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The first part of this thesis focuses onthree novel RF MEMS components with state-of-the-art performance.

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Finally, the developed RF-MEMS switch is successfully demonstrated in re-configurable mm-wave circuits.

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In this thesis, a fully BiCMOS embedded RF-MEMS switch for mm-wave applications is proposed.

This thesis reports on the development of a novel 77GHz low loss MEMS switch with a mechanically unrestrained armature, over a RF transmitting coplanar waveguide. Electrostatic actuation is used during the switching operation. The attractive force from the electrostatic field is generated by a pair of the actuation electrodes on both sides of
the armature, depending on the direction of the movement.

A Simulink model is employed to simulate the mechanical response of the switching armature. Different damping models are deployed into the Simulink model, yielding different actuation time for the switch. This model is also employed to design the dimensions of the MEMS switch in the mechanical domain. The effect of Van der Waal force between the dielectric layer and designed armature is also discussed. An electrical model of the RF MEMS switch is represented using lumped RLC components and characteristic impedance of the transmission line. The relationship between the electrical model and the scattering parameters is explained with the effects of the individual component on the S-Parameter being studied. Electromagnetic simulations have shown that the designed switch has potential of being employed in automotive collision avoidance system or in Doppler radar application. The proposed design is also capable of operating in lower frequency bands after some tuning, through different
armature design.

A clean room fabrication flow is described as part of the development process of this novel switch. This is based on two Pyrex wafers and a SOI wafer utilising a double bonding and DRIE processes. RF characterisation of the coplanar waveguide and the micron-scale prototype at DOWN state is also discussed.

An alternative rapid prototyping technique based on high-frequency PCB and microscopic glass slide has been developed. This process is cheaper and requires shorter turnover time as compared to the clean room prototype. Electromechanical and SParameter measurements of the rapid prototype device are reported. These results are verified through simulations. The minimum actuation voltage of the prototype is 93V, with a rise and fall time of 165ms and 180ms. Switching is possible for frequencies from 2.8-5.5GHz and 6.6-10GHz, with the optimum frequency at 3.3GHz and 6.9GHz. The insertion loss and isolation of the prototype are -26.5dB and -38.5dB at 6.9GHz respectively. Although this is far from the state of the art for RF MEMS switches, it nevertheless proves the fundamental concept of a MEMS switch with an unrestrained armature by a prototype realised using a rapid prototype methodology.

charging and RF MEMS PhD Thesis IMEC ..

The developed RF-MEMS switch is packaged using different packaging approaches.

The power consumption of electrostatic RF-MEMS switches is negligible and they can handle higher power levels compared to their semiconductor counterparts.

However, RF-MEMS switches have been mostly demonstrated as standalone processes and have started to be used as commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) devices recently.

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In a later section, an RF-MEMS-based tuning technique is proposed for these filters.

The second part of this thesis primarilyconcentrates on MEMS-based reconfigurable systems and their potential torevolutionize the design of future RF/microwave multifunctional systems.

This doctorate thesis focuses on the analysis, design and characterization of Radio-Frequency (RF) Micro-Electro-Mechanical System (MEMS) switches for space applications. The work was inspired and supported by the European Space Agency (ESA) Contract No. ITT AO/1-5288/06/NL/GLC ?High Reliability Redundancy Switch?. The main purpose of the project is the design and realization of high-reliability RF MEMS switches for satellite payload redundancy networks. Up to now, the common satellite architecture implements redundancy networks by means of bulky devices. RF MEMS switches allow for extremely miniaturized networks along with outstanding performances in terms of losses, power consumption and linearity, not really achievable with solid state devices. As requirements for such an application, RF MEMS switches have to survive under extremely harsh environmental and operating conditions. In particular the device should handle continuous bias voltage (at least for 10 years), 5 W of RF input power and around 1000 actuation cycles without meaningful electrical and mechanical failure. The thesis proposes novel mechanical solutions to accomplish this task, exploiting active restoring mechanisms able to restore the previous status of switch in case of reversible failure. This work also provides a deep insight on the main reliability aspects of a RF MEMS device such as dielectric charging, contact degradation and power handling.

(2011) Novel Design Solutions for High Reliability RF MEMS Switches. PhD thesis, University of Trento.
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  • RF~MEMS switches are characterized by their high isolation, ..

    Thethesis concludes by discussing the future challenges of RF MEMS, such aspackaging and reliability.

  • MEMS Microphones - STMicroelectronics

    To actuate the RF-MEMS switch, an on-chip high voltage generation circuit is designed and characterized.

  • research paper-micro electro mechanical system-MEMS …

    Rf Mems Switch Phd Thesis Pdf

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Pull-in of an RF MEMS Switch - COMSOL Multiphysics

Reliability of RF-MEMS devices is one of the main concerns of the engineers and scientists dealing with such type of devices. In particular, there are plenty of studies and investigations devoted to protection of devices from dierent kind of failures related to their operating conditions. The adhesion of movable parts of switches onto the actuation electrode, also referred to as stiction, due to accumulated charge or to micro-welding phenomenon, are the most common types of RF-MEMS failures. This work presents a novel effective heat-based mechanism that enables to release a stuck component. Such mechanism can be embedded within the switches of any topology and it has no influence on the normal behavior of the device.

MEMS Thesis | Microelectromechanical Systems | …

The materials and fabrication techniques used in MEMS manufacture enable mechanically moveable devices with high RF performance to be fabricated on a miniature scale.


However, the operation of these devices is affected by several mechanical and electrical reliability concerns which limit device lifetimes and have so far prevented the widespread adoption and commercialisation of RF MEMS.

Multi-Port RF MEMS Switches and Switch Matrices

Micromachining and RF Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (RF MEMS) havebeen identified as two of the most significant enabling technologies indeveloping miniaturized low-cost communications systems and sensornetworks.

<br /><br /> RF MEMS technology is a good ..

While a significant amount of research and development on RF MEMS reliability has been performed in recent years, the degradation mechanisms responsible for these reliability concerns are still poorly understood.

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