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Catharsis and Aggression in Social Psychology: ..

The confusion occurs because of a lack of careful definition and agreement as to what constitutes catharsis.

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Social Scripts Catharsis hypothesis Conflict Social Traps

This chapter focuses on book 8 of Aristotle's and its discussion of in education or . It argues that in this context we should understand the term in the strict sense of music without words. Aristotle is concerned not so much with poetry and its place in society, but with the natural powers of music — of tunes, , and rhythms — and how they affect ordinary people. According to this argument music is a leisure activity providing relaxation from labour and freedom from care, not a means of communicating deeper truths and values. Similarly, catharsis should be understood as a harmless release of the emotions (however that worked) rather than as an intellectual refinement which educated audiences in the proper use of the emotions.

Catharsis Hypothesis Lecture Note: Psyc 360 - Social Psychology from University of Tennessee

Atrazine has become one of the most common general-use pesticides in the world. In rural areas where farming is the primary industry, chemical runoff has major effects on the environment. It is difficult to contain because field runoff goes in all directions, ending up in surface waters, like the Illinois River. The Illinois River is a source of drinking water for many communities, therefore it is necessary to monitor and regulate this chemical pollutant. The EPA regulates the use of atrazine, and the Safe Drinking Water Act states the tolerance level to be no more than 3 ppb. As a weed killer, atrazine also kills beneficial plant life in rivers and wetlands, affecting the entire ecosystem and starving fish and other herbivores in these systems. Further effects include stunted growth and reproductive issues in amphibians and fish. To determine the atrazine content in water, we selected an Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) technique as it has the advantage of being highly accurate, quick, and simple to use. The Abnova Atrazine ELISA kits were purchased with the USR funds to help our research team determine the concentration of atrazine present in Thompson Lake (at Emiquon) and the Illinois River.​

Catharsis in Psychology and Beyond: A Historic Overview

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Previous work has shown that spatial attention can be modulated with facial expressions. This modulation has been displayed in a variety of tasks, but in particular, with the dot-probe task. Given that the dot-probe task has been used to explore the extent of attention modulation in general, it is used again here in order to explore individual differences. Participants viewed two face stimuli for 250 ms, one left and the other right of fixation. These were immediately replaced by a target dot presented in either location. Reaction times to the target were the dependent measure. There were three trial types: congruent (one fearful face and one neutral face with the target appearing in the location of the fearful face), incongruent (one fearful face and one neutral face with the target appearing opposite of the fearful face), baseline (both faces were neutral and the target could appear in either location). These individual differences were the subject of further exploration utilizing the State Trait Anxiety Inventory (STAI) and a Face Rating Scale. The Face Rating Scale assisted in exploring whether a participant’s opinion on the facial expression had an effect on the resulting speed of their response. The STAI helped determine if a participant’s level of anxiety (during the study and in general) made them more reactive to fearful faces. The Face Rating Scale and dot-probe task were randomized to ensure there was no third variable influencing responses. David and Sara presented their findings at the 2016 Association for Psychological Sciences annual convention in Chicago.

Therefore, catharsis was successfully used in psychodrama to reveal deep and long-standing negative emotions and neutralize the negative impact of related traumatic experiences (Kipper, 1997).

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Social psychology 155 exam 4

(Re)Shaping effective services for underprivileged populations is necessary to affect meaningful changes in the population. Since social service employees act as liaisons between poverty stricken populations and needed resources, protecting relationships between clients and employees is vital. In this research, Jacob Eikenberry examined the effects of workplace incivility and grit on burnout in a sample of domestic violence program employees. They found that workplace incivility was positively correlated to burnout, but they did not find support for the hypothesis that grit would moderate the relationship between workplace incivility and burnout. This suggests that, perhaps, social structural solutions are needed to protect employees from burnout. An interaction effect illustrated that employees low in grit consistently showed burnout when exposed to client incivility, whereas employees high in grit showed burnout only when client incivility levels were low. Jacob presented the poster at the 2016 STARS and the 2016 Midwestern Psychological Association’s annual conference in Chicago.

The circular pattern of aggression may continue and escalate until this viciouscycle is interrupted by a counteracting reinforcer.The catharsis hypothesis, according to Bandura, is "utter nonsense."Referring to Bandura's social learning theory of aggression, Cox (1990, p.

100+ The Psychology Of Social And Cultural Diversity 11 Stereotypes Prejudice And Discrimination Principles Of,The Personality O
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In research on the catharsis hypothesis, ..

Students were selected in a competitive process by the Undergraduate Research Steering Committee. Ashley Park examined the relationship between poverty and adolescent substance use in Illinois with Psychology professor Dr. Sheryl Reminger. Jacob Eikenberry studied the effects of workplace incivility and grit on burnout in domestic violence program employees with Business Administration professor Dr. Benjamin Walsh. Michael Lotspeich researched inter-community conflict to building construction in a rural, consolidated local education agency with Sociology/Anthropology professor Dr. Shoon Lio. David Seidel examined whether geographic ranges predict seedling success in tallgrass prairie restorations with Biology professor Dr. Amy McEuen. Kendra Baber discussed the destruction of archaeological sites and museum by ISIS with Sociology/Anthropology professor Dr. Shoon Lio. Jennifer Hickey researched autism in Illinois with Sociology/Anthropology professor Dr. Shoon Lio. Ashley Hollinshead investigated the optimization of the freshwater denitrification process of heterotrophic bacteria using iron nanoparticles with Chemistry professors Drs. John Martin and Keenan Dungey. Zachary Landes, a visual arts major, created an original artwork entitled “Take It, Don’t Leave It” with Ms. Allison Latcher. John Johnson researched a novel approach to the investigation of solenopsins using high performance liquid chromatography coupled to tandem and high resolution mass spectometry with Chemistry professor Stephen Johnson. Tyler Phibbs, a visual arts major, created an original artwork entitled “Cheromerican Warrioer” with professor Michael Miller.

Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology, 1961,62, 346-35 1

While gender and sexual orientation in domestic violence cases have been extensively studied, research on the effects of masculine and feminine physical traits is limited. To examine the effects of these variables on public perceptions of domestic violence cases, Mackenzie Atchie’s study used a hypothetical domestic violence case scenario that varied only in gender, sexual orientation, and masculine/feminine physical traits of the perpetrator and victim. She found that variables such as attitude toward punishment, intimate partner violence, sex role stereotyping, and homosexuality, and participants’ demographics affected participants’ judgments of punishment severity and crime seriousness across cases. Masculine and feminine physical traits were not found to be significant predictors of ratings for crime seriousness or punishment severity. She also found that gender and participant demographics such as religion and race/ethnicity may be associated with bias against certain domestic violence cases. These results suggest that people working with victims and perpetrators of domestic violence may need to be more aware of how cases are handled. Mackenzie presented her work at the 2016 STARS, 2016 Midwestern Psychological Association and the 2016 Association of Psychological Sciences conferences in Chicago.

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The American Psychological Association (2007) also associates catharsis with the psychodynamic theory and defines it as "the discharge of affects connected to traumatic events that had previously been repressed by bringing these events back into consciousness and reexperiencing them" (p.

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