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The rotator cuff is a major stabiliser of the glenohumoral joint.

Consider the average amount of pelvic rotation that may occur in a skilled golfer's full golf swing action.

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Note how little the clubhead has moved in this image - compared to image 2 - and it indicates that Gary Woodland already has started to rotate his upper torso (shoulders) as soon as the downswing starts and that there is no "keeping-the-shoulders-back" delay phenomenon as seen at the start of Bubba Watson's downswing action.

  (2016)Management of rotator cuff pathology. PhD thesis, University of Warwick.

The disc, like other cartilage, consists mainly of a matrix of collagen fibres (which are embedded in a gel of proteoglycan) and of water. These together make up 90 to 95% of the total tissue mass, although the proportions vary with location within the disc and with age and degeneration. There are cells interspersed throughout the matrix that are responsible for synthesizing and maintaining the different components within it (). A review of the biochemistry of the disc can be found in Urban and Roberts 1994.

Which muscles cause the counterclockwise rotation of his pelvis?

Here is a capture image (from that video) showing the 6 lateral pelvic rotator muscles.

Mimic VJ Trolio's left-loading pelvic motion technique (where 80% of your weight-pressure is directly over the lead leg/foot at the P4 position) and then try and rotate your pelvis counterclockwise using only your right and left lateral pelvic rotator muscles.

In other words, a left-loading pelvic motion technique (where the lead leg/foot is weight-pressure loaded) markedly hampers a golfer's ability to effectively use either the left-or-right lateral pelvic rotator muscles to rotate the pelvis (or left thigh) counterclockwise at the start of the downswing.

Rotator cuff pain: A Neuromuscular Therapy point of view

The aim of this thesis is to optimise management of degenerative rotator cuff tears.

Image 4 is at the P6 position. Note that his pelvis is open relative to the ball-target line, that his right knee is "kicked-in", that his right heel is raised, and that his right hip joint is less flexed - and those biomechanical features suggest that he is isotonically contracting his right gluteus maximus muscle. Note that his left hip joint is in a state of internal rotation because he has rotated his pelvis more counterclockwise than his left femur between P5 and P6. His left adductor magnus muscle is isonically contracting during this time period, which will pull his left inferior pubic ramus closer to his left femur - thereby contributing to the counterclockwise rotation of his pelvis between P5 and P6.

Image 2 is the start of his downswing's pelvic rotary motion and image 3 is at the end of his hip-squaring phase (phase 1 of the "left hip clearing" action). Note that he has the Sam Snead "sit-down" look with dual-ER of both thighs in their respective hip joints at the end of his hip-squaring phase. Note that his head has dropped a few inches due to the increased degree of hip and knee flexion that is happening during his hip-squaring phase. The counterclockwise rotation of his pelvis during phase 1 of the "left hip clearing" action is primarily due to the contraction of his right-sided lateral pelvic rotator muscles and secondarily due to an isometric contraction of his left adductor magnus muscle. Note that his left knee doesn't move targetwards very much between P4 and P5 because his left femur was not internally rotated and adducted at the P4 position.

The best scores were found in the group of patients with an intact rotator cuff following repair.
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    MRI assesment of the rotator cuff tear was commenced at inclusion and one year following treatment.

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    Why does Rory McIlroy's pelvic rotary motion seem to stall at the P6 position?

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    This gives the spine facets some time to connect before any rotation begins."

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Treatment of the Rotator Cuff Disease With Platelet …

Although I can readily agree with a "belief" that adding right lateral bend to the mix may make it easier to rotate the lumbar spine and pelvis counterclockwise in the later downswing (via a "coupling motion" phenomenon), I do not believe that right lateral bend is a mandatory biomechanical requirement.

Thesis Remove Image Rotator – 457278 – Steady Dating

I also believe that the lumbar interfacet joints are automatically/naturally interlocked in those three lumbar spine postural states even in the absence of right lateral bend and I believe that a skilled golfer can easily continue to rotate the lumbar spine counterclockwise during the P6 to P7 time period if the mid-upper torso's active counterclockwise rotation is secondarily inducing a counterclockwise rotation of the thoracic and lumbar spine - even if right lateral bend is not present.

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However, I differ from Kelvin Miyahira because I believe that the lumbar spine may automatically/naturally continue to rotate counterclockwise during the late downswing if the mid-upper torso is actively rotating counterclockwise - . In other words, I believe that the lumbar spine interfacet joints are always interlocked if the lumbar spine is either i) hyperlordotic, or ii) neutral (minimally lordotic), or iii) even slightly flexed (straightened lumbar spine condition) and I believe that the lumbar interfacet joints only become unlocked if the lumbar spine is hyperflexed, which doesn't happen in any professional golfer during the P6 to P7 time period.

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Dupuytren's contracture is a progressive shortening (fibrosis) of the palmar fascia (connective tissue joining the flexor tendons of the fingers) of the hand, leading to permanent contracture of the fingers in a flexion posture. It is a common condition in people of North-European origin, affecting about 3% of the general population. The prevalence of the disease among the men is twice that among the women, and may be as high as 20% among males aged over 60. Dupuytren's contracture is associated with epilepsy, type 1 diabetes, alcohol consumption and smoking. There is evidence for an association between vibration exposure from hand-held tools and Dupuytren's contracture. The presence of the disease has been associated also with single injury and heavy manual labour. Some evidence exists to support an association between heavy manual work and Dupuytren's contracture, whereas the role of single injury has not been adequately addressed (Liss and Stock 1996).

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In other words, his downswing pattern is very similar to Gary Woodland's downswing pattern - and they both manifest a minimal amount of dynamic torso-pelvis separation (dynamic X factor), and they both accelerate their upper torso very fast in the early-mid downswing so that their upper torso's rotational speed peaks at roughly the same time as the peak rotational speed of their pelvis.

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