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Guanidine can be thought of as a nitrogenous analogue of carbonic acid

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Kunesch et al. first reported the use of guanidine as a selective -deacetylating reagent for carbohydrates and phenols in 1987. Recently, Ellervik and Magnusson reported the mild and selective deacetylation with guanidine/guanidine nitrate. This new protocol allows for selective acetyl group cleavage in the presence of the -Troc group. For example guanidine/guanidine nitrate solution is prepared by treatment of guanidine nitrate (5 mmol) in methanol/methylene chloride (9:1) with sodium methoxide (1 mmol). Treating 10 with this solution cleanly affords the deacetylated product in high yield after just 15 min ().

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Guanidine nitrate and other salts of guanidine (see Related Reagents) offer a convenient source of guanidine when treated with a base in an appropriate solvent. Thus, it is not surprising that other salts of guanidine have been used interchangeably for such reactions. Guanidine nitrate has been used in preparation of five- and six-membered heterocycles. For example, the synthesis of the guanidine-containing natural product (+)-ptilocaulin (2) involves treatment of bicylic enone 1 with guanidine, generated from guanidine nitrate and potassium hydroxide in methanol ().

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Guanidine nitrate is a useful reagent for the synthesis of substituted pyrimidines. Classically, the condensation of guanidine with 1,3-dicarbonyl compounds leads directly to substituted pyrimidines. The scope of this reaction has been expanded over the years to include other 1,3-dicarbonyl equivalents such as enaminones, acylketene dithioacetals, acylketene ,-acetals () and bromo acrylonitriles ().

the free base is very hygroscopic and readily absorbs CO from the air. It is liberated from a salt and used in situ. Hydrolysis occurs slowly at room temperature but more rapidly at elevated temperatures or in the presence of alkali to yield urea, then CO and NH. Guanidinium salts of strong acids are stable to boiling water. Toxic fumes of NO are given off when guanidine is heated to decomposition. Use in a fume hood. Guanidine hydrochloride liberates toxic fumes of HCl and NO when heated to decomposition. Guanidine nitrate is both a powerful oxidant and high explosive;

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    8/5/2017 · in this video we prepare guanidine nitrate from ammonium nitrate,urea and silica gel

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    Guanidine hydrochloride liberates toxic fumes of HCl and NO x when heated to decomposition

  • …anhydrous ammonia, ammonium nitrate, and urea

    Guanidine nitrate is an intermediate product in the synthesis of nitroguanidine

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