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After years of research , scientists are on the verge of discovering a cure for the AIDS virus.

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Thesis For A History Research Paper

Although much research has gone into finding a cure for the AIDS virus, we are no closer to a real cure than we were when the disease first became known.

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The brotherhood of mankind has ancient roots. In the remoteshadows of human pre-history, there was only a single primitive culture."Genetic tracking" is a new science but it indicates that"modern" man existed as a hunter-gatherer in eastern Africa around150,000 years ago, with evidence of these same people discovered in the MiddleEast dated from around 80,000 years ago. A well-researched hypothesis that allhumans are descended from a "mitochondrial" Eve (a reference to themitochondrial DNA traced to a female ancestor living in east Africa 150,000years, or about 7,000 generations, ago) emphasizes the "commonality" ofall humans and our descent from a single "race." At one point, therewere probably only around 10,000 humans in the world, and they graduallymigrated, leaving a DNA trail behind them. Stephen Oppenheimer (author of Outof Eden - The Peopling of the World), among others, suggests a single major"exodus" out of Africa, not necessarily many waves of emigration as waspreviously theorized. This theory is supported by geneticists such as SpencerWells (author of The Journey of Man - A Genetic Odyssey and director ofthe Genographic Project). Genetic drift would have resulted in a single line ofmitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) surviving in isolated populations.

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Malorie Letcavage,

Angevin - relating to the French region of Anjou. King Charles ofNaples (who followed the Hohenstaufens) was descended from the Royal House ofFrance, called Anjou for its fief there. In medieval Sicilian history, the term"Angevin" refers generally to French associated with the House ofAnjou, and not specifically to people from the Anjou region.

Links: Interpreting published Sicilian genetic studies is interesting,but the most "current" general observations come from people (fromaround Sicily) who have actually had their DNA tested for haplotypes and othermarkers, and shared the results. Presently the largest online forum is . For understanding "familial" lineages dealingwith the last few centuries (the individuals behind the genes) there's really nosubstitute for documented genealogical research, described on our .

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A good outline can make conducting research example thesis for history research paper and

The has been collecting information about history PhDs and research Masters since the 1930s. You can now browse or search the directory of theses completed from 1970 onwards, as well as current research in progress.

A note on 'Theses in progress': for current research we have only listed theses that students or their representatives have given us express permission to include. If you are a postgraduate student registered at a UK university, and would like to have your thesis title included in 'Theses in Progress', please send your details to . Please note that your thesis may not be added immediately.

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Twelfth-century Sicily's multiculturalism was not a trendy socio-politicalconcept. It was an everyday reality. By then, the human race had splintered intonumerous ethnic groupings and societies. When anthropologists speak genericallyof genetic or even "racial" influences, they are usually speaking ofvarious mutations and adaptations during the historical period (from cica 4000BC) or the known neolithic era (10,000 BC), when Proto-Celts,Proto-Indo-Europeans (and Sicily's Proto-Sicanians) were well established asdistinct cultures. Certain gene markers, based on mutations, are associated withcertain populations at certain times (in specific generations), but it is notonly these markers which made one a Roman, Viking or Mongol; that's really asocial matter.

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It has been plausibly suggested that M172 may be associated with the arrivalof neolithic farmers from the Fertile Crescent who were the probable predecessorsof the Indo-European society which later emerged in western Asia, a"hypothetical" society whose culture and language greatly influencedprehistoric peoples from India to Ireland. The language of Sicily's Sicaniansdoes not seem to have had Indo-European roots, though the issue is far fromconclusive. However, the comparatively sophisticated farmers from the East musthave had an influence in prehistoric Sicily as elsewhere in the Mediterranean andwestern Europe (only the Basques' ancestors may have been largely untouched bythe earliest Proto-Indo-European influences). Later, it is unlikely that theIndo-Europeans actually supplanted entire populations; they probably represent aninflux of a few migratory waves of settlers whose language and culture greatlyinfluenced those of peoples already present. Lines bearing haplotype M172 couldhave arrived in Sicily with various waves of colonisers from the South and East--Elymians (probably from Anatolia), Phoenicians (and Carthaginians), Greeks,Byzantines and Arabs among them --but possibly from some Romans and (in the late 1400s) Albanians as well. (Theseobservations, like those about M173, are only intended as generalities.)

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It's important to remember that gene markers are placedinto their proper chronology based on generations rather than years, and anaverage historical generation is presumed to span 25 years. If recorded andpurely anthropological (i.e. non-genetic) knowledge of human migrations is ratherrecent, in Sicily there are certain native animal species that (based on geneticstudies) are European in origin while others are African. This involves not onlybirds that could fly to Sicily but mammals such as wild cats and foxes. Genes arepart of the human essence, but genetic testing only deals with particular genemarkers in certain sample individuals; it is the science of statistics thatallows us to generalize based on such studies. Various genetic traits (evensuperficial physical ones like red hair and green eyes) were introduced into thepopulation by individuals from various places. This is a generality; it isprobable that there were red-haired Sicilians in Greek times but equally probablethat there were far more following the influx of the "Celtic-Nordic"Normans intermarrying with the local population. History indicates thatamalgamation was always quite normal in Sicily; many of the tenth-century Arabs(mostly men) arriving from northern Africa married Sicilians who were alreadypresent, and the island's population doubled within two centuries as the Arabsfounded dozens of towns and smaller communities across Sicily. In the flow ofhistory, certain localized communities of ethnic Sicilians occasionally leftSicily (some Arabs from a few localities during the reign of in thethirteenth century and some Jews during the Spanish rule at the end of thefifteenth century), but most of these people remained to be completelyintegrated into the population. A mass exodus of Siculo-Arabs, who had lived inSicily for generations and knew no other country, would have entailed themigration of at least a half million people. Eventually, most Arabs and Jews inSicily were Christianized. This is reflected in the historical record not only inactual chronicles but in medieval feudal records of taxes and populationmovements and, still later, acts of baptism.

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