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In English, poetry is based on stress, and therefore arsis and thesisrefer to the accented and unaccented parts of a foot.

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In Latin (and Greek) dactylic hexameter , the strong part of a footis the first syllable — always long — and the weak part is whatcomes after — two short syllables (dactyl : long—short—short) orone long syllable (spondee : long—long). Because Classical poetrywas not based on stress, the arsis is often not stressed; onlyconsistent length distinguishes it.

were the raising and lowering of the foot inbeating of time or in marching or dancing.

The common elements of music are pitch (whichgoverns melody and harmony ), rhythm (and its associated conceptstempo , meter , and articulation ), dynamics (loudness and softness),and the sonic qualities of timbre and texture (which are sometimestermed the "color" of a musical sound).

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Contrast that with the ictus added in (but purposefully very little arsis and thesis):

In our example, I think Kyrie is one cluster ending on a thesis and eleison is another. However, the sound should continue to flow from one word to the other. The entire phrase is connected, as the quarter bar between the two words highlights (don’t take a breath there). Still, there is certainly a thesis at the end of “Kyrie” before the arsis that begins “eleison”.

One should also look at larger groups of neums rather than just individual rhythmic groups. These neum “clusters”, for lack of a better word, are tied to the lyrics and syllabic placement. They operate closer to the word level (but there isn’t a one-to-one correlation). One might say that theses clusters of musical thought begin with an arsis and end with a thesis. These clusters, however, are not necessarily separated by pauses. They don’t necessarily mark the end of a phrase.

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Now, consider the same line with arsis and thesis applied with the ictus:

Accordingly, in music and in Greek scansion arsis is an unaccentednote (upbeat ). However, in discussions of Latin and modern poetrythe word arsis is generally used to mean the stressed syllable of thefoot, that is, the ictus .

The Ancient Greek prosodists, who inventedthis terminology, specified that a foot must have both an arsis and athesis, that is, a place where the foot was raised ("arsis") andwhere it was put down ("thesis") in beating time or in marching ordancing

Having identified where the groupings are, how does one know whether to interpret a group with an arsis or a thesis? Here are a few guidelines.
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    When it is onthe ground." Accordingly, in music and in Greek scansion arsis is an unaccentednote (upbeat ).

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    Arsis and thesis: Arsis and thesis, in prosody, respectively, the accented and unaccented parts of a poetic foot

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While the theory behind the ictus is important, I find it easier to understand what’s going on by example. Below, I try to contrast the use of the ictus in a piece with the same piece sung ignoring the ictus. In the following clip I sing the first line of the Kyrie of Mass XI while ignoring the ictus:

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This growth in the chant is known as arsis. The fading or diminishing is known as thesis. But how does one decide when to grow in intensity and when to fade? When does one start and end? By applying the ictus we define rhythmic sections. We generally grow and fade with the rising and falling of the neums in pitch within those rhythmic sections. The neums themselves further define the intensity of the notes, as certain notes in the neum should be sung lighter than others.


If you consider any piece of music, you will notice there are dynamic contrasts, areas of the piece that are louder or softer than others. Gregorian chant is no exception. In fact, chant in particular thrives on dynamic contrast and could be considered a continuous stream of swelling and diminishing musical thoughts. Put another way, in chant, the dynamic is in a continuous state of flux, either growing or fading in intensity.

Josh: But the arsis thesis is to the sequences

This is installment #4 in the introductory Gregorian Chant series. If you’ve missed any of the earlier tutorials, it would be good to review them now before continuing with this tutorial on the ictus, arsis, and thesis:

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