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The Question of Extraterrestrial Life

Due to potential economic consequences, people believe the search for extraterrestrial life should not continue....

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With the fascination of aliens among human, many became theorist.

A "frog" is a metaphor for the most challenging task of your day-the one you are most likely to procrastinate on, but also the one that can have the greatest positive impact on your life if you accomplish it successfully.

Thoughts and emotions give us a sense of continuity, our identities, create , our personalities which are not "localized" components of the brain, but are a function of the organism's life-history, cumulative experience, the totality of memories stored, recollected, analyzed, modified, and retained in the physical configurations of the network-connectivity in the brain.

But like with all alien phenomenon there is diversity in the proof.

In the past, immigrates that came to America have promoted change through reform and have always had a positive outlook on the United States due to their freedom to grow and start a better life....

The government has been trying to help relieve families of any overbearing debts their loved ones may have developed over their lifetime by giving them the money they would have made, had they not passed away.

They are more commonly known as aliens.

The economic instability and the poor governance have forced approximately 17% of economically active population to migrate to other countries for a better life, either temporarily or permanently (MPC, 2013)....

Therefore making a decision implies that there are alternative choices to be considered, and in such a case we want not only to identify as many of these alternatives as possible but to choose the one that best fits with our goals, desires, lifestyle, values, and so on.

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  • Illegal aliens and their immigration to the U.S.

    Over 3 billion years ago till the present; life has gone from a single organism to what it is now.

  • The art of life is to our situation.

    Despite the perceptions people have of jellyfish, they are extremely important in marine life.

  • The answer is for the enhancement and affirmation of your life.

    Jellyfish are also food for many marine animals making life in the ocean a continuous cycle.

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The art of life is a constant readjustment to our situation.

Just about 500 years ago people believed that the earth was still flat, 50 years ago people doubted the existence of an alien life, 5 min ago the people of earth believe that aliens existed.

There was a boy who lived his whole life on an iceberg.

These citizens don’t know that illegal alien’s population is similarly composed of people who are granted entry—via visa— and then stay beyond the permissible time....

Thesis Statement on Aliens, Do they Exist

If life arises fairly commonly, as Fermi believed, it follows that there should be advanced civilizations with the desire to visit and colonize Earth close enough to do so....

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if aliens landed tomorrow I am sure that religions of all kinds would have to change, but I bet that they would fight against it, they would after all be fighting for their survival.

5 Pieces of Evidence that Suggests Intelligent Alien Life ..

The probability of humans finding extraterrestrial intelligence in our galaxy equals Nfpnef1fifcfL, where N equals the number of stars in the Milky Way, fp equals the fraction of those stars having planets, ne equals the number of those planets that can support life, f1 equals the number of those planets on which life arises, fi equals the fraction of those planets on which intelligent life evolves, fc equals the fraction of those planets where intelligent life developed into a technologically advanced civilization and fL equals the fr...

In my opinion there is life not only on our planet.

These bacteria did not thrive on a diet that needed sunlight, meaning that there is a possibility that other forms of life could live in an environment much different than Earth’s (DiSpezio 2)....

The Guardian – Looking for alien Life

Perhaps other non-monotheistic religions would fair better, these would not be concerned with salvation or redemption, but with a universal spirit, or some such corresponding idea the existence of aliens may be seen as just another manifestation of this universal life force.

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