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A literature review was conducted to show why three hypotheses were anticipated.

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The Sayings Source was composed before the destruction of the temple, since the sayings against Jerusalem and the temple in Luke 13.34-35Q do not presuppose any military events. A more precise determination of the time of composition must remain hypothetical, but a few indications point to the period between : (1) Bearers of the sayings tradition, which possibly extends all the way back to pre-Easter times, included both wandering preachers of the Jesus movement as well as local congregations. Thus the conditions in which the Sayings Source originated included both continuity with the beginnings and with the developing congregational structures across the region. (2) The Sayings Source presupposes persection of the young congregations by Palestinian Jews (cf. Luke 6.22-23 Q; Luke 11.49-51 Q; Luke 12.4-5 Q; 12.11-12 Q). About 50 CE Paul mentions in 1 Thess. 2.14-16 a persecution of Christians in Judea that had already taken place. The execution of James the son of Zebedee by Agrippa I (cf. Acts 12.2) occurred around 44 CE. (3) The positive references to Gentiles in Q (cf. Luke 10.13-15Q; Luke 11.29-31Q; Matt. 8.5-13 Q; Matt. 5.47 Q; Matt. 22.1-10 Q) indicate that the Gentile mission had begun, which is probably to be located in the period between 40 and 50 CE.

But even with his provocative hypothesis, Turner admits he hasn't solved ..

This hypothesis assumes that many believers in Christ Community Church exhibit thoughts, feelings and actions that are shaped by the cultural metaphor of the resident and thus they need to adopt the sojourner identity.

Symbolism - The Matrix - Spectrum

The author surveyed pertinent literature for critical interpretive questions and found his hypothesis to be correct.

The hypothesis is; "The Commitment Level Model is a tool for develping believers through a process of progressive involvement in the ministry that guides the believer toward spiritual maturity and a life's mission of service." This research project will utilize four different instruments to measure the specific behavior and value changes in those making the three different commitments.

Four hypotheses or needs proved for the multi-ethnic church were (1) the imperative of a strong vision and passion for the pastor, (2) that vision to see him through a critical time of transition, (3) broadening the worship style to reflect others' traditions, and (4) patience in dealing with cultural differences.

The movie The Matrix was certainly a science-fiction/action thriller

“Work thus far has not revealed any features wholly inconsistent with the hypothesis ..

This hypothesis was studied quantitatively through a survey of previous research and literature review, and it was studied qualitatively using the case study method in three Christian organizations.

To narrow the scope of this study, the researcher identified three hypotheses that were used to direct this effort: Hypotheses 1: Young African American women struggle with self-esteem, self-image, depression, abuse, and sexuality; Hypotheses 2: Young African American women struggle with singleness while balancing their careers and family life; and Hypotheses 3: Young African American women have a desire and need for authentic relationships with older, spiritually mature women.

-Frederick Jackson Turner [1861-1932] Turner Thesis (Frontier Hypothesis) American values and from ENGL/STSC 075/110 at UPenn
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Religion and its Effect on Political - CSU, Chico

The hypothesis of this research was that UCC has grown and made an impact on the Indian and Pakistani Christian community in Garland, Texas when evaluated by the eight principles of Natural Church Development.

Abductions and Abductees - Abducciones y Abducidos

The hypothesis of this author was that Discipleship for Leadership wil prove to be a valuable tool in developing future leaders for Waukegan Community Church.

Is the Earth actually a giant, living 'creature'

The study includes a literature review supporting and evaluating the hypothesis of churches with more than 20 percent of their members involved in ministry have active discipleship/mentorship programs, ministry teams involving lay leadership, open small groups and an effective evangelistic program.

Is the Earth actually a living 'creature'

The research qustion, "Has Dallas Theolgical Seminary given future pastors both the biblical/theological foundations and the practical tools to effectively deal with worship issues they will inevitably face in their local church ministries?" was explored; the working hypothesis was: "A majority of DTS graduates serving today in senior pastor roles have faced worship challenges in the churches they have served and feel that these experiences have exposed deficiencies as regards their seminary preparation for pastoral ministry; these deficiencies are both in the realm of a fundamental biblical and theological understanding of worship and in the area of developing skills for guiding its practices in the local church (particularily in guiding worship discussions and pastoring through worship changes)." To answer the research question and test the working hypothesis, a descriptive survey was conducted of DTS graduates from the years 2000-2007 who are serving in senior/head/lead/sole pastor roles in local churches.

The Radical Argument of the New Oxford Shakespeare | …

It begins with a literature review examining extant literature in the three primary hypothesis areas as well as senior-level leadership transition in arenas outside the church.

Women Psychoanalysts in Great Britain - …

The second hypothesis considers whether participation in the short-term mission trip increases ministry involvement in the church through an increased awareness of other socio-economic groups and cultures.

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