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Popping or Spine Joint Noise - neck and back

Low back popping

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"Popping" in the back has all but disappeared, ..

I think i have scoliosis- i cannot and i meam cannot stand up straight, i also have uneven hips and one side of my rib cage sticks out more then the other.
As i cant stand up i experience neck, shoulder and back pain. i also have alot of knots in my back. what do i do ?

Grinding or popping noises in your lower back.

I recently tweaked my back about two and one half weeks ago. About five years ago I messed up my back really bad and actually had laser surgery on my facet joints, in my lower back. My doctor said I also had a bulging disc and early signs of arthritis but also stated lots of people do with no pain. I have been for the most part pain free since my surgery. I was not able to get into my doctor for a few days and it sounds weird but the morning I went in I was feeling better. I still was sore and stiff but I was able to get out of bed with little pain. I have been getting treatment for the past couple of weeks and when I wake up in the morning my back is really stiff and sore. Once I get up I sit down for a few minutes and I feel a lot better. I have started sleeping on my side, used to only sleep on my stomach. It is frustrating because I have been getting treatment and I feel better as the day goes on but why am I still sore in the morning? Is it muscle inflammation that has not gone down, is it my disc, what? My treatment is being hooked up to a machine that sends electrical stimulus through my lower back. Again, I am only stiff and sore first thing in the am and once I sit down and then move around I feel no to little pain the rest of the day.

Degenerative Spondylolisthesis - neck and back

Hi Lucy. Lower back pain is very common and there are so many things that can cause your lower back to be sore. The lumbar spine is an area of your body that endures lots of stress and strain. Eventually most people will feel some spinal pain at some point of there lives and age has little to do with it. My professional recommendation is to have your spine, your posture and your lifestyle habits assessed by a qualified professional and consider having some regular chiropractic to get your body pain free and also to prevent a recurrence of your symptoms.

hi there , i dont know how long i have suffered from back ache now but it seems to occur alot more often lately. i get bad lower back mainly most mornings and i sleep on my side, only sometimes on my tummy . i have changed my matress quite a few times over the years and dont find that they make a difference. the pain does go away shortly after waking up. i also get the same pain when being in a car for about an hour even though i do sit upright. i thought that as im not working now it would get better but is still ongoing . im a bit concerned as being only 19 years old and would like a bit of advise if possible. thanks

Popping or spine joint noise ..

Hi Mark
I am an extremely fit and active person (I run 5 times a week and regular cyclist) and have never suffered from lower back pain. This morning I was getting ready for work putting on some makeup in the bathroom when I got sudden shooting pain in my lower back.
It is now 5 hours later and I cannot stand up straight without pain. If I’m sitting there is some lower back discomfort, but to stand and walk causes an extremely painful electric-shock like spasm in my lower back.
I have taken some ibuprofen and panadol, but it has gotten worse since this morning.
Should I try to straighten out my spine or stretch it?

I have been experiencing muscular and tendon pain that gets increasingly worse at night, almost to the point of being really difficult to walk and or lift my left arm or just feel comfortable with any movement. It is very frustrating as I am having difficultly also with researching information on this kind of soreness. I go to bed sore and wake up feeling reasonably better, then as the evening progresses the soreness sets in again. My work requires me to be standing for long periods of time, often without breaks. Have you heard of anything like this before? Do you think it could be related to a back problem? Any advice would be helpful. Thank you. 🙂

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Hi Mark
I am 23 weeks pregnant and have been advised that i have an inflamed back disc. Currently using ice to try and help with pain. I’m struggling to find a good position to rest in during the day and night. Please could you advise? The pain is radiating from my lower left side of my back into my left buttock. Thanks

3 years PO fusion L3-L4, 2 years pO fusion C4-5-6

Hi Rachael,
While you are acute the best thing to do is to apply the ice for up to 10 minutes at a time to alleviate the pain and to help reduce the inflammation present. I would then highly recommend some chiropractic treatment to restore normal movement to your back and to encourage the inflammation process to fully disperse. Chiropractic is completely safe while you are pregnant and can be used at any stage of your pregnancy. As the pain is referring from the back into the left buttock you will probably need some massage and stretching in conjunction with chiropractic manipulation of your lumbar spine.

back cracking Archives | The Spondylolisthesis Blog

I can’t stress this enough. Most lower back pain will be the result of joint pain. This will be in the form of joint inflammation and joint restriction. Getting massage therapy or doing exercises and stretching may be great for peripheral pain syndromes (pain in the arms and legs) but they are fairly ineffective when it comes to treating lower back pain. Treating lower back pain with massage, stretching and exercises may provide temporary relief but as there is no treatment to the joints of the spine the pain will always return. Chiropractic manipulation is the most effective form of therapy for lower back pain as manipulation is the only physical therapy directed at the joints of the spine. When treating lower back pain my approach is to spend the first few sessions just doing manipulation. This will tend to eliminate most if not all of the pain. Massage, stretching and giving exercises can then be given to support and enhance a well functioning spine. I hope that has clarified things for you.

Spondy’s And That Deep Back Cracking

Hi Heather,
Unfortunately lower back pain can become severe and debilitating and surgery isn’t always that helpful. Tragically many people feel like they have to live with their pain once they have had surgery because nothing else could possibly help. However once a surgical patient has recovered, usually about six months, chiropractic manipulation can still be of benefit to provide some relief of symptoms. Naturally prevention or least treatment of minor ailments is better than trying to contain and control a more serious spinal complaint.

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