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The Douglas Controversy deals with one such situation.

Ever since he first met Garrison in 1841, the white abolitionist leader had been Douglass' mentor.

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Article ~ ” Learning to read and write” – Frederick Douglas

Louis Symphony 1915-1916, 1921-1942, Minneapolis Symphony 1917-1919) When Jacob Borodkin was replaced by Frederick Stock 129,143 in January 1912, John Hartl was appointed Principal trumpet to complete the 1911-1912 season.

Frederick Douglass would continue his active involvement to better the lives of African Americans.

The only logical conclusion, given the surviving evidence, is that he had no other children.

The two sons Thomas and William
Not only does the information available for William Alexander Douglas provide no evidence of his fathering other children, the information available for Thomas BC Douglas and William BC Douglas provides no evidence linking them with William Alex Douglas.
In the muster and census records for the 1820’s only one Thomas Douglas and one William Douglas with the notation "born in the colony" (BC) were listed.

Frederick Douglass - July 4, 1852

Don Chapman in 1788: The People of the First Fleet writes:  WILLIAM DOUGLAS ....

In view of the blatant errors in the above list of children it would seem logical to re-examine the evidence and determine if the sons Thomas and William had any real claim to being members of the family of William Alexander Douglas.

[And even after this thesis was written fourteen years ago, the same errors are still being repeated!]

Re-examining the evidence
The conclusion that William Alexander Douglas had two or more children appears to have resulted from an incorrect interpretation of the 1806 Musters.

Further information about Thomas BC Douglas is known.

The Fellowship of First Fleeters apparently register descendants of these three children as descendants of "First Fleeter" William Douglas.
Instead of following accepted genealogical practice of linking a child with parents only when there is proof of a connection, the opposite appears to have occurred when the family of William Alexander Douglas was being researched.

His entry in the Land & Stock Muster records that he was farming 15 acres rented from Mr Williamson at the Hawkesbury, and that on the land were one proprietor, one wife and two children.
Chapman and other researchers appear to have assumed from this information that William Alexander Douglas' wife in 1806 was Mary Groves and that the two children were Elizabeth (born 1796) and another child for whom there is no baptism record.

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  • Example: In conclusion, Frederick Douglass was, as we

    Douglass also did not advocate the dissolution of the Union, since it would isolate slaves in the South.

  • Also the Chicago Symphony bassoon under Frederick Stock 1913-1916.

    No other person was recorded as "living with/wife to" a William Douglas in the 1806 Muster. 3.

  • PBS - The West - Frederick Jackson Turner

    The readers are to follow Douglass on his journey through the horrors of slavery.

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Frederick Douglass speech - PBS

There were only two men by the name of William Douglas listed in the 1806 General Muster: William Alexander Douglas and William Coromandel Douglas.


These three have now been "deleted" from the family of William Alexander Douglas.
Those researching the Douglas family however still believe that William Alexander Douglas and Mary Groves had two children, Elizabeth (born 1796) and Thomas (born cl804), and that William Alexander Douglas and another woman named Ann Peat had a son William (born 1809).

Frederick Douglass - The New York Times

As the Land & Stock Muster records that William Alexander Douglas' farm was supporting a proprietor, a wife and two children, and as Marsden's Female Muster records that Sarah Dailey was responsible for two female children, it is likely that Sarah Dailey's two female children were the two children listed as living with William Douglas on his farm in 1806.

Frederick Douglass - Gavilan College

Confirmation that Elizabeth was almost certainly the daughter of Sarah Dailey lies in the name of the witness to her marriage in 1807: William Douglas.

Frederick Douglass essay – History Papers

I am comparing Frederick Douglas and sojouner truth.
Abolitionist Essay Outline
Introduction Paragraph
“We came equals into this world, and equals shall we go out of it.”
My abolitionist: Frederick Douglas and Sojourner Truth
Thesis:This essay will be comparing and contrasting the abolitionist who I have chosen.

Frederick Douglass’s Narrative: Myth of the Happy …

Clearly there is strong circumstantial evidence to indicate that Sarah Dailey had a daughter named Elizabeth and that Elizabeth was the other child recorded as living on William's farm in 1806.
Later references to William Alexander Douglas provide no evidence of his fathering additional children.

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