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Product Design Improvement by Design for Assembly …

30/08/2017 · Synthesis of Design Concepts from a Design for Assembly Perspective

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Product Design Improvement by Design for ..

On the way from models to molecules our algorithms guide an evolutionary design process that constantly adapts to a dynamic fitness landscape (structure-activity function) by integrating new test results that are fed back in iterative synthesis-and-test cycles (active learning concept). Compounds are generated from readily available building blocks by straightforward chemical synthesis in analytical or semi-preparative amounts, and subsequently tested for target binding in vitro. The ultimate goal is to construct an unsupervised molecular design automaton generating “leads on demand”. While the actual realization of this idea might appear futuristic, the overall concept is well motivated and meant to support drug discovery projects by providing innovative technology for the identification of pharmaceutically active agents in a cost- and time-efficient manner. We couple machine-learning with miniaturized synthesis technology and microfluidic lab-on-a-chip devices to prospectively enable broad application of de novo molecular design in medicinal chemistry and explore the full potential of computer-assisted compound optimization.

10/01/2018 · Synthesis of Design Concepts from a Design for Assembly Perspective ..

Assembly is often a labor intensive and costly process. Techniques such as design for assembly, and automatic assembly planning have been reported in an attempt to lower the high cost of assembly. Automatic assembly planning is concerned with finding the optimal sequence of assembly for a given design. On the other hand, design for assembly (DFA) examines the given design to evaluate its "fitness" for assembly, and where appropriate, to provide high-level suggestions to redesign the components so that they are easy to be assembled. Usually, DFA analysis is performed only when the design details are known (the number, types, and shapes of components and their mating relationships). As a result, designers tend to view this as an extra step/burden. To change this perspective, we investigate a new approach whereby DFA analysis is used to guide the designer in the search for a "good" initial design. In this paper, we propose an architecture that incorporates design for assembly analysis into the conceptual design phase. With this incorporation, timely suggestions are made available to guide the designer in his/her search for a feasible assembly-oriented design. A system has been developed (in the National University of Singapore) to realize this architecture. The system is written in C using the Pro/Engineer platform. The system takes as input a description of the product's functional requirements in the form of state transition diagram. A library of past design cases in the domain of chair has been created. A simple example of chair redesign has been presented to demonstrate the feasibility of the proposed scheme.

Design Improvement by Design for Assembly ..

Synthesis of design concepts from a design for assembly perspective [D

The assembly of substructure models is viewed from theperspective of robust control theory, and robust control theory conceptsare used to suggest a formal framework by which controllers can bedesigned to stabilize individual substructures that comprise a largerstructure, as well as the larger structure itself.

A Concurrent Design Method Based on DFMA—FEA …

01/10/2001 · Synthesis of Design Concepts from a Design for Assembly Perspective . By Wynne Hsu, Jerry Y. H. Fuh and Yunfeng Zhang. Abstract.

This course provides an introduction to these concepts of molecular design and self assembly from a chemical perspective
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