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Muscle Protein Synthesis Gets You Bigger and Stronger ..

These are the very same studies that fitness marketers quote to prove that cause protein synthesis and muscle growth.

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muscle protein synthesis after ..

" after short term, high intensity exercise (15.1 to 33.6 mmol/kg/h) is much higher than glycogen re-synthesis rates following prolonged exercise (approximately 2 mmol/kg/h), even when optimal amounts of oral carbohydrate are supplied (approximately mmol/kg/h)." My take on this article, and the fast food, more liberal repletion concept?

To truly cause large changes in muscle protein synthesis, the exercise must be new and novel.

In addition, there are other intracellular bodies whose growth and/or proliferation would fall under the category of sarcoplasmic hypertrophy. These would be organelles such as the ribosomes, which are involved in protein synthesis. As in the case of neural drive machinery, in most cases they would increase in size or number only to support sarcomere hypertrophy. They would have little impact on overall muscle size.

Protein Synthesis, Muscle Growth And Training …

Skeletal muscle hypertrophy is one of the main outcomes from resistance training (RT), but how it is modulated throughout training is still unknown.
We show that changes in myofibrillar protein synthesis (MyoPS) after an initial resistance exercise (RE) bout in the first week of RT (T1) were greater than those seen post-RE at the third (T2) and tenth week (T3) of RT, with values being similar at T2 and T3.

It is also interesting to note that the type 1 muscle fibers seem to have almost double the increase of protein synthesis that type 2 muscle fibers have in response to protein or amino acid feeding (as measured through myofibrillar protein fractional synthetic rate).

Protein Synthesis, Muscle Growth And Training Frequency

Consuming adequate nutrients throughout the day has demonstrated much better results in recovery than most other supplementation. Athletes and fitness enthusiasts who train at higher volumes need to manage their energy yielding nutrients for optimal recovery and energy stores for subsequent bouts of training or competition. An individual engaging in weight loss using lower levels of exercise intensity do not need to completely replace all calories expended but may benefit from smaller quantities of similar ratios for recovery. Whey protein is recommended due to its high absorption rates and high bioavailability. If protein is consumed before sleep, casein is a better choice due to its prolong digestive process. As many athletes are aware low-fat chocolate milk is likely the best choice following exercise as it contains 27 g CHO to 9 g protein at a cost of approximately It's important to realize that the kind of intense, balls-out training most T NATION readers do probably activates protein synthesis to a greater degree than what researchers are using in the lab. Therefore, ..99.

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  • the highest level of protein synthesis occur

    It appears to inhibit the increase in muscle protein breakdown without affecting muscle protein synthesis.

  • When does protein synthesis occur? - Quora

    Nutritional regulation of muscle protein synthesis with resistance exercise: strategies to ..

  • When does protein synthesis occur

    Protein Synthesis in Muscle Growth

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For protein synthesis and muscle growth to occur, ..

For instance, one study found that whey protein-induced increases in protein synthesis post-resistance exercise peaked at 20 grams of protein, with larger amounts not increasing the response any further. Similar dose-response studies have been done to determine the maximal requirements for leucine.

Protein Synthesis: How To Grow Muscle | …

Fat – Ingesting a specific quantity of fat intake after training is not a primary concern as CHOs and proteins are the macronutrients used for recovery. Fat is the primary fuel source during resting conditions or low-intensity training (~60% VO2max), but its rate of metabolism or ingestion is not usually the limiting factor to training duration, energy storage, or recovery unless intake is below normal healthy ranges.

Protein Synthesis: How To Grow Muscle

However, because protein synthesis in and of itself is a very slow process anabolic response to consuming protein seems to be relatively equal among the different muscles tested.

A little known fact is that muscle protein synthesis is elevated after acclimatization to high altitudes, where resting muscle fractional synthetic rates can approach the rates normally seen after exercise or protein feeding.

biology>>>where does protein synthesis begin? | Yahoo …

Protein – As previously mentioned, post-exercise protein should be consumed with a CHO source (e.g. chicken and rice) in a 3:1 CHO:Pro ratio for optimal absorption. Research suggests around 20-25g of essential amino acids (Whey protein preferred) should be ingested within 1-3 hours after training to ensure protein synthesis is enhanced. The following recommendations can aid in promoting optimal recovery from intense training:

When does protein synthesis occur in the cell cycle? | Yahoo Answers

Thus suggesting that chronic hypoxia affects muscle protein synthesis rate (hypoxia means the body or some part of the body has inadequate or low oxygen supply).

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