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Semi-synthetic scooter for injection systems. City 2 scooter provides superb protection for all scooter engines. The advanced semi-synthetic, low ash formulation results in super-clean burning with minimum carbon build-up while releasing maximum power. Superior additives stop deposit build-up and corrosion in the exhaust system caused by town riding. It is suitable for all performance applications.

Rock Oils Synthesis 2 Racing is a full synthetic 2 stroke with full JASO FC and Tisi approvals


Introducing the Rock Oil Synthesis F 5W-30 which is a fully synthetic ultra -modern lubricant.

Synthesis F 5W-30 has excellent oxidation stability which reduces deposits and sludge build-up to keep engines running reliably. The high and low temperature properties are exceptional providing dependable protection across a wide range of driving conditions. The enhanced low temperature capabilities ensure outstanding cold weather starting.

Synthesis F 5W-30 is recommended for use in petrol, naturally aspirated and turbo charged diesel engines. Rock Oil has vast racing and motorsport experience achieving countless National & World Championship successes, ensuring that they are constantly at the forefront of lubrication technology

Rock Oil Synthesis 2 Injector Fully Synthetic (Auto Lube)

A revolutionary synthetic 2 Stroke oil with Full JASO FC and TISI reommendations

Synthesis 2 Racing is probably the most advanced pre-mix lubricant currently available. Motorcycle engines can benefit from the advanced synthetic bases and additives to help prevent the problems of ring sticking, port blocking and cylinder wear. The phenomenal film and shear strengths give supreme protection and maximise the power and reliability of the engine. Synthesis 2 Racing can be used in all high performance engines and can also be mixed with all oils except castor based. Use up to 50:1 always following manufacturers guidelines.

Synthesis 2 injector gives you all the advantages of the latest racing technology, combining advanced synthetic bases and additives to give your high performance engine the ultimate protection. This ensures more power, longer lasting engine components and lower emissions, which helps protect the environment. It can be used in all injector systems or as a premix lubricant. It also can be mixed with other oils except castor based oils and cannot be mixed with methanol fuel.

Rock oil Synthesis 2 two stroke oil - Mike Phoenix Scooters


A premium grade semi-synthetic engine oil. Increased performance together with the longer service periods of a modern engine have put more demands on the engine oil. guardian semi-synthetic has been developed to give maximum protection, with rapid circulation at cold start and complete protection at high temperatures even in the most extreme of environments. This has been achieved by using the very latest technology in synthetics and additives to guard against wear whilst reducing deposits. It is suitable for all modern high performance applications.

The advanced formula of Synthesis 4 has been specifically developed to provide the ultimate protection whilst releasing maximum power from all modern high performance engines. It is a fully synthetic lubricant combining the latest synthetic bases (PAO and Ester) with advanced additive technology to give outstanding performance. It is approved to the highest Japanese engine specifications.

Rock Oil SYNTHESIS 2 RACING Motorcycle Premix
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  • Rock Oil Motorcycle Synthesis XRP Gearbox Racing Oil

    The Rock Oil high performance motorcycle range covers road bikes, off road bikes and both modern and classic scooters.

  • Rockoil Synthesis 2 injector fully synthetic 1L.

    Wulfsport Rock Oil Motocross Team. 899 likes. we have 3 Riders for 2018 Jay Lamb Ryan Pottenger Conor Ellingworth

  • Rock Oil 1 Litre Synthesis XRP Gear Oil - Judd Racing

    Home; OIL & LUBRICANTS; ROCK OIL SYNTHESIS 2 INJECTOR 2i OIL Fully Synthetic 2 Stroke 2T 1 Litre Bottle

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No precise, standard formulation exists for drilling fluids. Their composition depends on the needs of the particular situations. These differ considerably in different regions and may even radically change during each drilling process while drilling rocks of very different structure (from solid granite formations to salt and slate strata). At present, two main types of drilling fluids are used in offshore drilling. They are based either on crude oil, oil products, and other mixtures of organic substances (diesel, paraffin oils, and so on) or on water (freshwater or seawater with bentonite, barite, and other components added). During the last 10 years, the preference is given to using the less-toxic water-based drilling fluids. However, in some cases, for example during drilling of deviated wells through hard rock, using oil-based fluids is still inevitable. The oil-based fluids, in contrast with the water-based ones, are usually not discharged overboard after a single application. Instead, they are regenerated and included in the technological circle again.

Rock Oil Synthesis 2 Injector R:RSyn 2 Injector - Parts4Bikes

Synthesis 2 Racing is a full synthetic 2 stroke with full JASO FD and TISI approvals. The advanced synthetic base and additives in Synthesis 2 Racing help stop the problems of ring sticking, port blocking and cylinder wear . The phenomenal film and shear strength give exceptional bearing protection and the clean burning qualities maximise the power

Rock Oil Synthesis 2 Injector 1 Ltr Review

Established in 1928, Rock Oil supply high quality lubricants and fuels for all markets. Our products are manufactured from the finest state of the art synthetic chemicals and oils; they meet and surpass all relevant national and international standards.

Rock Oil’s dedication to quality and improvement resulted in accreditation to BS EN ISO 9001:2008 and recommendations by many leading manufacturers such as BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Volvo, Iveco, Triumph, Kawasaki and Suzuki plus JASO, API, ACEA, CIK and NMMA accreditation.

Though famous for involvement in motor sport, Rock Oil's major activities are in the agricultural, automotive, commercial, industrial, marine, motorcycle and leisure markets. World Championship winning performances in motor sport have led to blending and manufacturing lubricants for some of the world's top motorcycle, car and engine manufacturers. Extensive research and development work ensures that existing ranges are improved and new products are designed to meet emerging standards and approvals. Rock also has a long record of launching innovative products, especially for racing and our top tier racing lubricant Synthesis XRP is testament to this technical prowess.

Rock Oil has sales offices and distribution outlets throughout the UK and importers in over 50 countries worldwide; including Australia, Chile, Germany, Malaysia, Sierra Leone & USA. Rock produces in excess of 20,000,000 litres per annum.

We recommend Rock Oil Synthesis 2 and Motul 710.

Synthesis P 5W-30 is a high performance low ash engine oil using a synthetic based formulation. It is primarily intended for use in Peugeot & Citroen vehicles where PSA B71 2290 is required. Synthesis P 5W- 30 is also suitable for use in other petrol and diesel powered vehicles where performance and viscosity grade are appropriate.

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