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requirements for protein synthesis in cancer ..

The prototype bacterialsuperantigen is the staphylococcal enterotoxins.

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protein synthesis on axonal viability and ..

Many of the identifiedcis-acting elements for translational regulation occur within the 3' UTR, andsome occur with regularity within certain protein function classes (a review by).

The ability to label newly synthesized protein with both spatial and ..

Heparin is a highly sulfated glycosaminoglycan molecule that interacts with various proteins containing heparin-binding domains within the extracellular matrix milieu. It has been widely used in drug delivery systems and tissue engineering to improve the biocompatibility and blood compatibility of biomaterials []. Recently, Lee and coworkers [] synthesized SPIONs coated with unfractionated heparin (UFH-SPIOs) by coating (Figure ). The uptake efficiency of UFH-SPIO without the aid of transfection agents was greater than that of dextran coated SPIO by approximately 3 folds when treated for 1 h. This was because the coating of heparin on the surface of NP increased its hydrophilicity, which promoted cell attachment to the NP surface. When the UFH-SPIO-labeled hMSCs were transplanted into the left renal subcapsular membranes of nude mice, they were successfully visualized and detected by 2 weighted MRI imaging after a month.

rate of protein synthesis in rpS6 P+/+ and ..

The 5’ UTRs of most mRNAs contain a consensus sequence of5’-CCAGCCAUG-3’ involved in the initiation of protein synthesis.

Tetracyclines and macrolides block the protein synthesis by interfering with ribosome translation, while quinolones inhibit the replication of bacterial DNA.
Several antibiotics are commercially available for the removal of mycoplasma: BM-cyclin (Roche) contains a macrolide and a tetracycline, Ciprobay (Bayer, available only with a prescription) and MRA (ICN) are both quinolones.

Furthermore, the 2 antibiotics in Plasmocin™ act on separate targets blocking protein synthesis and DNA replication, whereas the 2 antibiotics in BM-Cyclin are both inhibitors of protein synthesis.

Inhibition of Protein Synthesis in Apoptosis - Cancer …

Environmental stress affecting the cell progression, to demonstrate the effect of 24p3 protein on L929 cells progression, L929 cells were investigated by flow cytometry. Figure shows the analyzed results of L929 cells using the fluorescent probe, propidium iodide (PI), in which PI binding with DNA produced a red fluorescence with 70% alcohol fixed cells. After treatment with 10 μM 24p3 protein for 24 h (Fig. A) (blank graph), the cell progression was similar to the control cells (solid graph). The percentage of cells in each phase is shown in the lower table. After treatment for 72 h (Figure B), the percentage of the cells in S phase increased significantly to 61.2%, compared to control cells with 6.0%. The G0/G1 cells decreased to 24.2%, compared to the control cells with 87.6%. After 72 h, the proliferation rate would have slowed down and hence more control cells occurred in the G1/G0 phase. These results agree well with those found for decreased cell viability in Figure . Cells are not able to proliferate normally under S phase cell cycle arrest. Upon the cell cycle arresting, cell death may be triggered for further incubation. After 72h incubation, the S-phase arrested may initiate the cell death and the morphological change would be observed at this moment.

According to the above results, it showed the DNA damage after 24p3 protein treatment because of the S-phase arrest causing by the stress. To demonstrate the cell death after S phase arrest, we investigate the DNA status of the cell by DNA staining method. Using DAPI (4', 6-diamidino-2-phenylindole) staining, we analyzed changes in nuclear morphology of L929 cells after incubation with the 24p3 protein. Concentration dependent decrease in viability was observed in response to 24p3 protein application. After further (96 h) incubation with protein supplemented medium, fewer changes in the nuclei were observed in the control cells (Fig. , a & d) whereas, 1.0µM of 24p3 induced nuclei change in L929 cells (Fig., b & e). Thus, a lower concentration of 24p3 (1.0µM) affected L929 cells with DNA condensation in cell nuclei which is seen to be associated with nuclei membrane (indicated by arrows in Fig., e). On the other hand, a high concentration of 24p3 protein (10µM) treated cells showed a majority of dead cells (Fig., c). Smeared DNA is an indicator of DNA undergoing breakdown and condensed DNA appearing in dead cells (indicated by arrows in Fig. , f). It suggested the DNA fragmentation. These results emphasized that 24p3 protein is involved in DNA breakdown, leading to cell death. This result was coincided with the BrdU labeling assay (Fig. ).

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