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You will notice here that the feature box is before content.

Using custom code will enable you to do anything you like with it, just like the Feature Box.

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Q&A Essays: Thesis_Hook_Feature_Box to meet and …

1. Is there a way to get an image into this? If I post one, it does not show up here.
2. Is there a way to stop the featured post in the box to not show up as a teaser also?

As with the Feature Box, the first thing to do is to create the content you want to display in it.

Then add some posts in this category which will display in the feature box. If you have more than two posts in this featured category the feature box will display latest two posts in the same category. Once you done these three steps your feature box will shown like the below image.

Thesis_Hook_Feature_Box - George Mason University

Never mind. I found my mistake. I have a static home page and didn’t change it in the featured box.

To enable feature box in thesis 1.6 go to wordpress admin. Select ‘design options’ under thesis options in left side of the wordpress dashboard. Here we have feature box section. shown in below image.

Feature box is a great feature of thesis 1.6. You can add whatever you want inside the feature box by using the hook thesis_hook_feature_box. You can use feature box as a welcome box for your visitors and you can also convey your wishes during the festival seasons using this feature box.

In fact. no thesis feature box hook lockers Up on the main floor

Because it is the incorrect image, I have disabled the feature box until I can get it resolved. Thank you

These tutorials are great while working with thesis. However, I’d like to add a post image, full size centered above the excerpt inside the feature box. Is that something you can help me do? I tried using your CONTACT form but it doesn’t work for me. Never submits, just keeps processing endlessly.

Working great, thank you.
However, I’d like to add a post image, full size centered above the excerpt inside the feature box. Is that something you can help me do? I tried using your CONTACT form but it doesn’t work for me. Never submits, just keeps processing endlessly.

then go to display options sectionselect ‘post’ here choose entire post in feature box or only excerpt…
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  • Examples. playing lessons & thesis feature box hook how-to

    The first thing to do is to decide what content you want to place in your feature box and create it.


    The reason I do this step first is because you have two ways of getting content into your feature box:

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    The Multi-Media Box is a feature that carries enormous possibilities because of the flexibility it offers.

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Feature Box - Run a Killer Website with the Thesis …

go to thesis options.
select home page display.
and set number of featured post to show as one..
the under the display options select ‘posts’ here enable the check box ‘Display post excerpts’

Thesis Feature Box: How to Spice Up Your Site

how do i go about adding the comment count in the featured box quote. I tried adding the comment code myself but it throws all the comment counts on the main page off by one record/post. Meaning comments counts for post #9 show the comment counts for post #8 and so on. Im thinking something has to be added to the query code you wrote.

Online Essays: Thesis_Hook_Feature_Box specializing …

I have tried your code. Every thing is fine except the two featured posts are shown in one column only and the other side i.e the 2nd column is empty. I do not know how to dispaly the two featured posts into to two columns in the featured box. Please help.

Thesis_Hook_Feature_Box: All Information of Writing

Hi, great tutorial!
One question though. What if I want to show the whole post (not an excerpt) on the Featured Box? What changes should I do to the code?

Search Results for “thesis-feature-box” — WordPress …

You you should make changes to the webpage subject title How to Add Featured Post Inside Feature Box of Thesis Theme to more generic for your webpage you write. I loved the blog post withal.

Showing results for: thesis-feature-box

This is a default way provided in thesis this method you can use recent posts as featured post..
This works only if you are enabled feature box in ‘design options’..
to enable this go to design options and select ‘feature box’ in the drop down you can choose your feature box..

Visualizza i risultati per: thesis-feature-box

Hi your this tutorial is wonderful and i have successfully applied this code to my website and it is working fine. I just want to know instead of post if I want to write something there permanently but not as a post. Or how can i place the image slider code into feature box
I am new bee and trying to give good look to my website please help me out here
As a reference if you see

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