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Speech Analysis/Synthesis based on a Sinusoidal Representation[J].

Analysis/Synthesis of Speech based on an Adaptive Quasi-Harmonic plus Noise Model [J].

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Speech analysis/Synthesis based on a sinusoidal representation

In this paper, we describe a novel high quality audio coding method using adaptive signal representation, based on sinusoidal and wavelet analysis of signals.

19/12/2017 · Speech analysis/Synthesis based on a ..

Then we take a quick look at a general spectral based analysis/synthesis approach to process audio signals and how to extract features that can be used in the content-based transformation context.

Speech Transformations Based on a Sinusoidal Representation

Speech analysis Synthesis based on a sinusoidal representationRobert R

The Fourier representation of periodic sequences is called the Discrete Fourier Series (DFS), and its explicit analysis and synthesis formulas are the exact equivalent of () and (), modified only with respect to the range of the indices. We have already seen that in (), the reconstruction formula, is now in . Symmetrically, due to the -periodicity of , we can let the index in () assume any value in too; this way, the DFS coefficients become an -periodic sequence themselves and the DFS becomes a change of basis in using the definition of inner product given in Section () and the formal periodic basis for :

Aiming at the redundancy of current mainstream methods, such as HNM (Harmonic plus Noise Model) and QHM (Quasi-Harmonic Model), a novel speech analysis/synthesis method based on spectral tracking and noise model is proposed.

Speech Analysis/Synthesis Based on Sinusoidal ..

Speech Transforma tions Based on a Sinusoidal Representation, IEEE TASSP ..

In analysis-synthesis of musical sounds based on a sinusoidal model, the difference between the original signal and the synthesized signal, termed the residual, is typically a broadband noise process.

Work is presented on the representation and perceptual importance of phase. Based on a standard sinusoidal analysis/synthesis system, the phase alignment of the sound components is analyzed. A novel phase representation, partial-period phase, is introduced, which characterizes phase evolution over time with an almost stationary parameter for many musical sounds. The proposed partial-period phase representation is used to control the phase when synthesizing sounds. Sounds synthesized with varying amounts of phase information are compared in a listening experiment with 11 subjects. It is shown that phase is of great importance to the perception of the sound quality of common harmonic musical sounds, but indications are found that phase is not of importance to the slightly inharmonic piano sounds. In particular, the sound degradation is large for low-pitched sounds, approaching "slightly annoying" when no phase information is used. In addition, a model based on the partialperiod phase representation has a significantly better perceived sound quality than sounds with random phase shifts.

Analysis and synthesis of sinusoidal noise in monaural speech …
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    06/07/2017 · Speech Analysis/Synthesis Based on Sinusoidal Representation, IEEE Trans ..

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    Analysis and synthesis of sinusoidal noise in monaural speech using CASA

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    Quatieri TF, McAulay RJ: Speech analysis/synthesis based on a sinusoidal representation

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