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Amrubicin hydrochloride|AMR hydrochloride|CAS …

The present invention employs a compound of Formula (II) as part of a semi-synthetic method that combines traditional chemical synthetic steps with biosynthetic steps to produce amrubicin, derivatives thereof, and structural analogs thereof.

Amrubicin Hydrochloride definitions - Defined Term

George Njoroge 12.1 Introduction 296 12.2 HCV NS3 Protease Inhibitors 298 12.3 Research Operation Plan and Biological Assays 302 12.4 Discovery of Boceprevir 303 12.5 Profile of Boceprevir 317 12.6 Clinical Development and Approval of Boceprevir 319 12.7 Synthesis of Boceprevir 319 12.8 Discovery of Narlaprevir 322 12.9 Summary 329 References 330 CHAPTER 13 THE DISCOVERYOFSAMSCA - (TOLVAPTAN):THEFIRST ORAL NONPEPTIDE VASOPRESSIN RECEPTOR ANTAGONIST 336 Kazumi Kondo and Yoshitaka Yamamura 13.1 Background Information about the Disease 336 13.2 Biological Rational 337 13.3 Lead Generation Strategies: The Discovery of Mozavaptan 338 13.4 Lead Optimization: From Mozavaptan to Tolvaptan 347 13.5 Pharmacological Profiles of Tolvaptan 350 13.6 Drug Development 353 13.7 Summary Focusing on Lessons Learned 356 Acknowledgments 357 References 357 CHAPTER 14 SILODOSIN (URIEF (r) , RAPAFLO (r) , THRUPAS (r) , UROREC (r) , SILODIX (t)-- ): A SELECTIVE alpha 1A ADRENOCEPTOR ANTAGONIST FOR THE TREATMENT OF BENIGN PROSTATIC HYPERPLASIA 360 Masaki Yoshida, Imao Mikoshiba, Katsuyoshi Akiyama, and Junzo Kudoh 14.1 Background Information 360 14.2 The Discovery of Silodosin 362 14.3 Pharmacology of Silodosin 369 14.4 Metabolism of Silodosin 373 14.5 Pharmacokinetics of Silodosin 376 14.6 Toxicology of Silodosin 379 14.7 Clinical Trials 382 14.8 Summary: Key Lessons Learned 388 References 389 CHAPTER 15 RALOXIFENE: A SELECTIVE ESTROGEN RECEPTOR MODULATOR (SERM) 392 Jeffrey A.

Methods for producing amrubicin and structural analogs thereof

Amrubicin Hydrochloride ..

Manley and Jurg Zimmermann 5.1 Introduction 88 5.2 Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia (CML) and Early Treatment of the Disease 89 5.3 Imatinib: A Treatment for Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia (CML) 92 5.4 The Need for New Inhibitorts of BCR-ABL1 and Development of Nilotinib 94 5.5 Conclusion 99 References 100 CHAPTER 6 AMRUBICIN, A COMPLETELY SYNTHETIC 9-AMINOANTHRACYCLINE FOR EXTENSIVE-DISEASE SMALL-CELL LUNG CANCER 103 Mitsuharu Hanada 6.1 Introduction 103 6.2 The Discovery of Amrubicin: The First Completely Synthetic Anthracycline 106 6.3 Toxicological Profile of Amrubicin 107 6.4 DNA Topoisomerase II Inhibition and Apoptosis Induction by Amrubicin 110 6.5 Amrubicin Metabolism: The Discovery of Amrubicinol 113 6.6 Improved Usage of Amrubicin 116 6.7 Clinical Trials 118 6.8 Conclusions 122 References 123 CHAPTER 7 THE DISCOVERY OF DUAL IGF-1R AND IR INHIBITOR FQIT FOR THE TREATMENT OF CANCER 127 Meizhong Jin, Elizabeth Buck, and Mark J.

The hydrochloride salt of a third-generation synthetic 9-amino-anthracycline with antineoplastic activity. Amrubicin intercalates into DNA and inhibits the activity of topoisomerase II, resulting in inhibition of DNA replication, and RNA and protein synthesis, followed by cell growth inhibition and cell death. This agent has demonstrated a higher level of anti-tumor activity than conventional anthracycline drugs without exhibiting any indication of the cumulative cardiac toxicity common to this class of compounds.

Strecker Synthesis - Organic Chemistry Portal

Amrubicin Hydrochloride is the hydrochloride salt of a third-generation synthetic 9-amino-anthracycline with antineoplastic activity

Amrubicin hydrochloride is a totally synthetic 9-aminoanthracycline that is metabolically activated to amrubicinol by a liver enzyme
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  • Mechanism of the Strecker Synthesis

    Abstract: Methods for producing amrubicin and structural analogs thereof

  • Amrubicin|Topoisomerase II inhibitor, anthracycline …

    Amrubicin is a synthetic 9-amino-anthracycline with antineoplastic activity

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