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Rehabilitation of a spark erosion prosthesis: a clinical report

This study was conducted to investigate the relationship between the spark erosion system and the prosthesis of titanium.

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Spark Erosion Bar Retained Overdenture | Scott R. …

EDM have been our longstanding suppliers of machines and consumables. Their experience, reliability and in-depth knowledge have been invaluable in developing our wire erosion capability. This assistance and backup has given us the confidence to grow this side of our business much more than we ever thought possible. The highly knowledgeable staff are helpful and courteous with no problem too large or small.”

Spark Erosion Bar Retained Overdenture

With significant horizontal and vertical residual ridge loss anteriorly and minimal alveolus above the maxillary sinuses, and when bone and soft tissue deficiencies cannot be compensated for, the generally accepted treatment plan might involve endosseous implant placement into available premaxillary sites, followed by fabrication of a splinted bar and removable clip-on or attachment overdenture12,13 or spark-erosion removable prosthesis (Figs 3 and 4). This overdenture prosthesis is designed as a combined implant-retained and tissue-supported restoration.

A Case of Spark Erosion Fabrication of Titanium Prosthesis

(2006), Rehabilitation of a Spark Erosion Prosthesis: A Clinical Report

The area covered by RK International is south of a line from the Wash in the east to south Wales in the west, with Eurospark continuing to support customers north of that along with Ireland. Joemars covers the entire spectrum of EDM technology, manufacturing a wide range of EDM machines that includes manual machines such as its popular spark erosion tap removers, through to full CNC die sink machines with over one metre travel in the x-axis; CNC wire EDM machines with machine travels of over 2000mm: and EDM drilling systems.

RK International Machine Tools and Eurospark have entered into a partnership that will see the sales of the Eurospark Joemars range of wire and die sink EDM machines split geographically between the two companies. RK International is concentrating on the southern half of the UK, while Eurospark, the UK importer of Eurospark Joemars EDM machines, will be responsible for the remainder.

Main Podium, Spark Erosion Prosthesis, Miami, Florida, 1992.


Once again, LACH DIAMOND's pioneering role led to the invention of "spark grinding" – and later to the development of a new erosion grinding machine EDG-plus – in addition to the then known EDM wire, sink eroding, and the beginnings of NC and CNC methods.

Traditional cutting materials, such as the cutting material provided by General Electrics in 1973, required time-intensive grinding with diamond wheels. Now, the new erosion procedure shortened grinding times – and as a result tool prices – significantly.

The electrodes are used in a spark erosion process to form a dental prosthesis from a solid ..
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  • SAE Spark Erosion Principle - SAE DENTAL VERTRIEBS …

    22/12/2017 · This clinical report documents a 10-year-old maxillary spark erosion prosthesis that had ..

  • (my favorite is the spark erosion type) prosthesis.

    View This Abstract Online [Application of spark erosion technology in manufacture of implant prosthesis]

  • is the spark-erosion prosthesis.20, 25, 26 ..

    Spark Erosion Overdenture ..

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Spark erosion bar complete dentures

For the patient demonstrating minimal anterior ridge resorption with minimal alveolar bone height posteriorly, an anterior fixed-splinted implant-supported restoration with a precision partial denture posteriorly is offered as an alternative restoration to the removable implant-supported bar-and-clip or ball-retained overdenture or spark-erosion implant prosthesis.

Electro Arc Spark Erosion Machines

The company identified that it required a new linear motor EDM machine to help increase capacity, quickly, for the accurate cutting of wire parts for the automotive, medical and aerospace industries.

Available Used Spark Erosion Machines EDM Sales and Services EDM

Spark Erosion or Electro Discharge Machining (EDM) has been a successful means of machining difficult to machine materials or shapes for many decades. As shapes that are difficult to machine occur frequently in toolmaking, it is not unusual to find a good toolmaking workshop equipped with a Spark Eroder. At Cranford Engineering we have used sparkers for over twenty five years and have a great deal of know-how at our disposal. We currently have two ”Sparkatron” spark erosion machines both with 75 amp generators and one of which is CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled). This means that it can not only cut an array of cavities with a single set up but it can also be programmed to cut undercuts and profiles with micron precision. “Drilling” square holes is pretty straightforward if you have a sparker.

Rehabilitation of a Spark Erosion ..

The workpiece would normally be submerged in a dielectric liquid. In the early years of EDM the dielectric was paraffin but this has since been superseded by dielectrics that have a much higher flashpoint. These are not only safer but much kinder to hands which inevitably get splashed or dipped into the liquid. The machine is started and clever motion control electronics (and sometimes hydraulics) move the electrode closer to the workpiece and when the critical distance is achieved, a tiny spark jumps between the electrode and the workpiece. The spark (or electrical discharge) is an extremely hot plasma that melts some of the workpiece creating a tiny pool. It also vaporises a small amount of dielectric creating a bubble around the spark . On a microscopic scale, the pool gets larger and the bubble gets larger until the spark is stopped (by the control electronics) whereby the bubble collapses and the dielectric rushes in a flushes away the molten material. Thus a tiny pit has been created on the work-piece and a smaller one on the electrode. Repeat this tens of thousands of times a second and you have a modern spark erosion machine. The workpiece and the electrode are eroded or worn away. The electrode is worn much less than the workpiece, normally in the ratio of about 1:100 and this is normally termed “electrode wear”. If there are many cavities to be spark eroded it would generally require a number of electrodes.

DAL Spark Erosion Fixed/Detachable Hybrid Bridge | …

Purpose: The purpose of this study was to determine whether the passive fit of the implant-retained single-cast framework could be improved by spark erosion treatment. Materials and Methods: An initial cast was produced in a transparent resin material. Five Brånemark System implants were arranged in the interforaminal region, and abutments were placed on them with a torque of 20 Ncm. An impression was made using a standard impression technique described by Brånemark. A corresponding master cast suitable for the spark erosion post-framework fabrication was produced. From this master cast, 12 frameworks were produced in a conventional single-cast procedure. Six of these were made of a high-gold alloy (Stabilor G); the other 6 were made of pure titanium (Biotan). These frameworks were then refined using the SAE Secotec Spark Erosion System. To measure the accuracy of the framework fit, the frameworks were measured before and after the spark erosion treatment using 2 different measurement methods—scanning electron microscopy to measure the gap widths (Sheffield test) and photoelastic stress analysis. Results: The results of both measurement techniques correlated and demonstrated significant improvement in the accuracy of fit or in the passive fit for all 12 frameworks after spark erosion treatment. This improvement was statistically significant for the titanium frameworks. Discussion: Dental practitioners and technicians should strive to achieve a precise passive fit of frameworks and superstructures to minimize additional stress at the interfaces of the prosthesis, abutment, and implant. Conclusion: The clinical use of the spark erosion technique to refine framework fit is recommended. (More than 50 references.)

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