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Welcome to the University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee (USFSM) Catalog system.

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Graduating Fine Art students from University of South Florida are pleased to present Sunny Side Up December 5th through the 8th. This graduation exhibition represents the work of the Bachelor of Fine Arts students from the School of Art and Art History at USF. Painting, drawing, sculpture, video, photography, performance, digital media, animation, and installation will be represented.

Honors Students' Theses - USF Honors College

Alexandra Cox: Mixed media 2D artist currently focusing on ink as a medium and recreating her mother's photography work from 30 years ago that was also produced at USF.

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The USF Honors College is proud of its wonderful alumni. Check out the alumni spotlights highlighting the exciting work that they are undertaking.

USF's College of Engineering hosts highly reputable faculty, and an excellent pool of graduate scholars. We are ranked among the nation's top public universities in research and teaching. Master's and doctoral degrees are offered in key engineering fields as we continue to develop new programs while addressing global engineering challenges. Our faculty members are respected leaders in their fields of research, and graduate students will find themselves in a highly collaborative environment that is supportive of their research goals and academic ambitions. The College of Engineering's Graduate Programs are a cultural melting pot with students representing 139 countries.

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Honors College status will be reactivated once it is confirmed that a student is registered for an IDH course after the Add/Drop period.

A 3.25 USF and overall GPA is required for the Honors Scholarship and Graduation with Honors College Distinction.
Honors College students in good academic standing have the privilege of first-day registration.

For both ethical and legal reasons, USF requires all researchers (including students) who conduct studies involving participation of human beings to have their projects reviewed and approved by an Institutional Review Board (IRB) for the Protection of Human Subjects prior to the start of their studies. Virtually all research studies in the College of Education will require approval by the IRB as these studies involve the use of human subjects. Master’s students who have chosen the thesis option, must therefore submit an application for approval of their study by the IRB.

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  • USF EE Handbook 17 18 | Thesis | Postgraduate Education

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  • USF Thesis Makes ProQuest's 25 Most-Accessed Dissertations and Theses

    Alumni Spotlights The USF Honors College is proud of its wonderful alumni

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MA Handbook: Thesis Requirements - USF College of …

In order to graduate from USFSM, each degree-seeking student must meet all of the graduation requirements specified in the USFSM catalog of his/her choice. A degree-seeking student may choose any USFSM catalog published during his/her continuous enrollment. See the full entry for more information.

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Effective April 15, 2002, all USF faculty, students, and staff who plan to conduct or participate in a research study/project are required to complete training in the Protection of Human Subjects prior to the start of the study and must file a copy of their Certificate of Completion (of an approved program) with USF’s Division of Research Compliance. All master’s level students prior to the start of their thesis research are required to complete the required training if their proposed research will involve participation of human subjects.

Usf Library Thesis And Dissertation

The forms and other relevant information needed to complete an application for human subjects review and approval by the IRB may be accessed and downloaded from USF’s Office of Sponsored Research, Division of Research Compliance web site at . Thesis students will need to complete the following forms:

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Students on Honors Probation will be able to register on the first day of their classification (freshmen, sophomore, junior or senior).
FTIC (First Time in College) students admitted to the Honors College must attend the Honors College Overview and Registration session during their USF Orientation.

USF BFA Student Thesis Show: Sunny Side Up | WUSF …

Students are required to enroll for a minimum of 2 semester hours each semester in EDG 6971 (Thesis) while actively working on the thesis. Students who have not completed the thesis after enrolling in the number of thesis hours required by the program must continue to enroll in a minimum of 2 thesis hours each semester, including the semester during which the completed thesis is submitted to the USF Office of Graduate Studies (BEH 304).

Thesis Workshop Usf - Floating Ledge

If a thesis is required, it must conform to the thesis format guidelines available on USF Office of Graduate Studies website at and the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (5th edition) available in the University Bookstore. An abstract must accompany the thesis. The thesis must be submitted to the Office of the USF Dean of Graduate Studies at least three weeks before the end of the semester in which the student is to receive the degree. Only after the thesis has been approved for filing in the University Library can the student be certified for the degree. A binding fee will be charged to the student at the time the thesis is submitted.

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