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One-pot synthesis of nylon 6-clay hybrid - SAO/NASA ADS

Nylon 6–clay hybrid is a molecular composite of nylon 6 and uniformly dispersed silicate layers of montmorillonite

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Name Stars Updated; Synthesisofnylon6-clay hybrid

The nylon 6-clay hybrid (NCH) which we developed is a molecular composite in which sheet silicates are dispersed at the molecular level. This composite has a unique structure in which many linear polymer chains (nylon 6) are bonded to the two-dimensional clay layer. Due to interest in the dimension control of polymerization, we synthesized star-shaped nylon 6 in which polymerization starts from the zero dimension. ε-Caprolactam was polymerized using initiators which have three or four carboxylic groups in aromatic compounds. Thus, the nylon 6 products have three or four arms, respectively. Tensile strength and modulus values of these nylons are independent of the number of arms, and are very similar to those of commercial nylon 6. As the number of polymer chain arms increased, the melt viscosity decreased. The entanglement effect decreases as the length of each polymer chain is shortened. The viscosity of four-armed nylon 6 is only one-tenth of that of the linear one.

“One-Pot Synthesis of Nylon 6-Clay Hybrid,” Journal of Polymer Science
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In this report, we added hexamethylene diamine (HMDA) to nylon 6-clay hybrid (NCH), in which some silicate layers were laminated and these laminated layers were dispersed in the nylon 6 matrix. The diamine-modified NCH had sufficient elongation and impact strength. However, the strength and modulus slightly decreased. The silicate layers were pillared by diammonium ion of the diamine in the diamine-modified NCH. It is considered that the decrease of mechanical properties results in a lowering of the surface area between the silicate layers and nylon 6.

Synthesis of nylon 6-clay hybrid by ..

Synthesis of nylon 6-clay hybrid ..
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Nylon 6-Clay Hybrid - Synthesis, Properties and Application to Automotive TimingBelt Coverdoi:10.4271/910584Toshio KurauchiAkane OkadaTakao NomuraTakeyoshi NishioShikio SaegusaRyuichi DeguchiKurauchi Toshio, Ckada Akane, Nomura Taoka...

-Usuki A, Kojima Y, Kawasumi M, Okada A, Fusushima Y, Kurauchi T, Kamigaito O. Synthesis of Nylon 6-clay Hybrid. Journal Material Research 1993; 8:1179-1184.

Mechanical properties of nylon 6-clay hybrid, ..

Synthesis of nylon 6-clay hybrid by montmorillonite intercalated with ϵ-caprolactam.
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synthesis of nylon 6–clay hybrid ..
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  • Mechanical Properties of Nylon-6 Clay Hybrids ..

    Fukushima et al., Synthesis of nylon 6-clay hybrid, Journal of Materials ..

  • 10/03/2003 · Abstract

    montmorillonite at 260°C for 6 h, yielding a nylon 6-clay hybrid.

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