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Reaction instead came from the Church, and she takes Roger Dymmok’s work as an example.

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However, some historians argue that salutary neglect was less a deliberate policy and more a product of administrative inefficiency, financial stringency, and political incompetence. To help ensure his tenure, Walpole developed a patronage network in America. He filled vacant colonial offices with his friends and political allies, who, more often than not, were ineffective leaders willing to overlook complicated problems for their own financial gain. As a result, colonial assemblies grew more powerful, and those British officers who were determined to uphold the king's authority were often simply overruled.

"Salutary Neglect": Colonial Administration under the Duke of Newcastle

The gold bullion was obtained from melting down confiscated ecclesiastical ornaments while the large caches of luxury goods were looted from aristocrats and the royal family. An example of the latter still exists today in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts – a ‘Vase Bachelier,’ “,” from the Château of Versailles.

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[Conti outlines Wyclif’s definitions and divisions of supposition, found in his Tractatus de logica, shows their application, and connects Wyclif’s ideas about signification and supposition to his broader realist theory.]Cook, William R.

According to the author’s abstract, “This paper shows how Wyclif is able at the same time (i) to claim that whatever is is a proposition (‘pan-propositionalism’) and (ii) to develop a nontrivial theory of propositional truth and falsity.

The Lollard Society » Bibliography of Secondary Sources

This bibliography is intended to embrace all fields relevant to Lollard studies

In 1721, Sir Robert Walpole was appointed First Lord of the Treasury and became Britain's first prime minister. He and —the cabinet officer who most influenced American policy during Walpole's tenure—favored expansion of trade, and were willing to relax enforcement of the Navigation Acts if doing so helped to advance trade and increase the flow of money among Britain and its colonies. For example, New England merchants profited greatly from illegally trading fish and lumber to French possessions in the Caribbean, which sent rum, sugar, and molasses to the west coast of Africa, which then sent to America; as a result, New England merchants could purchase a higher quantity of British goods. As long as American exports fueled British prosperity, the Crown would focus its attention elsewhere.

The biased verdicts rendered by Virginia juries were one of many developments that exposed the contradictions between the colonists' control of local political and legal institutions and the coercive imperial laws of trade and navigation and sparked a change in policy. Another factor was the mounting expense of the wars England was fighting with France and Spain. Even before the end of the in 1763, British ministers (under the reign of a new king, George III) began to replace salutary neglect with a new system, imperial administration, which focused on parliamentary taxation and bureaucratic regulation.

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The author examines the principal topics in Netter’s work—God, humanity, Christ, the Church, religious life, prayer, the sacraments—and he makes the case that there is a definite plan which links the various parts of the Doctrinale into a whole giving it a certain theological unity.”]Alford, John.

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So, after all this time, the answer to the question of his Illuminati membership, in a definitive sense, has continued to elude the historian and archivist. And be that as it may, the circumstantial evidence is strong:

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While earlier theologians, like Aquinas and Bonaventure, had interpreted the sensory paradoxes associated with Eucharist as sacred mysteries pointing towards hidden truths, later writers, beginning with Holkot, tended to treat them as clear examples of divine deception.

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[Rather than seeking after a doctrinally discrete group, Ghosh asks “whether it would be possible to identify a set of religio-intellectual interests pointing, not exactly towards a definitively outlined ‘heretical’ profile perhaps, but nevertheless to a more or less coherent mentalité, characterized pre-eminently by an intelligent and informed criticism of authority.

Latin: The Sacramental Language - OnePeterFive

He appealed to the centuries-old position of the canonists that an heretical or simoniacal pope could be tried and deposed, but he so broadened the definition of heresy and simony as to make all but the most saintly popes liable to removal.

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