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Does photosynthesis occur during winter? How? | …

Effects of winter cold stress on photosynthesis and photochemical efficiency of PSII of …

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Photosynthesis of Overwintering Evergreen Plants | …

One complication of having evergreen leaves that help extend the season for photosynthesis is that water can escape through them. This is a serious problem since liquid water is a precious commodity in the winter. To solve this problem, conifer needles are designed to reduce water loss. The needles are coated with a waxy layer to reduce water loss and the pores through which they obtain carbon dioxide for photosynthesis (stomata) are recessed in chambers to protect them from the wind. The leaves of broadleaf trees would loose too much water during the winter and hence is the primary reason they are shed in the fall.

Recovery of photosynthesis in winter-stressed Scots …

These latitudinal differences in fluctuation are the result of photosynthetic activity by plants. As plants begin to photosynthesize in the and summer, they consume CO2 from the atmosphere and eventually use it as a carbon source for growth and reproduction. This causes the decrease in CO2 levels that begins every year in May. Once winter arrives, plants save energy by decreasing photosynthesis. Without photosynthesis, the dominant process is the exhalation of CO2 by the total ecosystem, including bacteria, plants, and animals.

Photosynthesis in winter - General (ASoIaF) - A Forum …

Apart from the problem of a shortage of availablewater during the winter, photosynthesis in theleaves would also be difficult because there areonly a few hours of very weak sunlight.

Because photosynthetic activity is the cause of seasonal CO2 swings, regions with more plants will experience larger fluctuations. Photosynthesis also occurs in the oceans, but little of this CO2 actually moves into the atmosphere, which is why only land photosynthesizers drive seasonal cycles. Two regions of Earth contain the majority of land plants: Northern Hemisphere continents and the tropics that encompass, among other areas, the vast rain forests of the Amazon basin. Near the equator, however, the seasonal variations in temperature are less pronounced. Seasonal swings in CO2 are therefore most pronounced in the Northern Hemisphere, where the seasonal changes in temperature result in very large differences in plant photosynthesis from summer to winter.

Winter Photosynthesis - Cold Tolerance

Evergreen needles are the solution for a short growing season. This allows conifers to carry out photosynthesis whenever the conditions are favorable. Although there is some controversy about whether conifers can actually photosynthesize on warm mid-winter days, evergreen needles are clearly an advantage in the spring and fall; by not having to form new leaves in the spring conifers get a quick jump on photosynthesis and can continue into the autumn long after the deciduous trees have shed their leaves. As an added bonus, by not discarding their leaves every year conifers are able to conserve precious soil nutrients which are often limited in boreal forests because cold temperatures slow the rate of decomposition and nutrient cycling.

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