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Part of feminism is a reevaluation of the value of motherhood.

Her book, The Feminine Mystique, has been used to both support and deny these claims.

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This may tend to cause the feminine viewpoint to be shortchanged.

In every decade since 1963, others have tried to describe the experiences of women Friedan left out. Friedan ignored, for example, the issues affecting African American women, despite the ongoing civil rights movement in her day. Other feminists have written treatises complaining that Friedan overlooked the difficulties of lesbians.

The feminine psyche is the way that the female mind and soul react to and process situations.

I intend to delve and explore into the identity of the feminine-self exposing the darker and intimate issues of the female Gothic, otherwise hidden within the oppressive constraints of the female role residing in Victorian society....

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We have an insight into the feminine psyche in several things that Penelope does.

Proponents of her book say it was an important publicization for the idea that women need something beyond children and a husband for happiness and life satisfaction.1 However, opponents, like historian Joanne Meyerowitz, author of the book Beyond the Feminine Mystique: A Reassessment of Postwar Mass Culture, 1946-1958, state that not only did her book displayed information that was blatantly false, but he...

Such phrases, uttered by 1950s housewives, fill the pages of Betty Friedan’s , released fifty years ago last month. The book famously launched the second wave of feminism and changed the landscape of the American household.

'The Feminine Mystique ' - New York Times

Charlotte Perkins Gilman's "The Yellow Wallpaper" has a dominant theme of feminine oppression.

She describes the "feminine mystique" as the heightened awareness of the expectations of women and how each woman has to fit a certain role as a little girl, an uneducated and unemployed teenager, and finally as a wife and mother who is happy to clean the house and cook things all day....

(Fox, 2006) The book signals the beginning of the second wave of the feminist movement as feminism literature to illustrate and analyse female problems in 1960s America.

The feminine in Melville¹s novel hides her face in a veil of stars and behind a cloud of words.
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    (2020) Why Was The Feminine Mystique Such a Phenomenon?: A Clarification. Other, California Institute of Technology.

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    “The Feminine Mystique”

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The Feminine Mystique at Fifty: Time for a New …

The Feminine Mystique explains the problem that emanated in the post-world war two societies. Friedan refers to the problem as “the problem that has no name.” The problem originated from the expectation in which American women in the society. The Feminine Mystique depicts that in the 1930s; women got an education and fulfilled the careers of their choice. In the latter years, women sought personal fulfillment though, in the 1950s, it was the time of regression. The number of women who went to college had reduced, and the average age of marriage of the middle class women had dropped. The book by Betty advocates that women could no longer make a choice to be housewives, but rather develop their intellectual abilities to enable fulfill their potentials. Betty explains the hierarchy of needs according to Maslow. She depicts that women are trapped a psychological level where they are expected to find their sexual role through the act of sex alone. She asserts that just like men, women need meaningful work in order to achieve the highest hierarchy of needs level, which is self-actualization.

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Friedan was a graduate who, who had been working successfully for ten years. Regardless of her success, Friedan’s life could never be like that of her husband Carl. This was one of the reasons, why Friedan wrote the book ‘The Feminine Mystique’. Friedan was educated, and had a husband who was financially stable. Friedan enjoyed her job and her leisure too in writing. She managed to take care of her children, ensuring that they were healthy. Considering the material measure, and the aspirations by most people, Friedan was privileged. However, despite all these privileges, Friedan was not at peace with her life and the life of fellow women. This inspired her to write the book. Friedan found it a challenge to explain this situation, at that time when she wrote her book. Though Friedan appreciated the nineteenth amendment that gave women the right to vote, she criticized the lack of laws against gender discrimination. This influenced Betty.

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The Feminine Mystique led to the formation of the second-wave feminist movement. The United States history students have used the book as a study material during their classes. Friedan’s book inspired women and encouraged them to pursue their expectations in life. According to ‘The Feminine Mystique’, women in the United States could only enjoy their status of being women if only they left the notions of feminist that was in the society. The publication of ‘The Feminine Mystique’ brought fame to Friedan. Because of the book, she ended up being the first president of the National Organization for Women. Friedan created and named the National Organization for Women. Betty wrote about a problem that no one had written about before. The problem remained un-named until Betty gave it a name. This shows that Betty opened the door to revisionism.

The Feminine Mystique by Betty Friedan ..

The fact that ‘The Feminine Mystique’ fights for the rights of American women who had been given the role of housewives is a good idea. Through this book, women were able to learn their rights and notice the benefits of education. Nevertheless, the book is biased as it represents only the middle class women without focusing on other women from other races. The intentions of Betty were to uplift the position of women in the society. Friedan has been successful because, through her book, the National Organization for Women was formed, which catered for the welfare of women in the United States.

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