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Setterfield's hypothesis that ..

Where it does fit, like it was made for it, is in the Setterfield Hypothesis.

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The Vacuum, Light Speed and the Red Shift, by Barry Setterfield, 6/21/01A Simplified Explanation of the Setterfield Hypothesis, by Helen and Barry SetterfieldThe Vacuum, Light Speed, and the Redshift, by Barry SetterfieldReports of the Death of the Speed of Light Decay are Premature, by Malcom Bowden An Open Letter to Dr.

Where it does fit, like it was made for it, is in the Setterfield Hypothesis

Due to the way the argument is constructed it is possibleto change this speed, but only if one makes the universe larger (orsmaller), thereby erasing the effect of changing the speed.This idea has also fallen out of favor, as measurements of thehave been made accurately enough to show that there has been nonoticeable variation over the time that it has been measurable. (AiG), a leading creationist organization, says thatthis hypothesis has a number of problems that have not beensatisfactorily answered.This idea is independent of the foundin present models of the earliest moments of the , though variouscreationists, including Setterfield, have exploited the explanationas a confirmation of their own ideas(despite the fact that the speed of light has remained constant toat least one part in 1010 over the last 13 billion yearsaccording to observations of distant quasars).

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14/01/2018 · Where it does fit, like it was made for it, is in the Setterfield Hypothesis

Preston and Goodman (1968) considered the hypothesis of end synthesis of microfibrils through ordered enzyme-complex granules as a satisfactory explanation for the organisation and biosynthesis of the microfibrils. They suggested that the cytoplasmic surface is covered by layers of granules in cubic packing each containing cellulose synthesising enzymes. When these granules come into contact with a microfibril end they are stimulated and start synthesising the microfibril. The microfibrils are maintained straight both by intra-chain hydrogen bonding and mutual orientation of the granules. The packing of the granules are such that they would restrict the direction of growth of the microfibrils in such a way that only two directions at right angles to another and an occasional departure along the diagonals to these directions would be possible. It is considered that this hypothesis may explain the observations of Setterfield and Bailey (1958) that cellulose synthesis can occur in outer wall layers away from the cytoplasm, as the granules which come to be buried in the wall could continue to synthesise cellulose. Where or how the microfibril ends are produced is not known; however it is proposed that they could be produced by enzyme degradation of the cellulose or by stresses in the wall during cell elongation.

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Newman, "An Ancient Historical Test of the Setterfield-Norman Hypothesis," Creation Research Society Quarterly 28 ..

The Setterfield thesis that the speed of light (c) has decreased over time is examined from the perspective of Statistical Hypothesis testing.
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