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-visible light has wavelengths of about 380-750 nm

Visible light constitutes only one of many types of electromagnetic radiation emitted from the sun and other stars

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Visible light is one component of the electromagnetic spectrum

Light detection efficiencies of CCD and CMOS compared to the three types of cone cells (red, green, blue) in the human eye. Rainbow spectrum for scale. CCD/CMOS are more efficient than cones, and are sensitive to infrared (invisible) light with wavelengths out to ~1000 nanometers (nm).

15/01/2018 · Visible Light Induced Water Oxidation in Photosynthesis from Green ..

Introduction. The existence of infrared or invisible light is difficult to demonstrate convincingly. We use invisible light (electromagnetic radiation) all over – TV/VCR remote controls, wireless computer connections, radio and TV transmissions, microwaves for communications and cooking. Our eyes can detect only a small part of this electromagnetic spectrum.

of chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b in the range of visible light.

Plant pigments help plants absorb various wavelengths of visible light

Purpose. You and your students will ‘see' infrared light, normally invisible to the human eye, as a continuation of the visible rainbow spectrum.

This lab relies on an oddity of the light sensors used in digital cameras, which are either CCD or CMOS detectors. Both kinds are sensitive to visible light (which is why they are used), but are even more sensitive to infrared light near the visible spectrum (see graph). So, for a CCD or CMOS camera to match what a human sees, all of the infrared light (wavelengths longer than 700 nanometers) must be removed with a filter. Removing this filter (as in the web page ) restores the CCD/CMOS's sensitivity to infrared light.

Pigments absorb light used in photosynthesis.

If white light is a mixture of several wavelengths of colors and the chlorophyll in green leaves absorb energies from all visible light except green, then exposing white light to a green plants will result in the fastest rate of photosynthesis, followed by blue or red.

Our results show that different color lights definitely does have a strong direct correlation with the rate of photosynthesis/growth of a plant.
Absorption spectra showing how the different side chains in chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b result in slightly different absorptions of visible light.

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  • red and blue ends of the visible part of the ..


  • Atoms and Electromagnetic Spectra

    22/10/2015 · Khan Academy is a nonprofit with the mission of providing a ..

  • The wavelength of red light is about 650 nm

    16/01/2018 · The measured rate of photosynthesis as a function of absorbed ..

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In addition, since the team used different lights for the different colors, the light intensity may have been unequal, also resulting in inaccurate data.
If we were to do the lab again, we would include a trials with more colors of the visible light spectrum such as orange and violet to get a more comprehensive and seamless set of data.

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