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That is the Riemann Hypothesis.

Galetto, (2014)[abstract:] "We show a proof of the so-called Riemann Hypothesis.

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Naturally, the Riemann Hypothesis was one of these problems.

Elhadj, (09/2012)[abstract:] "In this paper, a positive answer to the Riemann hypothesis is given by using a new result that predict the exact location of zeros of the alternating zeta function on the critical strip."


Itallows to generalize the Riemann hypothesis to the reals.

Riemann's Zeros (Atlantic, 2002), p.160 "[The Riemann Hypothesis] is probably the most basic problem in mathematics, in the sense that it is the intertwining of addition and multiplication.

The Riemann hypothesis is true according to the axiom.

Pozdnyakov,  (03/2012)[abstract:] "An equivalent formulation of the Riemann hypothesis is given.

Chengyan Liu, (09/1999)[abstract:] "Through an equivalent condition on the Farey series set forth by Franel and Landau, we prove Riemann Hypothesis for the Riemann zeta-function and the Dirichlet L-function.

Mendès France, from The Prime Numbers and Their Distribution (AMS, 2000) "The Riemann Hypothesis and its generalisations", part of a work-in-progress, see also the subsections:Generalised Riemann HypothesisExtended Riemann HypothesisGrand Riemann HypothesisJ.

Primes and the Riemann hypothesis-- Appendix A.

Rudnick, "Number theoretic background" (proceedings of a summer school in Bologna, August 2001)This covers all the number theory necessary for a basic understanding of the Riemann Hypothesis, which is covered in its final section.

Baez, This Week's Finds in Mathematical Physics week 217includes very helpful discussion of the Riemann Hypothesis, Extended Riemann Hypothesis, Grand Riemann Hypothesis, Weil Conjectures, Langlands Programme, the functional equations of zeta and L-functions, modularity of theta functions, etc.

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  • "A Friendly Introduction to the Riemann Hypothesis." (n.d.): n.

    Garcés Doz, (2013)[abstract:] "This paper presents a possible elementary proof of the Riemann hypothesis.

  • Conrey, J. B. "The Riemann Hypothesis." 50,341-353, 2003. .

    It includes a first part of the reason why we think that the Riemann hypothesis seems to be true."J.

  • Spiliopoulos', Introduction to the Riemann HypothesisG.

    "Riemann Hypothesis." .

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Perry's introductory notes on the Riemann HypothesisP.

Delille, who in 2004 began makingand retracting claims that he had a proof of the Riemann hypothesis,provided this , whichinvolves the analytic continuation of (August 2004).

Hutchinson, "Physics of the Riemann hypothesis", Rev.

Shi, (07/2003)[abstract:] "Beginning from the formal resolution of Riemann Zeta function, by using the formula of inner product between two infinite-dimensional vectors in the complex space, the author proved the world's baffling problem- Riemann hypothesis raised by German mathematician B.

And so the Riemann Hypothesis was born!

Due to the importance of resolving the historical open natureof the Riemann hypothesis, comments by interested colleagues are here solicited."[]

Thus Riemann did not succeed in proving his famous Hypothesis.

The Clay Mathematics Institute offers $1,000,000 for a proof of the Riemann Hypothesisan extremely thorough mathematical descriptionof the Riemann Hypothesis (with historical background, etc.) provided by Enrico Bombieri for the purposes of this competitionvideorecording of an introductory lecture by J.

The Riemann Hypothesis would suggest that the real part = ½.

Riemann's Zeros (Atlantic, 2002), p.112 "The Riemann Hypothesis is the most basic connection between addition and multiplication that there is, so I think of it in the simplest terms as something really basic that we don'tunderstand about the link between addition and multiplication."B.

Riemann Hypothesis | Clay Mathematics Institute

Huang, (purports to contain a sort of philosophical/psychological 'proof' of the RH)

The respected French economist Henri Berliocchi (who also seems to have extensive interests in homeopathy and mathematics) has brought out a book called (Economica, Paris, 2001: ISBN 2-7178342-6) in which he claimsto have disproved the Riemann Hypothesis.

Riemann Hypothesis - Numberphile - YouTube

Klarreich (New Scientist, 11/11/2000)"The consequences [of the Riemann Hypothesis] are fantastic: the distribution of primes, these elementary objects of arithmetic.

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