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Salvia divinorum (2000).

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This allows time for salvinorin A to be absorbed from the smoke.

The biogenic origin of salvinorin A synthesis has been elucidated using nuclear magnetic resonance and ESI-MS analysis of incorporated precursors labeled with stable isotopes of carbon (Carbon-13 13C) and hydrogen (Deuterium 2H). It is synthesized via the deoxyxylulose phosphate pathway, rather than the classic mevalonate pathway typical for plant terpenoids.

Salvia divinorum Epling et Játiva: Leaves of the Jonathan Ott.

Salvinorin has not been synthesized yet and synthesiswould be an extremely difficult if not impossible undertaking for eventhe most skilled chemist.

How do I smoke salvinorin A fortified leaf?A.

Salvia divinorum Epling et Játiva: Foglie della Pastora An Italian translation of the above.

Many other terpenoids have been isolated from , including other salvinorins and related compounds named divinatorins and salvinicins. None of these compounds have shown significant (sub-micromolar) affinity at the kappa-opioid receptor, and there is no evidence that they contribute to the plant's psychoactivity.

A total asymmetric synthesis of salvinorin A was achieved by Evans and co-workers in 4.5% overall yield over 30 steps,and more recently, a synthesis was published by a Japanese group, requiring 24 steps to yield salvinorin A in 0.15% yield.

Presumably it is increasing the rate of salvinorin absorption.

[Salvia divinorum—Representation of a New Drug in the Internet.][Abstract in English and German.

These symptoms seem to be reported more often by smokers than by quid chewers, and perhaps might be due to some combustion products, such as carbon monoxide rather than to salvinorin.

This is not known for sure but from the subjective and behavioraleffects it can be surmised that salvinorin is almost certainly affectingthe limbic system, and may be affecting somatosensory (parietal lobe),cerebellar and vestibular function as well.

The "regular-strength" offered by  contains 15 mg of salvinorin A per gram.
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    Of the studies that have been done, none have demonstrated any significant toxicity for pure salvinorin A.

  • Salvinorin A is a unique vision inducing substance, of great power.


  • The primary danger in using refined salvinorin A is overdose.

    Legal Considerations of Salvia divinorum. by Griffin III OH, Miller BL, Khey DN. 40(2): 183-191 (2008).

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Salvinorin A is in an entirely different class of compounds.

The chances of inadvertentlyswallowing a lethal overdose of an oral preparation of leaves, slurry orelixir are extremely low.

If salvinorin is inhaled as multiple inhalations of leaf smoke or vaporone could reasonably expect to pass out before he/she could take alethal overdose.

No case of fatal salvinorin poisoning has been reported.

Leander Valdes, III provided the following information for inclusion inthis FAQ regarding acute toxicity studies in mice: "I tested SalvinorinA intraperitoneally in mice at very high doses and it appeared to be notvery toxic.

salvinorin A per gram of leaf (i.e.

This chemical difference has an important practical consequence: salvinorin A should not give a positive reaction on urine tests for opiates or other alkaloid drugs.

Asymmetric Synthesis of Salvinorin A, A Potent κ …

Self-experiments performed by Daniel Siebert have demonstrated that the effects of salvinorin A are inhibited by pre-administration of the opioid receptor antagonist, naloxone.

Synthesis of salvinorin a | tokilloremoperlawnfovenictai

Ordinarybalances are not accurate enough for this task. The accuracy of thebalances used should be to within 10 micrograms (that's micrograms notmilligrams) ThisFAQ will not give recipes telling how to extract salvinorin; but if youare willing to study source material the procedures are published in thescientific literature.

If you want to learn about salvinorin, its effects and its chemistry agood place to start is: J Psychoactive Drugs 1994 Jul;26(3):277-283 and the unique diterpene hallucinogen, Salvinorin(divinorin) A.

Asymmetric Synthesis of Salvinorin A, A Potent ?? …

But significantly, nothing is known about the toxiceffects of smoking truly massive 'single bolus' doses of puresalvinorin, such a practice might be quite dangerous, and shouldcertainly be avoided.

Although fatal poisoning from Salvia divinorum appears to be veryunlikely to occur; there is another type of lethal overdose --- one thatkills not by poisoning but by impairing judgment and survival instinctsand causing fatal injury.

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