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But having done all the preparation you should then attend the viva in a very positive frame of mind.

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Preparing for your viva — University of Leicester

Thefollowing categories are not “marks” in the sense of corresponding to A, B, C,etc.; rather they are to be thought of as specifying what is needed to bringthe thesis up to an acceptable standard. It is possible, for example, that agenerally excellent thesis may have some flaws requiring corrections, or that acompetent but rather uninspiring thesis be awarded a pass.

A thesis or dissertation is a ..

They could ask you to explain/justify any statement in the thesis, so beware of baring nasty branches for clarification at the viva! Identify the contentious statements in the thesis, which you anticipate having to defend in the viva. A good supervisor will point out the contentious statements and grill you over them. Start a file of anticipated viva questions.

Thesis defence checklist — Vitae Website

06/02/2013 · For doctoral and masters students everywhere, the viva is a daunting challenge, often approached with anxiety and confusion rather than careful preparation

Issues such as the use of the first person, how best to locate research in the professional setting, research regulations and codes of practice are discussed, along with some guiding principles to enable effective viva preparation.

This paper offers stylistic practicalities, reflects on thesis and viva preparation, and discusses the research regulations and submission requirements of higher education institutions (HEIs).

18/01/2018 · Defending your thesis: the viva

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In preparation for the viva, say about ten days before, make sure you can answer the following questions: what is unique about your thesis? What is its central argument/finding? How does it differ from other key players in your field? Where could you go from here with this topic? Have a short, medium and long answer to each of those questions. In other words, if you are encouraged to sum up your answer in a few sentences be able to do so, and equally be able to speak for several minutes if need be.

10/01/2018 · This guide takes you through six stages of preparation for the viva and its outcome: Stage 1: You have submitted your thesis
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