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Synthesis and Component Analysis of an Iron ..

involved the synthesis of an iron (III) oxalate complex with the ..

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Synthesis & Analysis of a Complex Iron Salt [Zr(C 2 O 4 ) 4 ] 4.

This light-induced change occurs in dry solid ferric oxalate, to give ferrous oxalate; but there is only a slight color change (from pale yellow-green to pale yellow-brown), and the result is not permanent, because the oxygen of the air will re-oxidise the iron(II) back to iron(III). To make a satisfactory photographic image, the iron(II) oxalate which is formed by the UV light must be reacted promptly with something else. Now, iron(II) is a reducing agent, because it readily gives up an electron and reverts to iron(III); so it can be used to reduce the compounds of a noble metal to the metallic state, as we'll see next.

Synthesis and Analysis of a Ferric Oxalate Salt - Odinity

A process for the preparation of oxalate esters by the catalytic oxidative carbonylation of orthoborate, metaborate and polyborate esters or mixtures thereof with carbon monoxide and oxygen or an oxygen-containing gas in the presence of a metal salt catalyst, an amine base and at least a catalytic amount of an alcohol. Preferably a catalytic amount of particular metal oxidizing salts are employed along with a catalytic amount of an amine salt compound which may be formed in situ by the addition of an acid. Alternatively various counterions and ligands of the metal salt catalysts may be employed.

The percentage of iron and oxalate in the complex was ..

Synthesis & Analysis of a Complex Iron Salt

Inexpensive methods are provided instead by reacting the iron(II) with ferricyanide (Cyanotype or Blueprint process) or gallic acid (Ferrogallate 'Ink' process). In these methods, use is made of substances that form highly-coloured insoluble pigments with the iron. Ferric oxalate and ammonium ferric oxalate are not the only light-sensitive iron(III) salts that can be used in the sensitizer: other salts of organic acids, such as the citrate or tartrate, are also employed, (e.g. in the Van Dyke, Brownprint and Argyrotype processes); the chemistry is similar in principle, but rather more complicated with the citrate ion, having the formula CHO.

An alternative "printing-out" process, which we have researched, can offer some advantages. With this method, the sensitizer is now composed of solutions of ammonium iron(III) oxalate, formula (NH)[Fe(CO)], and ammonium tetrachloroplatinate(II), formula (NH)[PtCl], or the corresponding palladium compound. The sensitized paper is not fully dried but allowed to acquire a controlled degree of humidity prior to exposure. At normal relative humidity - around 70% - paper contains about 8% by weight of water. Under these conditions the platinum or palladium image is formed during the exposure, and requires little or no development afterwards. The reaction goes like this:

It is a metal in the first transition series

analysis and the reaction of an ethanedioate (oxalate) complex of iron ..

However, this second reaction does not take place in the dry sensitizer, because the ions (charged atoms or molecules) are immobile and cannot encounter one-another. Only when dissolved in water are they free to roam: they can then collide and react to form tiny particles of platinum metal which appear black and are trapped in the paper fibres to constitute the final image. Now the iron(II) oxalate produced by UV light is insoluble in plain water; so to dissolve it, the traditional "developer" uses a solution of the salt, potassium oxalate, KCO which supplies oxalate ions - the potassium ions, K+, don't come into it, so we can omit them in writing the balanced equation for the "development" reaction like this:

Synthesis, Crystal Structure and Thermal Behavior of a 3-D Barium(II)/Iron(III)-Oxalate Polymer
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    To ensure that solid crystal of the iron-oxalate complex can form at the end of the synthesis.

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