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- Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom underfire: circle of doom - best way to upgrade weapons. underfire: circle of doom - best way to upgrade weapons.

01/12/2008 · Kingdom Under Fire®: Circle of Doom, KUF 2 ..
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21/11/2007 · Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom ..

For Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Uber Weapon/Armor/Accessory Guide".
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If you are playing predominantly solo (or just offline) sell all the equipment and accessories your own character cannot use (or an enchantment you don't want to synthesize), since each game file keeps the items in the idol box separated.Generally speaking, you will not be lost in Circle of Doom, but the randomized rooms can be confusing.

to equip other auxiliary weapons or accessories to raise their ..

08/01/2008 · Xbox-360-exclusive “Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom” now available in North America Dust off your battle armor and take up your weapon of choice.
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for various other uses with Item Synthesis.
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  • High level weapons are great for doing damage until you run out of SP

    Potion Synthesis;

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