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The Strategic Logic of Suicide TerrorismROBERT A. PAPE

He added "my Fatwa against these terrorists is very clear. Terrorists are DOGS OF HELL."

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Strategic Logic of Suicide Terrorism

Recent Impact of Lessons Learned. In addition to the
1994 and 1995 campaigns, Palestinian terrorist leaders
have also cited Hezbollah experience in Lebanon as a
source of the lesson that suicide terrorism is an effective
way of coercing Israel. Islamic Jihad leader Ramadan
Shallah (2001) argued that:
The shameful defeat that Israel suffered in southern
Lebanon and which caused its army to flee it in terror
was not made on the negotiations table but on the battlefield and through jihad and martyrdom, which achieved
a great victory for the Islamic resistance and Lebanese
People. . . . We would not exaggerate if we said that the
chances of achieving victory in Palestine are greater than
in Lebanon. . . . If the enemy could not bear the losses of
the war on the border strip with Lebanon, will it be able to
withstand a long war of attrition in the heart of its security
dimension and major cities?

Most people who become suicide bombers have been known to have nothing mentally wrong with them.

Bank along with an actual wall that physically separates
the populations.
Similarly, if Al Qaeda proves able to continue suicide
attacks against the American homeland, the United
States should emphasize improving its domestic security. In the short term, the United States should adopt
stronger border controls to make it more difficult for
suicide attackers to enter the United States. In the long
term, the United States should work toward energy independence and, thus, reduce the need for American
troops in the Persian Gulf countries where their presence has helped recruit suicide terrorists to attack
America. These measures will not provide a perfect
solution, but they may make it far more difficult for Al
Qaeda to continue attacks in the United States, especially spectacular attacks that require elaborate coordination.
Perhaps most important, the close association between foreign military occupations and the growth of
suicide terrorist movements in the occupied regions
should give pause to those who favor solutions that involve conquering countries in order to transform their
political systems. Conquering countries may disrupt
terrorist operations in the short term, but it is important
to recognize that occupation of more countries may
well increase the number of terrorists coming at us.

The Strategic Logic of Suicide TerrorismROBERT A. PAPE

Mental illnesses are usually not the reason for someone to become a suicide bomber.

In this thesis I will use secondary sources to draw on the numerous examples of suicide terrorism that have been conducted by Hamas, arguing how a key political issue, the Israeli occupation of Palestine, enables certain Palestinians to rationalize and resort to suicide terrorism as a viable solution to their issue.

Interviews and video recordings of Hamas suicide terrorists before their deaths, as well as statements by the leadership of Hamas and average Palestinians will be at the forefront of the analysis.

Furthermore, the term of terrorism has been defined by the U.S....

The history of terrorism can be traced back as far as the French revolution.

Nations such as Japan, the European Union, the United States and (of course) Israel classify the group as terrorists, while nations such as Turkey, Russia and Switzerland do not....

It is surprising that among all of the liberty and freedom, one topic that seems to continue to draw controversy and government intervention is physician-assisted suicides....

The primary focus of the author is to identify the reasons for women becoming suicide bombers....
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  • Strategic Logic of Suicide Terrorism

    At the beginning, religious organizations were against the idea of using females in suicide bombing.

  • Strategic Logic of Suicide Terrorism

    Do acts of suicide terrorism help or hinder insurgent groups to achieve their long-term strategic objectives?

  • Strategic Logic of Suicide Terrorism

    Because the profile of a terrorist has changed over time, Israel now uses a type of profiling that is predictive.

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Later this person discovers that their friend commit suicide.

Americans have donated blood and established funds for firefighters' families, while failing to look outside of our nation with any intention of understanding the grounds for popular terrorism in Arab and Muslim states. The America...

Strategic Logic of Suicide Terrorism

Gaza and the West Bank in 1994 and
1995 occurred at the same time that settlements increased and did little to hinder the IDF’s return, and
so these concessions were more modest than they may
appear. Sri Lanka has suffered more casualties from
suicide attack than Israel but has not acceded to demands that it surrender part of its national territory.
Thus, the logic of punishment and the record of suicide terrorism suggests that, unless suicide terrorists
acquire far more destructive technologies, suicide attacks for more ambitious goals are likely to fail and
will continue to provoke more aggressive military responses.

Motivation and Targets of Suicide Terrorist Campaigns, 1980–2001

Lebanon was largely a humanitarian mission and not viewed as central to the national welfare
of the United States. Israel withdrew from most of
Lebanon in June 1985 but remained in a security buffer
on the edge of southern Lebanon for more than a
decade afterward, despite the fact that 17 of 22 suicide attacks occurred in 1985 and 1986. Israel’s withdrawals from

There are many reasons people are committing suicide.

coercers is recognizably higher
in suicidal terrorism than in international military
The data on suicide terrorism from 1980 to 2001
support this conclusion. While suicide terrorism has
achieved modest or very limited goals, it has so far
failed to compel target democracies to abandon goals
central to national wealth or security. When the United
States withdrew from Lebanon in 1984, it had no important security, economic, or even ideological interests at stake.

Strategic Logic of Suicide Terrorism

Suicide terrorism makes punishment more effective
than in international military coercion. Targets remain
willing to countenance high costs for important goals,
but administrative, economic, or military adjustments
to prevent suicide attack are harder, while suicide
attackers themselves are unlikely to be deterred by
the threat of retaliation. Accordingly, suicide attack is
likely to present a threat of continuing limited civilian
punishment that the target government cannot completely eliminate, and the upper bound on what punishment can gain for

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