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the science or study of light in relation to the movement of plants.

2. Also called photodysphoria.

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Fabricating false claims of scientific consensus is not honest.

was first experimentally achieved by in 1934 when his team bombarded with neutrons. In 1938, German chemists and , along with Austrian physicists and Meitner's nephew, , conducted experiments with the products of neutron-bombarded uranium. They determined that the relatively tiny neutron split the nucleus of the massive uranium atoms into two roughly equal pieces, which was a surprising result. Numerous scientists, including who was one of the first, recognized that if fission reactions released additional neutrons, a self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction could result. This spurred scientists in many countries (including the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and the Soviet Union) to petition their government for support of nuclear fission research.

Mr. Osterberg said scientists continue to discover that “climate change is full of surprises.”

That is only the beginning of the problematic factual assertions and assumptions underlying the children’s lawsuit. The measurable effects of increasing GHG concentrations are far smaller than the climate models would lead one to believe. The degree to which recent warming has been anthropogenic is unsettled in the scientific literature; and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in its fifth assessment report (AR5) has reduced its estimated range of the effect in 2100 of a doubling of GHG concentrations from 2.0-4.5 to 1.5-4.5 degrees C.

Global Warming Contrived Through Fake Science.

Scientists also work on experimental   organisms that could increase biofuel potential.

Real Science Radio host Bob Enyart reports that the latest UFO sightings statistics are in line with and with . Additionally, the Bible's on possession and exorcism mitigate against UFOs being demonic activity. Bob then welcomes a new listener from New York City and celebrates articles in the latest issue of Creation magazine including on the peacock's tail, an Austrian theoretical biologist as at , and barley plant DNA. And if you're anywhere near Denver, we encourage you to attend tonight's meeting at 7 p.m. at 4085 Independence Court, Wheat Ridge, 80033.

Water (H2O) is split in this process, releasing oxygen (O2) and hydrogen ions (H+). The electrons from the electron transport chain combine with these H+ ions and nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate ions (NADP+) to form adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and a reduced unit of NADP+, called NADPH (NADP plus an electron, or H). These energy storage forms, ATP and NADPH, are used to convert carbon dioxide (CO2) to build carbohydrates during the second phase of photosynthesis. Plants can then break down these carbohydrates to fuel their existence.

At the basis of global warming science are fake publications.

SETTLED SCIENCE: Betrayal of the scientific method for politics or money or both.

Looking at the ice cores, however, scientists were shocked to discover that the transitions from ice age-like weather to contemporary-type weather usually took only two or three years. Something was flipping the weather of the planet back and forth with a rapidity that was startling.

Real Science Radio hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams re-air their classic list show for the New Years Day weekend. From opals forming in months, to man's genetic diversity in 200 generations, and with carbon 14 everywhere it's not supposed to be, scientific observations fill the guys' most traditional list challenging those who claim that the earth is millions of years old. Many of these scientific finds demand a re-evaluation of supposed billion-year ages. For the full written list, click on over to .

See Climate Theater with a collection of the best climate skeptic films and documentaries  See additional scientific youtubes
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Science - Photosynthesis GCSE Revision song - Teaser

Science is decided by empirical scientific evidence. John Cook has repeatedly failed to provide any such evidence that use of hydrocarbon fuels is causing the entirely natural climate variability we experience.

Science - Photosynthesis GCSE Revision song ..

A succinct summary of John Cook’s fabrication of a consensus, and of the corruption of science upon which his claims rely and that is furthered by his claims, and of the empirical scientific evidence he blatantly contradicts, are discussed in pages 6-18 of my report to federal MPs Senator Simon Birmingham and Bob Baldwin. It is available at this .

One on Classification, one a collection of Science quotes

It details John Cook’s fabrication of an unscientific ‘consensus’. Science is not decided by claims of consensus. Resorting to claims of consensus is unscientific and contradicts the scientific process.

Photosynthesis - perfect chemistry in Nature

The 2007-12-19 U.S. requires American “fuel producers to use at least 36 billion gallons of biofuel in 2022. This is nearly a fivefold increase over current levels.” This is causing a significant agricultural resource shift away from food production to biofuels. American food exports have decreased (increasing grain prices worldwide), and US food imports have increased significantly.

Jagadish Chandra Bose - Wikiquote

As an honours engineering graduate from the University of Queensland I am inquiring of you as to the reasons our university supports the work of John Cook who serially misrepresents climate and science? Specifically, why is our university wasting valuable funds to mislead the public through a free course and by producing associated international video material?

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At home, Abbott, who in 2009 said the science behind climate change was “crap”, repealed a tax on carbon pricing and abolished the independent Climate Commission advisory body.

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