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A Re-Assessment of the Wealth Hypothesis

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The permanent income hypothesis, wealth inequality, …

The hypothesis predicts regular cessation of weak, unintentionally-emitting communication signals (“leakage signals” of radar, radio, TV, etc.) emanating from all early technological civilizations soon after they develop the ability to use electromagnetic communications technology.

A Re-assessment of the Wealth Hypothesis

The zoo hypothesis proposes that the last variable in the Drake equation for METI (Drake 1961), L, the length of time that technologically capable civilizations are motivated to send one-way messages is exceedingly short, with weak messages sent only by very early technological civilizations (Earth today), and with probes later rarely if ever sent, for the reasons discussed.

This wealth maximization hypothesis tends to weaken …

On the left, the biggest unfalsifiable hypothesis we see today comes in the form of anthropogenic global warming, the idea that the weather is going to change and it's all our fault.

We examined the hypothesis that the relationship between financial status and subjective well-being, typically found to be very small in cross-sectional studies, is moderated by health status. Specifically, we predicted that wealth would buffer well-being after the onset of a disability. Using data from the Health and Retirement Study, a longitudinal study of people at and approaching retirement age, we employed within-subjects analyses to test whether wealth measured prior to the onset of a disability protected participants' well-being from some of the negative effects of a new disability. We found support for this hypothesis: Participants who were above the median in total net worth reported a much smaller decline in well-being after a new disability than did participants who were below the median. We also found some evidence that the buffering effect of wealth faded with time, as below-median participants recovered some of their well-being.

Testing the Adaptive Markets Hypothesis - BST Wealth

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