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Synthesis and Evaluation of a Triphenylcarbinol Related to the Incorrectly Assumed Structure of Aurintricarboxylic Acid

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Triphenylmethanol from Benzophenone and Bromobenzene

Thus the total yield ammonium salts alkylenediamine acids in stages 1 and 2 is only 43% and the target S-triethylsilyl-O-2,3 - dimethylallylpyrophosphate three stages in the calculation of the original teratological not exceed 31%
The objective of the invention is to create a new simpler way of obtaining new S-triphenylcarbinol esters of linear dealkylation and tetrathiofulvalene acids with good yields and purity of the target product.The task was solved by the described method of obtaining S-triphenylcarbinol esters of dealkylation and tetrathiofulvalene acids, namely, that teratological subjected to interaction with germaniyorganicescoe compounds, which are used triphenyl(etaxi) and triphenyl(isobutyric)Teutons at 20-80aboutWith subsequent isolation of the target products by the known methods (extraction, distillation).The reaction proceeds according to the following scheme:
P4S10+ 8RXGePh3___ 4 (RX)SGePh3+ 2 (Ph3Ge)2S
where R ness the keel and triphenylcarbinol cyclic ethers alkylenediamine acids proposed method for the synthesis of S-triphenylcarbinol esters of linear cyclic alkalinity and tetrathiofulvalene acids are those as phosphorus compounds containing the group P(S)S-, are used directly teratological that reduces the synthesis of target products, simplifies the process, makes it possible to avoid the undesirable formation of hydrogen sulfide increases the purity of the products; as germaniyorganicescoe derived using alkoxides and allylmercaptan triphenylamine, the reaction is carried out at 20-80aboutC.The structure of the obtained compounds is confirmed by IR, NMR1H and31R spectroscopy, mass spectrometry and elemental analysis.The target products are formed from the outputs (64-69%).

Gringard Synthesis of Triphenylmethanol? | Yahoo …

1976, Vol.8, PP, 193-271).RSH + NH3___ RSHNH3
where R2CME2CH2CME2CH2Snresn2CME2.However, in the calculation of the three-stage method for synthesis of S-trialkyl and triphenylene-Oh, Oh-alkylenediamines based on tetratetracontane, their outputs are significantly lower than in the proposed method of obtaining S-triphenylcarbinol EPE is AI diodes tetratetracontane (stage 1) will reach 75% in the calculation of the original teratological, and outputs ammonium salts alkylenediamine acids 58% (stage 2), and the final S-triethylsilyl-O,O-2,3-dimethylallylpyrophosphate 73% (stage 3).

Grignard Synthesis of Triphenylmethanol ..

25/06/2017 · Methods were developed for synthesizing triphenylcarbinol derivatives, possessing acetyl groups or fragments with a triple bond as substituents.

D.): 6,98-the 7.65 (m, N, C).IR-spectrum (UR-20, the suspension in vaseline oil, KBr, , cm-1): 480 c (GePh3as).Found, C 67,46; H 4,34; Ge 22,25; S 5,70.C36H30Ge2S.Calculated C 67,56; H 4,74; Ge 22,70; S 5,00.Thus, the inventive method provides for the achievement of this goal.The advantages of the proposed method are:
the achievement of high yields of the target products (64-69%),
the method allows us to simplify the process, to minimize the stage of synthesis of the finite S-triphenylcarbinol esters of diti and titrate is in a single phase, because excluded the stage of obtaining ditio and tetrathiofulvalene acids, ammonium salts;
the method allows to increase the purity of the target products by eliminating the formation of hydrogen sulfide and fine crystalline salts and other by-products;
mild reaction conditions, reduce the cost of energy in the claimed method.

The invention relates to the chemistry of phosphorus - organic compounds, and in particular to a new method of obtaining S-triphenylcarbinol esters of dealkylation and tetrathiofulvalene acids of General formula (I)
(RX)SGePh3where R is lower alkyl; X is 0, sTrialkylsilyl and Staniloae analogues of the proposed S-triphenylcarbinol esters of dealkylation and tetrathiofulvalene acids have been used as a tick and insecticide, and also can be used as intermediates for the targeted synthesis of analogues of such insecticide as metasystox, time, leibold, parathion, etc., (U.S.

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  • Chapter 27 - Biological Monitoring

    Synthesis description for ..

  • Chapter 27 - Biological Monitoring GENERAL PRINCIPLES

    Synthesis of triphenylmethanol

  • Vito Foà and Lorenzo Alessio

    A Student Researched Lab Analysis of the Synthesis of Triphenylmethanol from Benzophenone and Bromobenzene

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