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Dohlman, The Boston Keratoprosthesis in severe ocular trauma.

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Keratoprosthesis: The Dohlman-Doane Device - …

The Boston Keratoprosthesis was introduced by Dr. Claes Dohlman in the 1960s and has become increasingly refined over the years. This type of corneal transplant uses an artificial cornea (made of plastic) to replace the natural, defective cornea tissue. Typically, this form of corneal transplant is reserved for individuals at high risk for rejection of a traditional corneal transplant, such as patients who have a history of two or more failed full thickness corneal transplants or patients with a large number of blood vessels that have grown into the cornea.

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Despite demonstrated cost effectiveness, not all corneal disorders are amenable to type I Boston keratoprosthesis (KPro) implantation. This includes patients with autoimmune diseases, such as Stevens–Johnson syndrome/toxic epidermal necrolysis. Type II KPro is implanted through the eyelids in severe dry eye and cicatricial diseases, and its cost effectiveness was sought.

Keratoprosthesis, Dohlman Type I device for a patient …

Boston type I keratoprosthesis: Review - SciELO
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Regarding corneal transplantation, your doctor has told you correctly. Unless your underlying problem can be sufficiently corrected, any new cornea put into your eye would be rapidly damaged by the same process which has damaged your own (apparently) cornea. However, if the problem were to be brought under control, then corneal transplantation would not be out of the question. Finally, you may want to consult with Professor Claes Dohlman at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary. He is the developer of and artificial cornea, the Dohlman Keratoprosthesis, which can restore vision to substantial numbers of people who are not good candidates for corneal transplantation.

He did do some research and told me about what Kineret does regarding the immune system, but was not able to come up with something that included uveitis patients. That is why I asked. If my “recipe” can include another medication to help me along the way, I will take it. I just want this over with. I have had it. Emotional burn-out here, especially after the week I had (which may be another post, I am not sure yet…been very stressful and very disappointing for me, to say the least). [SNIP]

26/04/2012 · Boston type I keratoprosthesis

Boston keratoprosthesis type I in the elderly | Read by …
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There was no iris left. Just one big black dot in the center of my eye. It was at this point that I had had enough. And I made the decision to have it removed. On March 21, 2000, I was wheeled into the operating room, had it removed, and then had a ball of coral implanted. This way, when I would get my prostheses, it would move. I thought that the nightmare was finally over. I was wrong. Like I said in the beginning, I am now in my 2nd month of having it in my left eye now and it’s fast becoming a harrowing experience. I’m 27 years old and I have to wear bi-focals now. Pred-Forte and Homatropine are my constant companions now. Prednisone at 60 mgs. daily are getting more and more easier to take, even with the bitterness. Pharmacists know me by name now. I’m getting used to my heart seeming to beat out of my chest because of the pills. Sleepless nights are great to catch up on things. I know. It sounds like I am whining. I am really trying to be strong and brave through this, but it’s getting so hard.

The ophthalmologist sent me on to another ophthalmologist that specialized in Uveitis. From there, I went through the Vitrectomy, I went through the numerous steroid shots, the countless appointments. I can say that Dr. Walker did everything in his power to save my eye. I knew going into this that this was all that could be done. He didn’t want me to lose the whole eye. And we failed. The last surgery I went through was injecting silicone oil into the eye. I wasn’t holding a pressure at all. Normal is roughly in-between a 12-24. I was holding a 2. So, we did the oil shots. That worked and I held a good pressure for about 9 months. Then my eye became once again very red, very painful, swollen, and I was sensitive to light again. I kept thinking, what else is going to happen? Come to find out, my eye decided to go ahead and start making pressure on it’s own coupled with the oil that we already had in there and I had severe glaucoma. I was at a 46 pressure in two days time. In a matter of a month, my eye had become as Dr. Walker described it “an 8 ball”.

Skin Retraction Around Type II Keratoprosthesis
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  • Cost-Effectiveness of the Type I Boston Keratoprosthesis + Report

    Boston type I keratoprosthesis

  • Boston keratoprosthesis type I in the elderly. - Medscape

    In development since 1960 Made of PMMA Also called Dohlman-Doane Procedure 2 Types – Type 1 ..

  • This keratoprosthesis was developed by Claes Dohlman, ..

    The Boston keratoprosthesis type …

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Post-op Boston type I keratoprosthesis surgery ..

Excluded from this cost analysis is a consideration of the costs incurred before type II KPro implantation. Of the 11 patients included in this analysis, 4 underwent previous penetrating keratoplasty, 3 underwent type I KPro implantation once, and 1 underwent type I KPro implantation twice, all of which failed. Additionally, seven patients had glaucoma valves in place at the time of surgery. In contrast, expensive systemic immunosuppressive therapies were assumed to be continued for the entire 5 years and may represent an overestimation of costs. Furthermore, a significant source of additional cost for type II KPro lies in the high probability of revision and/or replacement. This could be greatly mitigated by improving device design and biocompatibility, and exemplifies the need to revisit this analysis in the future. Taking the risks, complications, and morbidity associated with type II KPro into account, efforts to refer patients who are less likely to benefit from traditional corneal transplantation or type I KPro may be helpful in decreasing both the ultimate personal and societal cost of surgical intervention in these patients, as evidenced by the multiple, failed procedures that occur in this population.

Dohlman-Doane keratoprosthesis effective in patients …

Dr Dohlman receives no personal profits from the sale of the Boston Keratoprosthesis. Proceeds go to the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, and are used to support research and development. The authors are/were employees of the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, and receive no financial benefit from the publication of this data. Dr Ament is a Clinical Research Fellow who is paid directly from Dr Dohlman's research and development fund.

Reasons why the outcome of Boston keratoprosthesis type I …

Two things: 1. First, there can be a relationship between flare-ups and menstrual cycle/hormone level ratios. You can determine whether or not this is probably the case with you by charting basal body temperatures and keeping track of flare-ups on the basal body temperature chart; you will find basal body temperature kits in any pharmacy; it is a real pain to do it for, say 4-6 months, but if you are willing to invest the time and effort into that, you can then take the charts to your gynecologist, who could then order the appropriate blood test for hormone levels at specific times of the month, find out what imbalances you might have, and then prescribe hormonal therapy for you to properly balance the relative amounts of the various hormones in an effort to see if that would stop you from having the flare-ups.

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