper

Stating A Hypothesis In A Research Paper

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The goal is the shortest possible paper that contains all information necessary to describe the work and support the interpretation.
Avoid unnecessary repetition and irrelevant tangents.
Necessary repetition: the main theme should be developed in the introduction as a motivation or working hypothesis.

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So to recap, you start with your general interest topic, which you evolve into your area of interest for research. You then target the variables you want to manipulate. As you decide on the variables, you may need to make subtle changes to your hypothesis. As your work progresses you find that due to defining your hypothesis and also looking at the practicalities of the research and feedback from your tutor. That your plans may change. But at this stage before you get to your final research hypothesis, flexibility is good. The more work that you put into the planning the smoother your research will be.

Hypothesis is inevitable in a which is the center of attraction of the essay. This exposes the abstract of assumption made in accordance with the research conducted for the thesis paper which in turn tells the output of the essay in a reduced form. This statement should be on the basis of the information got from the researches and the presentation must be in an easily understandable manner. The writer has the commitment to prove the hypothesis through the latter part of the research paper. The paragraph which contains the hypothesis is considered as the entrance to the essay content. It must be simple, compact and informative so that the paragraph of hypothesis will be very impressive. Hence, neither negative statements nor delicate assumptions can be included in the hypothesis. This type of hypothesis presentation in the first paragraph of the thesis is a short cut to catch readers. The inclusion of hypothesis at the exact location of a thesis paper can create a sense of perfection to the readers concerned. Thus, hypothesis helps to produce thesis papers in an ideal manner.

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