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Nominative Case Assignment and VP-Internal Subjects

VP-Internal Subject Hypothesis

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My question relates to the VP-internal subject hypothesis

is derivational, prohibiting Object Shift (OS) across an intervening non-adverbial element at any point in the derivation. Counterexamples to this hypothesis are given in Fox & Pesetsky (2005) which show that remnant VP-topicalisations are possible in Scandinavian as long as the VP-internal order relations are maintained. Extending the empirical basis concerning remnant VP-topicalisations, we argue that HG and the restrictions on object stranding result from the same, more general condition on order preservation. Considering this condition to be violable and to interact with various constraints on movement in an Optimality-theoretic fashion, we suggest an account for various asymmetries in the interaction between remnant VP-topicalisations and both OS and other movement operations (especially subject raising) as to their order preserving characteristics and stranding abilities.

to assign Nominative Case to a VP-internal subject …

Aim: This study was undertaken to test the hypothesis that insulin treatment has unexpected pro-atherogenic effects at the cellular level, namely, proliferative activity and intracellular cholesterol content. Methods: Primary cultures of subendothelial cells derived from non-atherosclerotic human...

The VP-internal subject hypothesis and Spanish senyence structure

"Agree: The other VP-internal subject hypothesis" by …

According to the so-called VP (internal subject hypothesis) it is the subject that originates in the specifier position of VP where it receives a theta role. The subject is subsequently raised into the specifier position of IP (subject-to-subject raising), leaving a co-indexed trace. For further information read the page on .

Aim: This study was undertaken to test the hypothesis that insulin treatment has unexpected pro-atherogenic effects at the cellular level, namely, proliferative activity and intracellular cholesterol content. Methods: Primary cultures of subendothelial cells derived from non-atherosclerotic human aorta and mouse peritoneal macrophages were used to investigate the in vitro effect of insulin on atherosclerosis-related parameters, such as cellular cholesterol content and proliferation rate. Additionally, the effect of insulin treatment in 33 type 1 diabetic patients on serum atherogenicity (i.e. its ability to induce cholesterol accumulation in cultured cells) was investigated. Results: Insulin (1-1,000 µU/mL) did not affect [3H]-thymidine incorporation or cholesterol content in either type of cultured cell. Most blood sera obtained from type 1 diabetic patients induced a 1.5- to 1.7-fold increase in cholesterol content of cultured cells, but this effect did not correlate with serum insulin levels. Exogenous insulin added to cultured cells did not modify the effect of patient’s sera on cholesterol level and proliferation of cultured cells. Conclusion: The results suggest that insulin does not exert direct atherogenic actions at the level of arterial cells, with the respect to proliferative activity and cholesterol content.

given the VP internal subject hypothesis.

The VP-internal subject hypothesis and Spanish …

The thesis reconciles this hypothesis with the investigated data by proposing that, surface appearances notwithstanding, the syntactic structure of such doubly-prefixed 'verbs' in fact contains two VPs, each of which embeds a prefix-headed resultative secondary predicate; one of the V' s, however, is null.

The results of the thesis have consequences for the general theory of resultative secondary predication, for the theory of null verbs, and for the often hypothesized distinction between VP-internal/resultative and VP-external prefixation in Slavic.

The VP-internal subject hypothesis and Spanish senyence ..
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  • Keywords: VP-ellipsis, the VP-internal subject hypothesis , voice ..

    Subjects: VP-internal subjects, passive and unaccusative verbs Read more about specifier, verb, spec, ..

  • VP internal subject hypothesis ..

    in this case, the VP-internal subject hypothesis would force you to ..

  • Is the DP movement in the VP internal hypothesis …

    It has been proposed that subjects are base-generated under VP (VP internal subjects hypothesis)

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Counterexamples to this hypothesis are ..

This paper investigates the position of subject in Persian (a language spoken in Iran) with particular refer-ence to the VP Internal Subject Hypothesis (ISH). The study is carried out within the framework of Govern-ment and Binding as developed in Chomsky (1981, 1986b) and the subsequent works. In the traditional form of the X-bar model, subject is considered to be generated in Spec. of IP where it is assigned nominative case by the tense and agreement features of INFL. This research deals with a proposal which has recently been gaining ground in the literature through a number of studies by Fukui and Speas (1986), Kitagawa (1986), Kuroda (1988), Sportiche (1988) and Koopman and Sportiche (1991). In their analysis, it is argued that subject is base generated in Spec. of VP and then moves to Spec. of IP at S-structure to receive case. This movement as an instance of an NP-movement is case driven. The pre-sent study has analysed Persian data in the light of this hypothesis. The analysis shows that ISH does not receive support from Persian data. It seems that movement of subject is an instance of topicalisation in Per-

The VP-internal Subject Hypothesis

Linguists who work on the Japanese language have disagreed about the notion of subject with respect to Japanese; many linguists argue that there is no formal syntactic position for the subject in Japanese. Tateishi does deeper research on the surface syntax of the subject, and looks in particular at the syntax of the subject and phenomena which have been treated as S-adjunctions. These two have been identified with each other on many occasions in the history of Japanese linguistics and are of interest with respect to the debate over configurationality in the language, which has been revived in different forms following the emergence of the VP-Internal Subject Hypothesis, the merits of which Tateishi discusses at length.

This hypothesis is called "VP-internal subject hypothesis."

The discussion is cast against the often hypothesized distinction between VP-internal/resultative and VP-external prefixes, for which all four constructions present a puzzle.

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