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Creating A Thesis For A Research Paper On Interior Design

M.Y. NEWCRUISE PROJECT (60 M / 196 FT World Cruiser); Exterior Design & Layout; Interior Design / Styling & Decoration

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Thesis Projects Interior Design - 101468 - Visualize The …

A native-born Michigander, Laura discovered her interest in historic preservation through working on rehabilitation and adaptive reuse projects in Detroit with Kraemer Design Group, starting as an Architectural Intern for two summers, joining the KDG team as an Architectural Designer in 2012, and becoming a licensed architect in 2015. She earned her degree in architecture at the University of Michigan in 2010, and earned her Master of Architecture degree with a concentration in Historic Preservation from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2012.

CUSHION DESIGN; Custom cushion designs reflecting the philosophy of the interior architecture

Blake joined Kraemer Design Group in 2014 after a variety of experiences in the building field from furniture fabrication, commercial construction and architectural design. He is currently working towards becoming a registered architect with eagerness to be involved with projects benefiting the city of Detroit.

The Interior Design thesis requires two signatures:

Conceptual planning, layout and final design and styling of both exterior and interior.

John’s fascination with buildings began with growing up in a house built by an Englishman. Though located in central Massachusetts, it was built prior to 1747, so, technically, it was built by an Englishman. Originally constructed of hewn American Chestnut beams with pegged construction, it was added to over the ensuing decades and was essentially a collection of North American wood construction technology. Interacting with it daily spurred an interest in design and construction technology that continues to this day.

Jerry believes there’s no one way or medium to approach the process of design. He loves modern multi-use architecture that could be easily constructed, relocated, or recycled. He received his Bachelors in Architecture from UC Berkeley, where a driving factor behind his studies was learning about multi-functional spaces that can accommodate a variety of uses. He’s excited to be working at Blitz because of every project’s attention to design detail from a micro to macro scale.

PM Senior Thesis 2007 Showcase: Interior Design

ACCESSORY DESIGN; Custom accessory designs reflecting the philosophy of the interior architecture, Handles & exterior tray

Having completed more historic renovation projects in Detroit’s urban core than any other firm, Kraemer Design Group’s local expertise in adaptive reuse is unrivaled. Not only do we take the time to understand and research a building’s complete story, we even have a dedicated historian on staff to guide us through the process. We have successfully helped numerous clients apply for and receive critical historic tax credits and know the National Park Service requirements like the back of our hand.

KDG researches historical data through photo archives, databases, libraries and government plan rooms and fully investigates and documents the interior, both through field measurements and extensive photography. We also have experience dealing with hazardous materials remediation, common to all historic rehabilitation projects. Mechanical systems, incoming utilities, electrical components, structural analysis, vertical transportation, exiting requirements and overall building integrity are all examined.

To learn more about the Academy of Art University's School of Interior Architecture & Design please visit the following pages:
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  • Harvard Graduate School of Design

    M.Y. NEWCRUISE PROJECT (60M / 196 FT World Cruiser); Exterior Design & Layout; Interior Design / Styling & Decoration

  • Bachelor of Interior Design - RCC Institute Of Technology

    FURNITURE DESIGN – OTTOMANE; Custom furniture designs reflecting the philosophy of the interior architecture, Ottomane

  • Masters in Interior Design: Get an MFA with Parsons | …

    Coming up with a topic for a thesis paper related to interior design is rather difficult

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Architecture and Interior Design Firm - Kraemer Design Group

Born 1977 in Hamburg, Germany. After school Katharina's focus was to establish herself in the world of interior design. She embarked on her career with varied and interesting work experiences, firstly in Oldenburg, at "Designers House" and then with the architect Katharina Berges. After this, she was invited to work at the renowned "Staats-Opera" in Munich where she stayed for seven months in the department for stage design. During this time she was part of the team that put "Il Nozze di Figaro" onto the stage, working under the famous stage designer Jürgen Rose. Finally, she gained six months work experience as a carpenter to better understand the practical nature of making interior design a reality, before taking up studies in interior architecture in Mainz, Germany.
During her studies she joined the French architecture studio BUFFI for 6 fascinating months of work experience as a trainee.
In 2002 she joined the NEWCRUISEteam and got the chance to be involved with the 26 metre custom motor yacht "True Austrian" of Bugari Yachts. At this time she also completed her final graduation thesis on a wellness and spa interior of a sophisticated 55 Meter 3 mast sailing schooner of the studio, which led to a permanent position of employment at NEWCRUISE.

2003 brought her first lead involvement in a NEWCRUISEproject with the interior design of the 67 metre motor yacht "Triple Seven" alongside Roland Krüger and later the successful 74 metre "Siren". In 2008, she was invited to become junior partner at NEWCRUISE, with the focus on "Principal Interior Design", and works together with her partners as well on the marketing and sales.

Specializes in high-end architectural design

Our team includes Naval Architects and Architects, Product Designers, Illustrators, Boat Builders, Interior Architects and Decorators. Very valuable for each project are our Lighting Designers.
Several members of our team also have practical experience as former yacht crew.
Our well educated and permanently in- house trained team forms a cross-section of the entire super yacht industry of design and naval architecture. A well organized in-house time management and economical department guarantees a professionally handled and well-controlled project.

Master's Programs | Interior Architecture | Academics | …

Yacht design and project planning means being captivated by the idea of the extraordinary.
By the fascination of technology and elegance that can only be expressed in a yacht whose element is the fine line that marks the border between air and water.
Passion and idealism are required by both the naval architects and designers on one hand, as well as by the owner and his team on the other hand. This is the leading line achieving the best.

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