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Recognizable as the "staples thesis" of Canadian ...

ECCA 260a - Lecture 3: The Staples Thesis Canadian Economic Development Lecture 4: Testing the Staples Thesis.

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The staples thesis is a theory of Canadian economic development

The Business Depot Ltd. was originally founded by Jack Bingleman in 1991, with Staples as a substantial investor, opening "Business Depot" stores in and later and "Bureau en Gros" locations in Quebec. The American counterpart eventually acquired 100% of the Canadian company in 1994. Around this time, the company began to open stores in under the "Staples: The Office Superstore" label, like their U.S. counterparts.

A History of Canadian Economic Thought (1991) ch 8 The Staple Thesis 1920-40 online.

Innis argues that different staples led to the emergence of regional economies (and societies) within . For instance, the staple commodity in Atlantic Canada was cod. This industry was very decentralized, but also very co-operative. In western Canada the central staple was wheat. Wheat farming was a very independent venture, which led to a history of distrust of government and corporations in that part of the country. (Also important, however, were the shocks caused by volatility in the market for wheat and by the weather itself on the growing season.) In Central Canada, the main staple was fur, and the fur trade dominated the economy for many years. This fur trade was controlled by large firms, such as the Hudson's Bay Company and thus produced the much more centralized, business-oriented society that today characterizes Montreal and Toronto.

In economic development, the staples thesis is a theory of ..

Harold Innis is considered the leading founder of a Canadian school of economic thought known as the staples theory.

The research project concludes that despite legislative shifts towards increased punishment and deterrence, key concepts and rationalities such as the importance of economic globalization, the continuation of risk-management and anthropocentric values, and the dominance of staples development can be observed in the content of the EEA.

The EEA also reflects growing concerns towards managing known structural economic problems such as Canada’s staples development and economic globalization.

Staples Thesis In Canada - Community Bank of Elmhurst

In economic development, the staples thesis is a theory of export-led growth based on Canadian experience.

Rather than focus on a particular commodity, however, staples-related research might instead be informed by an interest in how staples shaped a particular region or province in Canada. Quite predictably, throughout the nineteenth century, the vast majority of exports originating from Quebec and Ontario went to Britain and the U.S. In the case of Nova Scotia, however, the share of exports to Britain and the U.S. barely approached 50 percent. Rather, destinations such as the British West Indies, the Spanish West Indies, the French West Indies, and British Guiana all account for significant shares of Canadian exports. Nova Scotia exports to the Caribbean were mainly fish and lumber to support sugar plantations, the products of which were in turn exported to Britain.

As we assembled the data and generated these visualizations, it became apparent there are countless Canadian staples stories nested within many layers of social, economic, and environmental history. The literature is rich with debates about the role of staples in regional and national development. The stories that haven’t been told very well yet are those that explore the relationship between particular Canadian commodity exports and their global context. Attempting to identify and understand the stories that staples tell means working with other scholars who can help us piece together the history of particular Canadian commodities and their relationship with, for example, London’s industrialization or West Indies sugar plantation agriculture.

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  • staple products it is a theory of institutional development, ..

    In economic development, the staples thesis is a theory of export-led growth based on Canadian experience.

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    In economic development, the staples thesis is a theory of export-led growth based on Canadian experience.

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    the Canadian "staples thesis" is seen by these authors to offer some valuable insights into the unique patterns of ...

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British and Irish Political Geography

In the cases that you identify, what in your opinion should win-out and why?
Throughout much of the country’s history, “staples” have had a significant influence on the development of Canada’s economic and related political systems (i.e.

The Challenges of Tourism as a Development Strategy in …

The Canadian infrastructure deficit presents challenges and opportunities, but also raises questions. Perhaps the most salient of these questions is not only how can we address these challenges, but how will what we do impact the future? Using a case study of drinking water systems in rural British Columbia, this research explores three unique aspects of the infrastructure deficit. First - the relationship between the infrastructure deficit and patterns of regional development is examined, paying particular attention to the legacy of staples dependent development. This research provides a historically and theoretically informed lens on the relationships between the two and how this influences the present day. The results present a more contextually-informed and regionally integrated framework and temper the presentism that often characterizes current discussions of the infrastructure deficit. Second - infrastructure management approaches are examined to see if there has been a shift in approach to ones more reflective of regional resilience. Current infrastructure conditions suggest renewal efforts must increase, making this investigation timely in order to better inform policy. While there is potential for drinking water systems to act as a catalyst to enhance regional resilience, this potential is largely untapped. Third - the potential for new regionalism as a platform for an alternate infrastructure management approach is studied. The proposed new regionalism based approach recognizes and accounts for the myriad of influencing factors and uses different mechanisms to support and encourage drinking water systems in fulfilling their potential role in supporting regional resilience. While the need for an alternate approach to managing drinking water systems is recognized and elements of the proposed approach are increasingly applied, substantive barriers remain. Collectively this research responds to a broader question of whether a new regionalist approach to infrastructure can positively impact future regional development and support rural regional resilience? Several important factors influence the ability of resilient regions to respond to change, of which drinking water systems are one. However, while it is possible that changes to the management of drinking water systems could have an influence on regional resilience, this is unlikely to occur in isolation or separate from larger, systemic change.

should specialize in resource development - National …

Neoliberalism, economic globalization, risk management, anthropocentrism, and staples based economic development characterize the problems identified in existing research that the content of the EEA does not adequately address.

Canada should specialize in resource development ..

In 2008, the company began shortening its brand to "Staples" in English Canada to avoid confusion with rival , to provide more continuity with their stores in the U.S. and overseas, and reduce costs associated with Staples brand merchandise packaging that was made specifically for Canada. In Quebec, products that were previously rebranded Bureau en Gros now remain Staples branded products. This change was "soft launched"; Staples will update the logo as the company reorders supplies which will significantly reduce costs associated with a brand change, and most existing locations retain the full "Staples Business Depot" signage. The Business Depot Ltd. remains the legal name of the main Canadian subsidiary.

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