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The advanced Master's program in Water Engineering at Campus El Gouna, the physical branch of TU Berlin at the Red Sea.

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De 43.000e upload is afkomstig van Dr. Ir. Coen de Visser van de faculteit Luchtvaart- en Ruimtevaarttechniek, en betrof het artikel ‘An optimal control framework for estimating autopilot safety margins’. Voor het bereiken van deze mijlpaal kreeg hij een symbolische knuffelgeit overhandigd van Joke Dales, van de TU Delft Library/Repository. Deze knuffelgeit staat voor de geit die de TU Delft Library via Oxfam Novib doneert aan een arm gezin in Bangladesh. Van zo’n investering kunnen deze families weer een aantal jaren profiteren. Open Access publiceren en het open stellen van research data worden steeds belangrijker in de wetenschappelijke wereld. Wetenschappers zelf, maar ook de TU Delft hebben baat bij het delen van publicaties met anderen middels de TU Delft Repository. Met de TU Delft Repository biedt de Library wetenschappers en studenten een manier om hun werk wereldwijd toegankelijk te maken. Daarnaast krijgen publicaties in de Repository een hoge ‘relevance ranking’ waardoor ze in zoekmachines zoals Google Scholar, makkelijker gevonden worden.

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All available thesis from the department of Hydraulic Engineering are digitized. From 1984 onwards our archive is complete. From the years before 1984 not all reports are available (they are not any more in the possession of TU Delft).

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The first thing we started with was two weeks of an “introduction program” , something very interesting and useful in many ways, for example it helped in:
1)Introduce you to the city of delft and getting to know the area around through a “city rally”
2)introduce you to the university and all the facilities (sports center, campus, … etc.)
3) introduce you to your colleagues
4)Getting to know new people with different cultural backgrounds

Afstudeerder Laura Holtkamp zette haar afstudeerwerk online en was daarmee de 10.000ste studentenscriptie in TU Delft Repository. Om deze mijlpaal te vieren heeft Laura na haar afstuderen een presentje ontvangen. Kees Moerman overhandigde namens TU Delft Library in aanwezigheid van haar mentoren Huib de Ridder en Anton Jellema een Bluetooth horloge waarmee zij altijd in contact met haar telefoon of tablet staat."Carrot Runner: Persuasive game design to prevent secondary vocational education students from getting overweight by means of a smartphone application" is de titel van het afstudeerverslag. De afstudeeropdracht was om een ​​smartphone spel te ontwikkelen, dat middelbaar beroepsonderwijs studenten aanmoedigt om meer aandacht besteden aan hun eigen gewicht, inclusief focus op hun DI (Dietary Intake) en PA (Physical Activity).

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I completed my master's thesis project under the supervision of Prof. Ashok K Ganguli, Solid State and Nanomaterial Research Lab, IIT Delhi. My research project involves synthesizing a series of nanocatalysts for hydrogen-evolution by water splitting. While working on this project, I learnt to operate powder X-Ray Diffractometer, Thermogravimetric instrument, Infrared Spectrophotometer, Electrochemical set-up of a three-electrode system, etc. I also learnt the analysis of the electrochemical data, such as LSV Curves, Cyclic Voltammograms, Tafel plots, Nyquist plots etc.

I joined Prof. T Pradeep as a summer research fellow (May-July 2013) at DST Unit of Nanoscience, IIT Madras. This summer fellowship was sponsored by the Indian Academy of Sciences. During the internship I worked on synthesis and characterizing of thiol protected palladium nano-clusters. The project gave me more insight into various characterization techniques like Electrospray Ionisation Mass Spectrometry (ESI MS) , Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionisation (MALDI), Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscopy (FESEM), Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) and High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC).

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    To prove tu delft master thesis proposal flawed points you must find real situations, not fictitous stories

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MSc reports are available from the The information below helps you to pinpoint specific theses. You may also search reports with the , then the reports are indicated on a map. By clicking on the marker you get a short description, a click on the title in that description leads you to the full text.

Research output › TU Delft Research Information System

For finding a specific thesis with a known author, but unknown year, and add in the searchbox the name of that author (you may use wildcards, e.g. "Author: Bos*"). This also gives authors like Van den Bosch. Likewise, you can also use "Contributor:" to find a thesis with a specific mentor. Important notice: For reports before 2009 the search on department name (hydraulic engineering) does not give all the hydraulic master theses; for those years one can use the search key: "faculty:civil". In principle it will give a list of all CiTG graduation reports, however for those years hardly any reports from other departments are placed in the repository.

Old organisation TU Delft Library Corp Comm.

For finding a thesis on a specific topic, and type some keywords (keywords are connected with logical OR). Also here you may use wildcards, e.g. "breakwater*". When you use two search terms, then a logical AND, is used, e.g. "breakwater* toe" means "breakwater* AND toe".

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Note: a search on all digital MSc reports from all Dutch universities can be performed via . For MSc theses from Higher Vocational Schools (HBO) see the.

Master Thesis – repository – TU Delft

Hosted by University of Belgrade, Serbia, from 28 – 30 November 2017, the 7th SESAR Innovation Days (SIDs) will present the latest long-term research in the field of air traffic management. Papers and presentations will be selected based on an open call for contributions. The event will also feature a poster exhibition and a networking event, which will provide participants opportunities to learn about interesting projects and to meet like-minded researchers.

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