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Signal Synthesis and Receiver Design for MIMO Radar …

Signal synthesis and receiver design for MIMO radar imaging

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Signal synthesis and receiver design for MIMO radar ..

Transmitted waveform can be designed to improve the SINR performance of colocated MIMO in the preference of interference. However, the optimized waveforms generally have high auto-correlation sidelobes which worsen the detection performance of weak targets at the receiver. To solve this problem, a method of partially correlation signal design for MIMO radar in the presence of interference is proposed in this paper. A set of orthogonal waveforms with constant modulus is weighted at the transmit antenna with the constraint of Peak-to-Average Power Ratios (PAPR), and the objective function is constructed by maximizing the Signal to Interference plus Noise Ratio (SINR) of the receive system. The Sequential Optimization Algorithm based on the Quasi-Newton Method (SOA-QNM) is proposed to find the optimal weights to improve the SINR of the system. Simulation results show that the proposed method can suppress the interference effectively and the emitted power of the transmitted signal can be adaptively concentrated on the direction of the target to improve the SINR performance.

constant-modulus transmit signal synthesis and optimal receive filter design play critical roles.

Study is presented into the performance of Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) and Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) and MIMO-DWT with transmit beamforming. Feedback loop has been used between the equalizer at the transmitter to the receiver which provided the channel state information which was then used to construct a steering matrix for the transmission sequence such that the received signals at the transmitter can be combined constructively in order to provide a reliable and improved system for next generation wireless systems. As convolution in time domain equals multiplication in frequency domain no such counterpart exist for the symbols in space, means linear convolution and Intersymbol Interference (ISI) generation so both zero forcing (ZF) and minimum mean squared error (MMSE) equalizations have been employed. The results show superior performance improvement and in addition allow keeping the processing, power and implementation cost at the transmitter which has less constraints and the results also show that both equalization algorithms perform alike in wavelets and the ISI is spread equally between different wavelet domains.

Signal synthesis and receiver design for MIMO …

In this thesis, we introduce a new System-on-a-Chip(SoC) design for the 3G Code Division Multiple Access(3G-CDMA) MIMO receiver.

This paper presents a new frequency domain architecture for the digital block of a hardware simulator of MIMO propagation channels. This simulator can be used for LTE and WLAN IEEE 802.11ac applications, in indoor and outdoor environments. It accepts signals in streaming mode. A hardware simulator must reproduce the behavior of the radio propagation channel, thus making it possible to test “on table” the mobile radio equipments. The advantages are: low cost, short test duration, possibility to ensure the same test conditions in order to compare the performance of various equipments. After the presentation of the general characteristics of the hardware simulator, the new architecture of the digital block is presented and designed on a Xilinx Virtex-IV FPGA. It is tested with time-varying 3GPP TR 36.803 channel model EVA and TGn channel model E. Finally, its accuracy is analyzed.

The paper also analyze the trade-off between the hardware complexity and the BER performance of the MIMO receiver using MATLAB fixed-point simulation and hardware synthesis.

irjet-transmits beamforming and receiver design for mimo ..

Signal synthesis and receiver design for MIMO radar imaging [J].

Signal Synthesis and Receiver Design for MIMO Radar Imaging
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    performance of the MIMO receiver using MATLAB fixed-point simulation and hardware synthesis

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