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Example of a debatable thesis statement:

Another example of a debatable thesis statement:

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However, in all of its glory, the Internet also has its pitfalls....

EPIC (Electronic Privacy Information Center), a advocacy group that has been fighting the Clinton Administration for tougher online consumer protection laws, and other privacy protection agencies have formed to protect the rights and privileges of the Internet user....

But in recent years, privacy infringements through the Internet have gotten out of hand.

This study attempts to analyze this by investigating recall differences between two broad categories of advertisements: “persuasive” and “informative” and eventual purchase intent differences that arise due to the advertisements....

The technology of the 21st Century is the Internet or cyber space....

But with the invasion of the internet, keeping privacy has become difficult, if not impossible.

For students especially, crafting a thesis statement can be a challenge. But it's important to know how to write one, because a thesis statement is the heart of your essay. Here are some tips and examples to follow.

In , a thesis statement (or controlling idea) is a in an , , , or that identifies the main idea and/or central of the text.

Thesis Statements - Virginia International University

But what these people are not aware of is that the Internet is collecting information about them.

Including, but not limited to, Spyware affecting a person’s computer, the threat of credit card theft, the dangers of uploading personal photos onto the Internet, and also the dangers of putting personal information on a social networking site....

Argument emphasizes reason, but used properly there is often a place for emotion as well. Emotional appeals can use sources such as interviews and individual stories to paint a more legitimate and moving picture of reality or illuminate the truth. For example, telling the story of a single child who has been abused may make for a more persuasive argument than simply the number of children abused each year because it would give a human face to the numbers.

This is primarily because the Internet is devoid of any rules and laws.
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    When you think about it, the internet is essential to life many of us would be lost if it was to disappear.

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    The Internet Company cannot sell the information of that consumer without that consumer's written consent.

  • Example of a non-debatable thesis statement: ..

    But, the use of cookies to track user's browsing habits is becoming a concern of many internet users.

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The rise of the sharing economy - Peer-to-peer rental

What type of sources does your audience value? If you are writing for a professional or academic audience, they may value peer-reviewed journals as the most credible sources of information. If you are writing for a group of residents in your hometown, they might be more comfortable with mainstream sources, such as Time or Newsweek. A younger audience may be more accepting of information found on the Internet than an older audience might be.

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The Internet has greatly enhanced the way we communicate with each other which has allowed the discovery of great scientific and technological advancements.

Mongol: The Rise of Genghis Khan (2007) - IMDb

Be especially careful when evaluating Internet sources! Never use Web sites where an author cannot be determined, unless the site is associated with a reputable institution such as a respected university, a credible media outlet, government program or department, or well-known non-governmental organizations. Beware of using sites like Wikipedia, which are collaboratively developed by users. Because anyone can add or change content, the validity of information on such sites may not meet the standards for academic research.

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Since its creation in 1990 by the European Council for Nuclear Research (CERN), the Internet has grown exponentially into a vast web of information capturing unsuspecting humans in its inescapable net.

How to write the thesis statement of a research paper

The United States government needs to increase restrictions on the amount and type of data on individuals from the internet, to prevent the government from invading privacy of citizens and to prevent companies from storing browser hist...

The Rise of the Internet of Things with WebNMS Technuter

From there, the Internet grew rapidly with crucial assistance from the government along the way. DARPA funded the creation of the TCP/IP internet protocol and an addition to the UNIX operating system that ensured that all network computers would be able to communicate with each other. BBN invented e-mail and a director at DARPA wrote the first e-mail program. And the National Science Foundation spent millions to develop the first high-speed networks and connect a third of the country’s universities, increasing the number of websites from ten thousand in 1988 to a hundred thousand a year later. Perhaps most importantly, when private firms like AOL, WorldCom and Microsoft threatened to break the Internet into separate proprietary networks, the government’s involvement helped keep it together. Sources:

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