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All chlorophenols are solids but only 2-chlorophenol is a liquid.

2,4,6-Trichlorophenol is used as a bactericide and fungicide.

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Analytical methods for the determination of PCP---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Medium Sampling method Analytical method Detec- Detection Reco- Reference tion limit very--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AirAir- Impinger collection Derivatization with diazo- ECa 0.22 mg/m3 nsc Hoben et al.

Examples of deactivated aromatic compounds are nitrobenzene, benzaldehyde and halogenated

A number of pre-exposed workers showed an increase in urinary-PCP during the vacation, either as a result of storage of PCP in tissues (section 6.6), additional exposure to PCP independent of work-place exposure, or a continuous biotransformation of hexachlorobenzene and similar compounds to PCP (section 5.2.2).

KW - chlorophenolcarboxylic acids

Other nucleophilic aromatic substitution mechanisms include benzyne mechanism and free radical (S

Solvents such as alcohols and trichloroethylene, used in the manufacture of the active herbicide ingredients, might account for some of the abnormalities observed in workers involved in the production of chlorophenoxy compounds (Assouly, 1951; Bashirov, 1969; Bashirov & Ter-Bagdasarova, 1970).

Other reagents commonly used in this respect are p-nitraniline, sulfanilic acid, and 3-methyl-2-benzenethiazoline-hydrazine (Koppe et al., 1977).

Distinguish "benign" and "malignant"tumors.

T1 - Carboxylation of o-, m-, and p-chlorophenols with sodium ethyl carbonate

rat) solution methylated phenols in acid (1979) alumina column; GC analysis; GC-MS confirmationPlasma Benzene extraction Derivatization with acetic EC 50 µg/litre 91- Eben et(human) anhydride; GC analysis 102% al.

(1981) ether extraction; benzene extractionTissues, Diethyl ether (ethyl Purification on Hypersil- UV216 1 µg/kg 62- Mundy &serum, acetate-hexane) cartridge; mobile phase: 108% Machinegg extraction from NaOH methanol; HPLC analysis (1981)yolk/ (hydrochloric acid)white solution; concentra- tion by evaporation---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Table 5.

Explain how certain benign tumors cause serious disease.
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  • Chlorinated dibenzo- p-dioxins (CDDs)

    KW - chlorophenols


    Stoichiometric transformations of 2,6-xylenol to allylic phenols and benzopyrans via sp(3) C-H bond cleavage reaction.

  • Impurities in pentachlorophenol

    Truly benign tumors are those in which the genome has not and will probably not becomedestabilized.

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Heptachlorodibenzodioxin (H7CDD)

These cases together with the results of animal studies provide a relatively clear picture of the signs and symptoms of acute exposure to technical pentachlorophenol in man.

Polychlorinated dibenzofurans (PCDFs)

Numerous accidental or suicidal poisonings with commercial chlorinated phenols have been reported (Nomura, 1954; Menon, 1958; Blair, 1961; Bergner et al., 1965; Mason et al., 1965; Armstrong et al., 1969; Robson et al., 1969; Watanabe & Watanabe, 1970; Haley, 1977; Stevens & Richardson, 1979; Gjovik et al., 1981; Wood et al., 1983), and nearly 60% of these acute exposures have resulted in death.

Holben, Microbial Ecology, 1995, v.30, p.

The proportional lethality of these 2 chemicals (LDLO phenol:LDLO pentachlorophenol) in man is almost identical to the proportional lethality of the LD50 values for these substances in rats.

Broughton, e, Isabelle Benoit, Ronald P.

Extensive toxicology data exist on the effects of PCBs (WHO, 1976) and some members of the chlorinated benzene group, i.e., hexachlorobenzene (IARC, 1979b).


It is generally agreed that the signs and symptoms of acute toxicity observed in animals and human beings exposed to chlorophenols result from the effects of the chlorophenol molecule itself rather than the microcontaminants, with hyperthermia, profuse sweating, and the rapid onset of morbidity and early death associated with acute chlorophenol exposures.

(1979)(2) 2,3,4,5-tetrachlorophenol Ide et al.

Other microcontaminants Less common impurities of chlorophenols include polychlorinated phenoxyphenols (PCPP) ("predioxins" or "isopredioxins"), polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), and polychlorinated benzenes (Jones, 1981).

(1979)(3) 2,3,5,6-tetrachlorophenol Ide et al.

Polychlorodiphenyl ethers (PCDPEs) PCDPEs are common contaminants of chlorophenols and are found almost exclusively in T4CP and PCP (Jones, 1981).

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