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Davidson, Methods in Computational Molecular Physics edited by G.H.F.

Furthmüller,"Efficient iterative schemes for ab initio total-energy calculations using a plane-wave basis set", Phys.

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Ci = initial metal ion concentration, mg-1;

Tools of linguistic description; From grammar to bio-linguistics - an overview; A theory of language structure as a theory of knowledge of language; A Model of linguistic structure: Universal Grammar and the grammars of a particular language; A traditional Indian and a modern approach to meaning in language in use; Understanding metaphor; Cognitive narratology.

NASA - Jet Propulsion Laboratory / California Institute of TechnologyPasadena, CA 91109

Patients with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) having a sensitizing mutation in the endothelial growth factor receptor (EGFR) gene, are susceptible to EGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitor, Erlotinib. Erlotinib is currently the standard of care in treatment of advanced and/or metastatic NSCLC. Although Erlotinib is available as an oral tablet, to further improve its clinical benefits, local delivery of Erlotinib to the tumor(s) in the lungs can be an innovative strategy. Therefore, the aim of this study is fabrication of an Erlotinib-loaded SLN formulation for developing a dry powder inhaler (DPI) for direct delivery of Erlotinib to the lungs. Optimal compritol/poloxamer 407 SLNs were produced in sub-100 nm spherical shape and showed an encapsulation efficiency of 78.21% for Erlotinib. MTT assay and DAPI staining showed that the SLN formulation enhanced the cytotoxicity of Erlotinib in A549 model NSCLC cell line. The SLNs were successfully spray dried into microparticles (1-5 µm) with mannitol as a carrier. The powder had suitable flowability and aerodynamic behavior and could thus theoretically provide a deep inhalation pattern, as assessed by Carr' Index, Hausner ratio and Next Generation Impactor (NGI). Taken together, the fabricated SLNs can be promising candidates for improving the efficacy of Erlotinib in NSCLC treatment.

Cf = final metal ion concentration, mg-1;

NASA - Jet Propulsion Laboratory / California Institute of TechnologyPasadena, CA 91109

Lecture, 3 hours; outside research, 3 hours. Prerequisite(s): EE 203, 204; or consent of instructor. A study of the physical optical and photonic devices and their use in an optical communication system. Covers silica fibers, light-emitting diodes (LEDs), heterojunction lasers, p-i-n photodiodes, and avalanche photodiodes.

Groven, and Francisco Zaera, Reaction of Methylcyclopentadienyl Manganese Tricarbonyl on Silicon Oxide Surfaces: Implications for Thin Film Atomic Layer Depositions, Organometallics, 33(19), 5308–5315 (2014).

Case Study on Atbara Water Current Turbine

INVITED, "Catalytic reactivity of surfaces: in recognition of Francois Gault" themed issue.

3, June 2005.
[2] Richa Singh, Mayank Vatsa " Multimodal Medical Image Fusion using Redundant Discrete Wavelet Transform", In proceedings of Seventh International Conference on Advances in Pattern Recognition, pp.

Ni, "Multifocus Image Fusion Algorithm Based on Contourlet Decomposition and Region Statistics", Fourth International Conference on Image and Graphics, pp.

Also, zeolite A was produced at nanometre scale following the clear solutions method.
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  • International Islamic University,H-10, Islamabad, Pakistan

    The zeolites used in this work were selected based on their low density framework and low Si/Al ratio.

  • International Islamic University,H-10, Islamabad, Pakistan

    All materials were successfully incorporated onto supports to produce multimodal porosity materials.

  • INVITED, "Catalysis for Production of Renewable Energy" Special Issue

    However, the rate limiting step can be either particle diffusion or liquid diffusion.

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National Institute of Technology Srinagar, INDIA

An experimental work has been carried out on the specimens like cubes and cylinders which were casted in the laboratory and their behavior under the test was observed.

National Institute of Technology Srinagar, INDIA

The fitness value and maximum utilization is calculated using genetic algorithm so that the jobs are allocated to the appropriate processor and thereby reducing the idleness of the processors.

INVITED (Special Issue, Mexican Congress of Catalysis)

There has been degradation in the performance over a period of time due to the imbalance in the load of heavy jobs though it has been scheduled optimally.

106, 1965-1974 (2008),online compilation:

Francis Uchenna Ozioko, Synthesis and Study on Effect of Parameters on Dry Sliding Wear, Leonardo Electronic Journal of Practices and Technologies, ISSN 1583-1078, Issue 20, 2012, 39-48.

Zaera, Tuning Selectivity in Hydrocarbon Conversion Catalysis, J.

Dewan Muhammad Nuruzzaman, Mohammad Asaduzzaman Chowdhury, Effect of Normal Load and Sliding Velocity on Friction Coefficient of Aluminum Sliding Against Different Pin Materials, American Journal of Materials Science, 2(1), 2012, 26-31.

Zaera, Thermal Chemistry of Diiodomethane on Ni(110) Surfaces: II.

Rahaman, The effect of sliding velocity and normal load on friction and wear property of Aluminium., International Journal of Mechanical & Mechatronics Engg., Vol: 11, 2011, 53-57 .

Zaera, Thermal Chemistry of Diiodomethane on Ni(110) Surfaces: I.

The microstructure can be modified and mechanical properties can be improved by alloying, cold working and heat treatment in this regards, this paper reports the influences of some alloying elements on the microstructures and mechanical properties of Aluminum-silicon alloys and its composites.

Key words: Aluminium alloy, aluminium- silicon alloy, aluminium- silicon-titanium alloy, tribological properties.


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