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Chinese immigration to Mexico began during the colonial era and has continued to the present day

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That same immigration rise was also correlated with a rise in incarceration rates. For white men, a 10 percent rise in immigration appeared to cause a 0.1 percentage point increase in the incarceration rate for white men. But for black men, it meant a nearly 1 percentage-point rise.

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Different countries have different norms and conditions for allowing immigration. Some asks for disclosing assets, others may ask for the relative living in the country. Thus immigration requires a set of paper work and recognition by the government agencies of the country involved in the process. Thus inability to fulfill all the norms and conditions, paper work and disclosures results in Illegal immigration.

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Illegal immigration is mostly observed between the people of a poor country moving towards richer country. By richer country we mean the country having the currency exchange rate higher than the poor country. Thus with a greed of earning more money, people from poor countries immigrate to richer country. But when they see that they do not qualify to move, then they take the help of miscreant and fraudulent agents who ask for big bucks in return to favor of helping in the illegal immigration process.

Almost everybody knows that in the past 40 years, the real wages and job prospects for low-skilled men, especially low-skilled minority workers, have fallen. And there is evidence -- although no consensus -- that a rising tide of immigration is partly to blame. Now, a new NBER study suggests that immigration has more far-reaching consequences than merely depressing wages and lowering employment rates of low-skilled African-American males: its effects also appear to push some would-be workers into crime and, later, into prison.

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"Remarkably, as far as we know, no study has examined if there is a link between the resurgence of large-scale immigration and the employment and incarceration trends in the black population," co-authors , , and write in Immigration and African-American Employment Opportunities: The Response of Wages, Employment, and Incarceration to Labor Supply Shocks (NBER Working Paper No.). The authors are careful to point out that even without increased immigration, most of the fall in employment and increase in jailed black men would have happened anyway. Nevertheless, the racially disproportionate effects of immigration on employment are striking.

In conclusion, the people need to understand the value of fair methods and means required to get legal immigration status. They should be made aware of the problems that may arise due to illegal immigration. The government of the poor countries should help people get knowledge of immigration and its requirement to its common people and along with that catch hold of dubious agents who make people suffer later on. Thus a proper department with a number of outlet offices in various cities can help people get right knowledge of immigration and avoid chances of becoming illegal migrants.

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Illegal immigration is one big problem that is widespread these days. Immigration actually means to move to other country for the purpose of job, permanent settlement or both. Illegal immigration comes into practice when people do not follow the guidelines required before and during the immigration process.

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Changing technology, government programs, and a stagnant real minimum wage have all been blamed for the poor labor market performance of low skilled and minority workers. Another key reason, the authors show, is immigration. Using census data from 1960-2000, the authors trace the evolution of wages, employment, and incarceration rates for particular skill groups in the black and white populations. They then relate the trends observed in these variables to the increases in immigration experienced by each skill group. The observed correlations suggest that immigration is an important underlying factor influencing the observed trends. In particular, their analysis finds that a 10 percent rise in immigrants in a particular skill group significantly trimmed the wages of black and white men alike. For African-Americans, the decline was 3.6 percent. For whites, it was actually slightly higher: 3.8 percent. Beyond that, however, the black-white experience differed markedly, especially for low-skilled workers. Take employment rates: from 1960 to 2000, black high school dropouts saw their employment rates drop 33 percentage points -- from 88.6 percent to 55.7 percent -- the authors found in their analysis of census data from 1960 to 2000. The decrease for white high school dropouts was only roughly half that -- from 94.1 percent to 76.0 percent.

Gottheil Middle East Quarterly Winter 2003, pp

One reason, the authors argue, is that black employment is more sensitive to an immigration influx than white employment. For white men, an immigration boost of 10 percent caused their employment rate to fall just 0.7 percentage points; for black men, it fell 2.4 percentage points.

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Why would a boost in immigration effectively put more men, especially black men, behind bars? The authors put forward a straightforward theory: immigration causes wages and employment to fall for black workers. When this happens, some of those workers -- especially those with the lowest skills -- turn to crime to increase their income. Certainly, the census data reveal a statistical link: as immigration began to increase, beginning in the 1980s, so did the institutionalization of low-skilled black men. While the Census Bureau defines institutions to include mental hospitals, the 1980 census -- and Justice Department data -- suggests that the majority of young men who were institutionalized were, in fact, in prison or in jail.

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