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-- Did the story of this Egyptian hero influence the Exodus account?

-- The Greek deity: A source for the life of Jesus?

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(Or Hercules) --The Greek strongman/demigod.

-- my own book, with several chapters on the subject; hub page for the book -- a bibliography of books on the historical Jesus [Word document] and PowerPoint (for and )

See also another item  [Subscription to  required].

Just found out that received his PhD with honors in July of '08. His dissertation was on the Native American Church as a treatment and support for drug/alcohol addiction. A belated congratulations, Bob.

Also discusses the ritual of the "tauribolium".

Here are some papers by students of mine, especiallytheir theses.

On top of all that, hecollaborated with my student Aaron Lauda on a paper about quotients ofcertain rings that can be used to categorify the positive half ofquantum sl(n).

As a warmup for this, he wrote a paper on abicategory nCob2 where the 2-morphisms aren-dimensional cobordisms between manifolds with boundary.

You can also see a of some of these folks!

-- Two entries on this figure; one  and another.

Apart from apaper connecting thermodynamics to algorithmic entropy, Mike and Iworked on applications of symmetric monoidal categories andbicategories to computation.

Before writing his thesis hewrote a paper on groupoidification with Alex Hoffnung and me, and also a paper on how to see Hall algebras as Hopf algebras in a certain braided monoidal category.

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  • -- As far as I can find, another non-existent figure.

    Here they are:

  • She did her thesis on "2-tangles".

    This requires some ideas from algebraic geometry — butdon't worry, these are explained from scratch in the thesis.

  • The official site of Dr. Barney Glaser and Classic Grounded Theory.

    thesis, U.

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Grounded Theory Introductory Workshop, London, UK

John Huerta took a postdoctoral position at AustralianNational University in Canberra in 2011, and moved onto the Instituto Superior Técnico in Lisbon in 2013.

-- Preserves the work of 19th century freethinkers.

It's a big subject, since it shows up naturally when yougeneralize the classical mechanics of point particles to strings andhigher-dimensional membranes!

-- from the school that says it was all borrowed from Africa.

The groupoidof representations of this quiver comes with a structure that's agroupoidified version of the positive half of the quantum group associated to this Dynkin diagram.

The Glaser Grounded Theory Reader

Beforethis, he wrote one paper with Alex Hoffnung and me, another paper withjust me, and two papers all on his own, all dealing with this generalsubject.

-- early proponent of the copycat thesis.

thesis on higher algebraic structures arising frommultisymplectic geometry, which is a generalization of symplecticgeometry where the symplectic 2-form is replaced by an n-form.

Her thesis was on "Lie2-algebras".

Congratulations to who has received her doctorate right her in the USA. Her dissertation was titled: From Unknown to Known: A Grounded Theory Study Among Those Who Have Learned About and From Their Depression.

Basics of Grounded Theory Analysis is

has received her PhD. Her dissertation was Titled: A Grounded Theory of Domestic Violence Perpetration: Normalizing the Abnormal. Congratulations Taira!

Alsoavailable in a more user-friendly format on the .

Another one of the GTI seminar participants has earned her degree. is now Interim Director, College of Liberal Studies School of Education, University of Wisconsin-La Cross. Congratulations Rhonda!

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