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Spreading the Influence of Second Language ..

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second language acquisition in language teaching by Vivian Cook ..

While the evidence seem to favor the effectiveness of tasksin promoting L2 acquisition by means of comprehensible input andinteraction, little has been done, in the context of task-basedlanguage teaching, to explain such effectiveness in terms of currentSLA theory. Poeple touch upon theories and ideas such as the inputhypothesis, the frequency hypothesis, the interaction hypothesis(Fotos & Ellis, 1991), experiential learning (Nunan, 1991),but they seldom go into details in explaining the mechanism wherebycomprehensible input and interaction can actually bring aboutacquisition (but Loschky & Bley-Vroman 1993 is an exception),partly because these theories themselves are not specific enoughabout the mechanism or the process to allow such explanation .Thus, explicit theoretical explanations are scarce. However, severalmodels or theories of langauge acquisition in general or secondlanguage acquisition in particular can be brought to bear on thisissue. I will focus on three of them, the teachability hypothesis,the competition model and asymmetrical connetion model of bilignuallexicon.

Spreading the Influence of sla Research Vivian Cook ..

In addition to the competition model and the representa-tional model of bilingual lexicon, the use of tasks can find supportin some other SLA thoeries. In the terms of the teachability hypothesisof Pienemann (1985, 1989), engaging the learners in meaning-orientedactivities may help render more structures in a "ready"state to be affected by teaching, thus speeding up the learner'sprogress through developmental stages. The use of tasks can alsobe supported by any theory which incorporates affective factorsin its framework (e.g., Krashen, 1981; Gardner, 1985) becauseit can be argued that meaning-oriented activities with specificobjective are usually more intersting to do and the learners mightbe more motivated. However, a task-based language teaching mayhave its limitations. One potential problem is that the extensiveuse of pair or small group work may result in much exposure toungrammatical input (Fotos & Ellis, 1991). It also remainsan open question as to how to monitor and measure the learners'acquisition in a task-based approach.

Linguistic Relativity in SLA (Second Language …

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Mostly SLA research has tried to influence the sequencing of the language content rather than the choice of what should be taught, for example the ‘teachability hypothesis’ (Pienemann, 1989) and the structural syllabus (Ellis, 1993).

Summary of Lightbown and Spada - Prezi

28/11/2013 · Transcript of Summary of Lightbown and Spada

and its connection to the interlocking of morphology and syntax in SLA ..
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  • Linguistic Relativity in SLA by ..

    - Vivian Cook

  • learnability and second language teachability.

    Teachability Hypothesis

  • Linguistics and second language acquisition (Book, …

    relevance of Slobin's Thinking-for-Speaking Hypothesis to adult second ..

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