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The Synergistic Thesis: Student and supervisor perspectives

There are some commonalities and some distinctions in these features of conceptual frameworks in doctoral studies.

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and the co-supervision of doctoral theses

Kiley provides a set of PowerPoint slides related to entering doctoral programs following the completion of coursework masters. Interviews were conducted with 35 students, 21 supervisors and 18 coordinators of masters programs. Findings revealed that while students were generally positive about using masters as a stepping-stone to a PhD, supervisors and coordinators reviewed this as an exception rather than a general rule. Peer support was identified as essential for completion.

03/08/2010 · The Synergistic Thesis: Student and supervisor perspectives ..

This article addresses the need to prepare students undertaking an undergraduate dissertation. The main aim of this study was to examine students’ experiences of being involved in an undergraduate dissertation. Questionnaires were used to examine former students’ perceptions. Additionally, the authors reviewed 32 environmental sciences departmental dissertation handbooks from a range of institutions around the UK. Results indicate that the key areas of focus in helping students are choosing and studying the right topic, ensuring student motivation and enjoyment, and good student-supervisor relationships. Key areas of difficulty for most students included time management and understanding expectations. Some suggestions to improve the student learning experience are provided.

Relationship between supervisor and doctoral student in the ..

It is then essential for the student to frame and filter this specific knowledge in order to take the supervisors along with him/her.

While studying for his MPhil, Kailash continued his research on the Koli community, this time from a theoretical perspective, and published a paper titled “Reflection of contemporary geopolitics — special reference to eminent domain in the Koli community”.

National Institute of Technology, Nagpur where I worked on "Aqueous phase hydrogenation of phenolic compounds over Ni-ZSM-5 catalyst and performed related kinetic studies" during my master thesis under the supervision of Dr.

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Conceptual frameworks have grown out of the traditional theoretical framework that may already exist and be taken to underpin a doctoral study.

It involves a "program of independent supervised study that produces significant and original research outcomes culminating in a thesis, dissertation, exegesis or equivalent for independent examination by at least two external expert examiners of international standing" (Australian Qualifications Framework Council, 2011, p.63).

This necessitates conceptual thinking at the highest level; thinking that needs to be organised and accessible to the student and the supervisors throughout the process of study, as well as to the examiners at the end.

This initial conceptual framework provided the common language needed in the study and in the supervisory interactions (Smyth, 2004).
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Doctoral study is the highest form of academic learning, that "makes a significant and original contribution to knowledge" (Australian Qualifications Framework Council, 2011, p.61).

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There is some literature that uses these terms interchangeably (e.g., Savin-Baden & Howell Major, 2010) but the growing focus on framework reflects the need for the use of multiple theoretical frameworks in many studies that create new knowledge, and the process of personal conceptualisation that is the basis of doctoral study.

think about what your conception of doctoral supervision is ..

Criteria for the consideration of the utility of conceptual frameworks in doctoral study have been provided by Smyth (2004) and Leshem and Trafford (2007) and are summarised in Table 1.

Hence effective doctoral supervision is required to ..

These four processes provide clear definition of the activity required of a student and can act as a scaffold for new doctoral students and their supervisors.

Master's thesis supervision: ..

The experience presented in this paper reflects and illustrates the now accepted vitality around conceptual frameworks that is evident in core texts for doctoral students (Cooksey & McDonald, 2011; Maxwell & Loomis, 2003; Punch, 2009; Savin-Baden & Howell Major, 2010) and in peer reviewed papers (Leshem, 2007; Leshem & Trafford, 2007; Shields & Tajalli, 2006).

Concepts of doctoral research supervision.

Independent supervised study, as required in doctoral study, is generally individual learning within the context of a supervisory relationship with one or more supervisors.

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