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12/07/2017 · SOCIAL TUNING meaning - SOCIAL TUNING definition - SOCIAL TUNING explanation

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Motivated Information Processing, Social Tuning, and …

It may be more accurate to say that information processed by sensory systems activates "hot spots" that were previously associated with the stimulus, tuned to the same frequencies etc., and that these patterns of activation automatically proceed to response phases unless inhibited.

"Affiliative Social-Tuning" and "Domain Relevance Hypothesis".

Life in a Multiverse
The Big Bang, in the Bousso-Polchinski multiverse scenario, is a fluctuation. A compact, six-dimensional knot that makes up one stitch in the fabric of reality suddenly shape-shifts, releasing energy that forms a bubble of space and time. The properties of this new universe are determined by chance: the amount of energy unleashed during the fluctuation. The vast majority of universes that burst into being in this way are thick with vacuum energy; they either expand or collapse so quickly that life cannot arise in them. But some atypical universes, in which an improbable cancellation yields a tiny value for the cosmological constant, are much like ours.

Motivated Information Processing, Social Tuning, ..

Start studying Social Psychology Chapter 5. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

The mobilisation/communication theorisation of political participation and the categorisation of Internet and SNSs usages based on the information, the interpersonal communication, and the social recreation dimensions are two examples of differential approaches applied to the Internet and political participation research. These ways of operationalising political participation and Internet usage could be an interesting point of departure to move away from the polarised debate between optimists, pessimists and normalisers and favour the development of the field.

For example, in his Introduction to Social Psychology, McDougall observes "that the behavior of one animal, upon the excitement of an instinct, immediately evokes similar behavior in those of his fellows who perceive his expressions of excitement" (1908/1923, p.

Perceptual narrowing - Wikipedia

The impact of personal gender-typicality and partner gender-traditionality on taking sexual initiative : Investigating a social tuning hypothesis

An example of a study endorsing the optimists’ stance is that of Bengstsson and Christensen (2012) who, focusing on the case of Finland, established that the Internet helped to mobilise a considerable size of the population not engaged in politics. Hamilton and Tolbert (2012) confirmed the mobilising potential of the Internet and suggested that online information gathering and participation may influence political participation and engagement also for those citizens who are uninterested in politics, with the Internet leading in certain cases to accidental mobilisation. The role of information as a mobilisation agent for audiences characterised by limited levels of political activity has been also highlighted by Rojas and Puig-i-Abril (2009), who found that digital technologies offered additional pathways to information stimulating political behaviours in the off-line domain. Similarly, Morris and Morris (2013) showed that in the early stages of the 2012 American presidential campaign greater levels of access to the Internet were associated to greater political knowledge and engagement for individuals with low socio-economic status. They attributed this link to the incidental learning occurring during high-profile political events.

Giovanna Mascheroni, 2012. “Online participation: New forms of civic and political engagement or just new opportunities for networked individualism,” In: Brian D. Loader and Dan Marcea (editors). Social media and democracy: Innovations in participatory politics. London: Routledge, pp. 207–223.

22/01/2004 · Motivated Information Processing, Social Tuning, ..
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  • Brain plasticity is responsible for this "tuning" of ..

    Social tuning - Wikipedia

  • this is referred to as the "Social Gating Hypothesis".

    Social tuning - Revolvy

  • Jovem Revela a Matemática Por Trás de Seus 95% de Acertos.


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Intelligent races who are not EARTH HUMANS

With the discovery of only one particle, the LHC experiments deepened a profound problem in physics that had been brewing for decades. Modern equations seem to capture reality with breathtaking accuracy, correctly predicting the values of many constants of nature and the existence of particles like the Higgs. Yet a few constants — including the mass of the Higgs boson — are exponentially different from what these trusted laws indicate they should be, in ways that would rule out any chance of life, unless the universe is shaped by inexplicable fine-tunings and cancellations.

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In a sample of 46 children aged 4–7 years with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and intelligible speech, there was no statistical support for the hypothesis of concomitant Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS). Perceptual and acoustic measures of participants’ speech, prosody, and voice were compared with data from 40 typically-developing children, 13 preschool children with Speech Delay, and 15 participants aged 5–49 years with CAS in neurogenetic disorders. Speech Delay and Speech Errors, respectively, were modestly and substantially more prevalent in participants with ASD than reported population estimates. Double dissociations in speech, prosody, and voice impairments in ASD were interpreted as consistent with a speech attunement framework, rather than with the motor speech impairments that define CAS.

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Robert D. Putnam, 1995. “Tuning in, tuning out: The strange disappearance of social capital in America,” PS: Political Science and Politics, volume 28, number 4, pp. 664–683.
doi: , accessed 20 February 2015.

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