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Short Review on Synthesis of Thiazolidinone and β …

Synthesis and antimicrobial evaluation of some novel 5-arylidine-3-aryl-Spiro[indane-thiazolidinone] derivatives

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synthesis of thiazolidinone derivatives: ..

Fuloria, Synthesis and antimicrobial profile of newer schiff bases and thiazolidinones derivatives" World Academy of Science Engineering and Technology 2014, 8,12, 1228-1231.


Bolognese, A., Synthesis and structure–activity relationships of 2-(substituted phenyl)-3-[3-(N,Ndimethylamino)- propyl]-1,3-thiazolidin-4-ones acting as H1-histamine antagonists. II Farmaco, (1999), 54, 579–583.


Recent developments and biological activities of thiazolidinone derivatives: A review.

Reaction of the Schiff bases of 3 and /or5 with one mole of thioglycolic acid was proceeded smoothly to afford the corresponding thiazolidinone derivatives 6,7 respectively. Soleiman H.A. et al, 2002 [].

- Babaoglu, K., Page, M.A., Jones, V.C., McNeil, M.R., Dong, C., Naismith, J.H., Lee, R.E., Novel inhibitors of an emerging target in mycobacterium tuberculosis; substituted thiazolidinones as inhibitors of dTDP-rhamnose synthesis. Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett., (2003), 13, 3227–3230.

of thiazolidinone and imidazolidinone derivatives ..

Synthesis and evaluation of antimicrobial activity of thiazolidinone derivatives.

2-(4-Chloro-3-methylphenoxy)acetohydrazide (51)derived from ethyl 2-(4-chloro-3-methylphenoxy) acetate (50) was reacted with different aromatic aldehydes to yield N-(substituted benzylidiene)-2-(4-chloro-3-methylphenoxy)acetamide (52a-e). Cyclization of compound (52a-e) with thioglycolic acid yielded 2-(4-chloro- 3-methylphenoxy)-N-(4-oxo-2-arylthiazolidin-3-yl) acetamide (53 a-e). The newly synthesized compounds were characterized on the basis of spectral studies and evaluated for antibacterial and antifungal activities. Neeraj et al, 2009 [].

Synthesis of 2-aryl-substituted 4-thiazolidinone and 4-thiazinanone libraries as drug candidates. Fluoroussulfonate tag 42 was introduced and performed 41 functions during the syntheses: as a phase tag for the purification of intermediates 45, and as an activated leaving group for cross-coupling reactions to form the final products of the libraryBin Yan et al, 2008 [].

Synthesis and antibacterial evaluation of 2-substituted-4,5-diphenyl-N-alkyl imidazole derivatives.
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  • Synthesis of steroidal thiazolidinones as ..

    T1 - Synthesis, antimicrobial, anticancer evaluation of 2-(aryl)-4-thiazolidinone derivatives and their QSAR studies

  • Using of some novel derivatives of thiourea for Synthesis of ..

    Chui, Synthesis of pyrazolo[1,5-a][1,3,5]triazine derivatives as inhibitors of thymidine phosphorylase, Eur.

  • to synthesis of novel thiazolidinone-4-one in the ..

    Design, synthesis and evaluation of thiazolidinone derivatives as antimicrobial and anti-viral agents.

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Synthesis Of 4 Thiazolidinone 2 Thioxo Derivatives

General procedure for the synthesis of N-(2-(substitutedphenyl) - 4 - oxothiazolidin-3-yl) - 2 (2-oxobenzo[d]oxazol-3(2H)-yl)acetamide (9-13):

Synthesis and biological evaluation of new 4-thiazolidinone ..

Subsequent synthesis of 5-Arylidene-2-imino-4-thiazolidinones was performed by condensation of amino thiazolidinone with aldehydes in the presence of catalysts Deep Eutectic Solvent.

Biochemistry Research International is a ..

Nicotinic acid was refluxed with sulphruric acid and absolute alcohol for 10 h. and the mixture was cooled to the room temperature and poured on to the crushed ice. The mixture was then made strongly alkaline by the addition of ammonia solution. The resulting mixture was extracted with ether solvent. The ether was then distilled off and the resultant liquid was recovered. (55) Ethyl nicotinate was condensed with hydrazine hydrate by maintaining the reaction temperature of 0o. This resulted in solid nicotinic acid hydrazide. The resultant nicotinic acid hydrazide was recrystillised from warm ethanol. (56)Nicotinic acid hydrazide was refluxed were various aromatic / heterocyclic aldehydes in the presence of sulphuric acid for 6 h. The reaction mixture was then poured into the crushed ice. The resultant solid was washed with distilled water, dried in vacuum and recrystallised from warm ethanol. (57a-j) To a mixture of compound 57 in dry dioxane, a solution of 2-mercaptopropionic acid in dry dioxane was added and the reaction mixture was refluxed for 24 h. The reaction mixture was then poured into crushed ice. The separated solid was neutralized by sodium bicarbonate to remove excess of 2-mercaptopropionic acid. solid compound obtained was crystallized from ethanol to give thiazolidin derivatives (58a-j) Sharma et al, 2009 [].

Design, synthesis, and biological ..

5-Substituted 4-oxo-2-thioxo-1,2,3,4-tetrahydropyrimidine were synthesized by interaction of 4-oxo-2-thioxo-1,2,3,4-tetrahydropyrimidine-5-sulfonylhydrazide with some aldehydes to give the corresponding Schiff’s bases, which after cyclization gave corresponding thiazolidinones. For some of the thiazolidinones, Mannich bases reaction was carried out. Mahmoud et al.2005 [].

PDF Downloads : Oriental Journal of Chemistry

An efficient method for the soluble polymer-supported synthesis of 5-arylidene thiazolidinones and pyrimidinones using aniline as a traceless linker was described. Aldehyde substrates were attached to the polyethylene glycol (PEG)-bound aniline via an imine linkage, and after the subsequent PEG-promoted Suzuki coupling reaction for the diversification, Knoevenagel condensation was readily employed as the cleavage strategy. Zhang Liu et al, 2008 [].

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